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03/07/20191,256 views

All about Hoi An Self-guided Tour 2019

Formerly known as Fai-Fo, Hoi An is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam and has been a populated harbor town since the 7th century, when the Cham people controlled this strategic spice port at the mouth of the Thu

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21/02/20192,154 views

Amazing Tour Guide of Halong Bay Vietnam 2019

Introduction First designated as a Renowned National Landscape Monument in 1962 by the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Halong Bay was given UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1994, which was updated in 2000 for the outstanding geological and geomorphic value of

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24/01/20181,543 views

Best Time to Visit Vietnam for Your 2018 Indochina Tour

Vietnam has had a very checkered past, from its ancient Imperial Chinese rule more than a thousand years ago, to its own independent dynasties and French Colonial rule. Then the violent Vietnam War, which lasted until 1975 and which ended

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05/01/20181,216 views

Hoi An is More Than an Ancient City

While Hoi An is famed for being one of the most ancient towns in Vietnam, where the modern life and modern world have barely scratched the surface of this beautiful forgotten place, it is also more than just an ancient

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20/12/20171,685 views

Best of Vietnam and Cambodia Tour – Indochina Tours

From the rice fields of Vietnam to the temples of Angkor Wat, a combined tour of Vietnam and Cambodia is a trip across thousands of years of history and culture that will leave you yearning for more. Two of the

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09/10/20171,634 views

Destinations You should Never Miss for an Indochina Tour

Indochina, originally known as Indo-China, is the geographical name given to the group of countries within the sphere of influence of China to the east and the Indian sub-continent to the west. The name originated in the early 19th century,

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31/08/20171,570 views

An ultimate tour guide about Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City popularly known as Saigon is a lesser known tourist destination. It is a city in Vietnam that is full of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. This city with a life never fails to enamour the tourists and

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24/01/20173,692 views

The Amazing Road From Da Nang To Hue

The road from Da Nang to Hue is the most scenic route in Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes. If you plan to travel Vietnam, please remember to plan a trip to experience this amazing road, which will make your Vietnam

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03/01/20173,081 views

Best Diving Sites in Vietnam

Vietnam’s coastline is very long and there are many places for diving. Most of the dive sites are located in Nha Trang. In addition, diving activities are also developed in DaNang. Here are the four main places for diving in

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20/10/20162,483 views

Top 40 Things You Must Do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country which features the oriental mystery and a romantic French flavor. You can deeply understand the Vietnam’s unique beauty from the ancient walls to the Christianity church, from the cruel War Museum to the peaceful pagoda, from

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