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22/12/20161,859 views

Bamboo Train: the unique charm in Battambang of Cambodia

As one of the most popular tourism countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia has abundant tourism resources and colorful cultures. For example, Bamboo train, which tourists can only enjoy in Cambodia, is one of the most attractive things in Cambodia. It

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11/11/20163,716 views

Traditional Festivals in Cambodia

Every country has its unique ethnic culture. Cambodia, as a small country in Southeast Asia, also has its ethnic culture which makes us feel curious and fresh. If you want to go to Cambodia for tourism, you might as well

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12 Things that 99% Tourists still don't Know even after a Cambodia Travel

14/04/20162,485 views

12 Things Tourists don’t Know even after Cambodia Travel

There are top 12 things about Cambodia that 99% tourists still don’t know even they already have had a Cambodia travel.   1.The Angkor Beer is actually run by the Malaysia company, however, their advertising slogan is “My country, My

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