Krabi- another paradise in Thailand&Top ten interesting things

Posted on 31/07/2017 8:00:54

The Krabi province in Thailand is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the entire world and that is the reason why people from all over the world fly down there to spent a few days in the living paradise.

The natural beauty of Krabi is what attracts all the tourists to this place and over the years, the beauty of this place has not diminished at all. On the contrary the beauty of Krabi has only increased day by day. So, if are thinking about visiting this wonderful place to have some quality family time, then we suggest that you do it immediately.


The province of Krabi is located on the western region of the country of Thailand. Some of the characteristic features on the wonderful natural beauty of this province are its steep cliffs which are all made up of limestone that provide a wonderful yellowish tinge to those rocks and make them look breathtaking under the sunshine.

There are also a lot mangrove trees in this province giving it a very beautiful lush green look. Apart from all these are numerous off shore islands where you can have some alone time with your loved ones and near ones.

Things that you can do in Krabi

Krabi province of Thailand has become more and more popular over the years because of the numerous tourists who are coming down to this place year after year. Even though the place handles such a huge number of tourists each and every year, this province has never for once lost its charm and beauty in the process. On the contrary the beauty of this place seems to be growing over the years.

The marvellous coastlines, the roaring waves of the sea, the huge rocks and cliffs, all these make this place a very special place for all the tourists all around the world. Due to heavy flow of tourists all throughout the year, the government of Thailand has also built an airport where both international and national flights land.

Now, there are really a lot of interesting things that you can do in Krabi and so we have taken the liberty of listing down the top ten things that you might find interesting enough and give them a go while you are enjoying your vacation in Krabi.

Railey Beaches and Caves: Now there are numerous islands that are present in the province of Krabi and so it is understandable that there are also numerous beaches that are present in the province of Krabi. But it must be mentioned that the beaches present in the Railey area are the most beautiful ones and hence are most sought after ones as well. The Railey beaches are located south of yet another famous beach of Krabi that is the Ao Nang beach. The Railey beach has got a pretty rocky headline and is only accessible by boats. So, it is needless to say that the Railey beach will be able to offer you with the necessary amount of peace and tranquillity. There are a lot of viewpoints on the beach, beautiful limestone cliffs and the white sand is certainly mesmerising. Another thing about this beach is the beautiful caves that are present in between the rocks.

Koh Poda: The Koh Poda is certainly one of the most famous islands of the Krabi province and it should be a must see destination of your tour to Krabi. This island is located only 6 kilometres away from the Ao Nang beach and it takes about 25 minutes to get there with help of a boat. The ride to there is quite fun as you get to see several aquatic animals during your boat journey. The Koh Poda Island is covered with beautiful pine trees and is encircled with clear white sand. There is also a coral reef in this island and all this adds to this tropical experience that you can have at the Koh Poda.

The Emerald Pool: It has already been mentioned earlier that the Krabi province is so attractive because of its jaw dropping natural beauty. Now, let us give you some evidence supporting this statement of ours. There is a natural park in the Krabi province which has got the unorthodox low land region and is known as the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. This natural park is very famous for its diversity in its environment and it is a perfect place which you must visit in order to have some quality time with your family. In this natural park, there is the famous Emerald Pool and also the famous Blue Pool.

Koh Hong: If you are fond of water sports then Koh Hong is certainly your perfect gateway. There are a number of water sports that you can take part in here, such as scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, etc. apart from the water sports there is also the beautiful beach on which you can just lie lazily and relax. There’s also the option of hiking and sunbathing.

Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave): The Wat Tham Sua or the famous Tiger Cave is situated just near the town of Krabi. The cave is surrounded by green forests and various monks worship and meditate inside this particular cave the name Tiger Cave has been given to this cave because if you go inside the cave you will find that there the imprints of the paw of a tiger on stones of the cave. This is a naturally built cave. However one of the other main attractions of this region is the limestone tower which is about 1272 metres in height. If you can climb this height you get to see the footprint of Lord Buddha with your own eyes.

Phi Phi Islands: The Phi Phi Islands in the Krabi province offers you with the perfect tropical ambience. The islands are spectacular and will certainly offer you certain amount of privacy and so, you along with your family members can relax there all day long. The Phi Phi Islands are located near Krabi and it takes about one and a half hour to reach the islands via a boat. These islands also offer you with the best opportunities for scuba diving.

Koh Tup & Koh Mor: The Koh Tup and the Koh Mor are the two islands that are connected with each other. The two islands form a very peculiar shape and during the low tides, the two islands also get connected with another island, Koh Kai. Thus the three islands are all connected, which is quite unique. These islands also offer excellent opportunities for snorkelling. Apart from this, if you decide to go for a hike to the top of Koh Tup, then you will be able to get the beautiful view of all the islands that are nearby.

Klong Thom Hot Springs: The popular Klong Thom hot springs are situated just beside the beautiful forest, Khao Pra Bang Khram. The hot springs have originated due to some volcanic activities that had taken place hundreds of years ago. The Klong Thom hot springs are also said to offer ailments to various kinds of skin diseases, all though no one has been able to provide any kind of scientific explanation to this phenomenon.

Krabi town: The Krabi town does not need any sort of famous tourist spot or temples or caves to attract tourists from all around the globe. The hospitality, food and the cultural heritage of the Krabi town are enough to persuade people to visit this town at least once in their lifetime. The warm welcome that you get when you visit this place is spectacular and you feel as if you are home. The local people are also very polite and they are ready to do anything to make you more and more comfortable in this town.

Au Lok Mangroves: The Au Lok Mangrove caves are the perfect spot for some exploration and some outdoor activities with your friends and family members. The Au Lok Mangrove caves are located just 40 kms away from the town of Krabi town. This region is has got a great bio-diversity and the natural environment of this place is quite unique.

Best time to visit Krabi

The best time of the year to visit the Krabi province of Thailand is just after the monsoon season. You will be experience the mild winter climate of the Krabi province. The winter months are not at all harsh. In fact the temperature is quite mild and there is no rainfall. So, this is the perfect time of the year to visit the Krabi province. But, this is also the peak time of the year for all other tourists to visit this place, so you need to book your flight and hotels at least a couple of months before your arrival date on Thailand.

Travel tips

Always make sure that you respect the locals and the king. Try not to wear any clothes that reveal too much of your skin as there are many monks who find it quite offending. Also make sure that you do not touch any monk or the head of any Thai. There are numerous ATM s that are present in Thailand. There you can exchange your money into the Thai baht, which is the local currency. The best transport that you can possibly find for your tour in the Krabi province is the local taxi, which is also known as Songthaew. While travelling from one island to the other you have to travel in long tailed boats.

We seriously hope that this article will convince you to plan your next trip to the Krabi province of Thailand with all your family and friends. Go and enjoy yourselves.