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18/01/201835 views

The World Wonder Heritages of Cambodia and Myanmar Tour

Two of the most ancient civilizations and cultures in Asia, Cambodia and Myanmar have histories that date back thousands of years, to a time when stone tools were still in use. Civilized society and culture began in the region around

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16/01/201845 views

How to Plan a Vietnam and Cambodia Itinerary for 13 Days

To start with, ten days is never going to be enough time to see all of the amazing sights of these two spectacular Southeast Asian countries. Maybe if you had ten years… But if ten days is all you have,

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09/01/201866 views

Vietnam Travel Visa, How to Get Vietnam Travel Visa

Obtaining a visa is one of the normal requirements for travel to certain countries around the world. While visas are sometimes not required for citizens of one country to visit another, such as the ability for British citizens to travel

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08/01/201866 views

Top Things to Experience for Cambodia and Myanmar Tour

Two of the six countries that made up the original area of Indochina, Cambodia and Myanmar are now on the list of top destinations in Asia for foreign tourists. Set in what was once known as the Indochinese Peninsula, now

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05/01/201878 views

Hoi An is More Than an Ancient City

While Hoi An is famed for being one of the most ancient towns in Vietnam, where the modern life and modern world have barely scratched the surface of this beautiful forgotten place, it is also more than just an ancient

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28/12/201790 views

How to Plan a Vietnam and Cambodia Tour from UK – Indochina Tour

Planning trips to Vietnam and Cambodia from the United Kingdom is one that takes a little dedication and planning, and can take some time to organize. The United Kingdom (UK) is a group of islands off the coast of Mainland Europe,

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25/12/2017113 views

How to Travel from Cambodia to Vietnam – Vietnam Cambodia Tour

Travel from Cambodia to Vietnam is a simple affair, and there are two main ways that you can do this, from Flying into one of the many international airports that can be found all over Vietnam to traveling overland across

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20/12/2017134 views

Best of Vietnam and Cambodia Tour – Indochina Tours

From the rice fields of Vietnam to the temples of Angkor Wat, a combined tour of Vietnam and Cambodia is a trip across thousands of years of history and culture that will leave you yearning for more. Two of the

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18/12/201792 views

When is the Best Time to Visit Cambodia and Myanmar? – Cambodia Myanmar Tour

Located in central Asia, Cambodia and Myanmar are two amazing countries that have become spectacular tourist spots for foreign travelers to Asia over the last 20 years. Filled with temples, jungles, mountains, and some amazing beaches, a combined trip to

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15/12/201780 views

How to Plan a Luang Prabang Tour – Indochina Tours

Sitting at the confluence of the Mekong River and the Nam Khan, Luang Prabang is a major city in north central Laos that consists of 58 adjacent villages combined into one administrative center. Centered on a small peninsula at the

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