What Are Worth Buying When Touring Vietnam?

Posted on 14/07/2017 3:03:09

Whenever you are touring a foreign country you always find a lot of local products and items and you are often at a complete loss as to what you should buy. Well, this article will certainly help you to figure out as to what are the products and items that you should purchase when you are touring in Vietnam. We shall give you a list of the various famous local items that you can buy in some of the most famous markets of Vietnam.

At night market

Nha Trang night market

Nha Trang is not only just a coastal city that is situated in Vietnam but, it also happens to be the capital of the Khanh Hoa province of south East Asia. The Nha Trang night market is certainly one of the best night markets that are present in this entire world and in this market you can hope to find lot things. The amazing variety that the Nha Trang night market presents to its customers is certainly spectacular.

Now, there are a lot of things that you can buy in the Nha Trang night market but, if you happen to be a tourist and you don’t know as to what you want to buy there, we have made a list for you. Below are the top five things that you should certainly purchase from the shops of the Nha Trang night market.

1.CHEPHIN coffee: The CHEPHIN coffee is certainly a special kind of coffee that you can only hope to find in the markets and shops of Vietnam. So naturally when the shops in the Nha Trang night market sell the best quality of CHEPHIN coffee then you should certainly not let the wonderful chance of purchasing a few packets of CHEPHIN coffee slip through your fingers.

This coffee is specially made for the Vietnamese filter brewing. The CHEPHIN coffee contains pea berry seeds and all those pea berry seeds are handpicked by the local people who have got pea berry garden. The flavour and aroma of this coffee is quite exquisite and for all the coffee lovers across the world the CHEPHIN coffee is a must try.

2.Chin-su fish sauce: The chin-su fish sauce is certainly one of the most popular fish sauce brands in the entire Vietnam. If you go to any supermarket in Vietnam, you are guaranteed to find a stock of chin-su fish sauce there. This chin-su fish sauce is one of the most common food items that you will find in any Vietnamese home. So, the Nha Trang night market is certainly the perfect place for buying a bottle of the famous chin-su fish sauce and gives it a try with some of the best sea fishes that are found over there.

However, it must be mentioned that there are two kinds of chin-su fish sauce- nuoc mam chin-su and another is the chin-su Nam Ngu. You can try any one of them because both of them are good.

3.ACECOOK Convenient Rice noodles: One of the best things about touring any foreign land is that you get to try all the different kinds of local foods and local food products. The ACECOOK Convenient Rice noodles certainly happen to one such local food product which is quite popular in Vietnam. This is an instant rice noodle product that can be cooked within three to four minutes.

You just need to boil some amount of water for three minutes and then add it to a bowl containing the ACECOOK Convenient Rice noodles. You also need to add the powder that is provided with the packet of rice noodles.

4.Trangala acne cream: If you are having any kind of shin problems then you should certainly try this amazing local product known as the Trangala acne cream. It can cure wrinkles and pimples within just a few days time and make your skin look brighter. You might find a lot of such creams where you live but, when you are visiting Vietnam, you can certainly try this cream out. The Nha Trang night market’s shops have got this cream as this is a very popular product among the Vietnamese.

5.Shabaidi coconut crisp chips: Some of the local food products that you will find in the Nha Trang night market will certainly intrigue you a lot. The famous local food Shabaidi coconut crisp chips are such a food that will certainly bring water to your mouth. The chips are also seasoned with sesame seeds and a little amount of salt.

So this makes the Shabaidi coconut crisp chips the absolutely perfect snack for the afternoon or during watching a movie. You can easily find this particular food product in the various shops that are present in the Nha Trang night market.

Hanoi: the weekend night market

The Hanoi night market is only held during the weekends. It starts from Friday evening and like this it takes during the Saturday and Sunday evenings as well. The Hanoi weekend night market is quite popular in Vietnam and a lot of people gather in the different shops that are present in this market because of the fact that the weekends are holidays for most of the office workers.

Obviously there are a lot of products and items that you can buy in this market but, then again we have shortlisted it. Below are the top two items or products that you should definitely buy from this market.

1.Bamboo hat: Now a bamboo hat is something that you cannot get very easily if you don’t live near a sea coast. So, in the Hanoi weekend night market there are various shops which sell various kinds of handicrafts and the bamboo hat is one of them.

There are lot of styles of bamboo hats but, the conical bamboo hat is the most popular one in Vietnam. If not for yourself then you can certainly buy it for your family or friends who are back at home. The bamboo hat is definitely a very good souvenir.

2.Rubber slipper: Slippers are a very common thing to wear if you are living by the coastlines because there is a lot of sand there. There is always a good chance that sand will get into the normal shoes. So, of course if you are looking to buy some rubber slippers which you want to use during your stay at Vietnam, the Hanoi weekend night market is the perfect place for you. You can find some of the best looking rubber slippers in this market and all the slippers come at a very cheap price.

Ho Chi Minh: Pham Ngu Lao street night market

The Ho Chi Minh night market is situated on the Pham Ngu Lao street. Even though night markets are not as good as supermarkets and big malls, they have their own flair and charisma which malls and supermarkets do not have.

The Ho Chi Minh night market is one of the many night markets of Vietnam but this is one is very popular among the tourists because off its warm atmosphere. Below are the top two products that you can buy from the shops of this market.

1.SAI GON Salted Cashews: Cashew nuts are one of the most delicious nuts that you ever find in this Earth and the cashew nuts from Saigon are certainly from heaven. The SAI GON salted cashew nuts that are found in Vietnam are extremely tasty and are everyone’s favourite.

So, of course the shops present in the Ho Chi Minh night market have got the SAI GON salted cashew nuts. The nuts are available both in the raw form and in the roasted form. Both the forms of nuts are equally good.

2.Bitis slipper: One of the most famous slippers of the south East Asia is the Bitis slipper which is manufactured by a slipper manufacturing company in Alibaba. Well, some of the best Bitis slippers are found in the shoe shops of the Ho Chi Minh night market. All these slippers are available at a very reasonable price and they can be bought by anyone. These slippers are available in different colours and different sizes. So any person can hope to get a nice fit of slippers.

At local dime store

There are a lot of dime stores that are present in Vietnam. If you ever enter a local dime store there you will find yourself surrounded by some of the country’s best local products. So, we have made a listed a couple of things for you that you can buy from one of Vietnam’s local dime stores.

1.Banana boat sport sunscreen: Sunscreen lotion is certainly a very important item which you must have when you are in a country that is situated in the sub tropical region of the Earth. Thus the Banana boat sport sunscreen is something which will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun and help you to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun rays.

2.Vietnam yogurt: The Vietnam yogurt is one of the best yogurts in the entire world and you can certainly find out if it is true or not by buying one packet of it from one of the local dime stores. The Vietnam yogurt is one of the country’s best local food products and should be tried by every tourist.