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20/11/20191,865 views

How to Have a Discovery Tour in Phnom Penh?

Cambodia is a tourist destination catering to any type of traveler. Many visitors flock to this corner of Southeast Asia to witness the outstanding legacy of the Khmers. Others come to familiarize themselves with the local life, bath in the

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19/08/20192,781 views

Backpacking Tour Guide in Cambodia

Mention Cambodia, and most people (who even know where it is!) think of Angkor Wat, the ancient Temple of the Khmer Rouge in the northern area around Siem Reap. But Cambodia is so much more than one temple, or even

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28/02/20192,903 views

Shopping during Cambodia Tour: what and Where to buy in Cambodia

Shopping during Cambodia Tour: what and Where to buy in Cambodia Introduction Located in the area once known as French Indochina, and the beating heart of the ancient Khmer Empire, Cambodia is a country that has had a varied and

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01/02/20183,175 views

How to Travel to Cambodia from Vietnam

Travel between Vietnam and Cambodia is at its easiest ever, with simple regulations on cross-border transit from one country to the other, and numerous flights between the Cambodian and Vietnamese airports. With an increase in foreign tourism in Southeast Asia,

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16/01/20182,461 views

How to Plan a Vietnam and Cambodia Itinerary for 13 Days

To start with, ten days is never going to be enough time to see all of the amazing sights of these two spectacular Southeast Asian countries. Maybe if you had ten years… But if ten days is all you have,

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28/12/20171,654 views

How to Plan a Vietnam and Cambodia Tour from UK – Indochina Tour

Planning trips to Vietnam and Cambodia from the United Kingdom is one that takes a little dedication and planning, and can take some time to organize. The United Kingdom (UK) is a group of islands off the coast of Mainland Europe,

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14/08/20171,659 views

Top Things to Do and Experience for any Cambodia Tour

Since the world saw Angelina Jolie swinging through the ruined temples of Cambodia as Lara Croft, the country has been crawling with tourists eager to get a better look at the places made famous by the film. In recent years,

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27/02/20173,420 views

Cambodia Customs and Etiquette

It will be helpful for you to know the customs and etiquette of Cambodia before you leave for Cambodia. A tour should be well-prepared with at least knowing some of the local lifestyle so you can have a good time

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15/11/20163,236 views

Top Recommended Islands and Beaches in Southeast Asia

Speaking of planning a wonderful vacation, the best choice has to be a perfect tour to islands. And with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, lush green hills, various activities on the sea, as well as those incredible diving sites,

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A great trip in Cambodia

22/05/20162,558 views

The Most Essential Cambodia Travel Tips

Cambodia is a small country but with a big history. It has the most amazing people, delicious food, beautiful coastline and a lively nightlife, which are why it becomes the most popular destination for most travelers. Here are the travel

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