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27/04/20172,042 views

Best Beaches and Islands Recommended for a Koh Samui Tour

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand, covering an area of 247 square kilometers. Koh Samui is surrounded by 80 small islands, most of which are uninhabited. Because of the pureness and

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18/04/20171,929 views

The Ultimate Travel Guide for Your Bangkok Tour

Bangkok, alias “City of Angels”, the capital of Thailand, is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River and the south of Siam Bay. As the largest city in the Indochina Peninsula and the second largest city in

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14/04/20171,693 views

Top Things to Do and Experience in Chiang Mai

Located in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand. Compared with Bangkok, the prosperous and modern capital city, Chiang Mai is with completely different features. The fresh and clean air, the natural and tranquil

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10/04/20173,435 views

Ultimate Guide of Songkran Festival in Thailand

If you plan to go visit Thailand in April, there is a huge carnival waiting for you. This huge carnival, which is known as Thailand’s New Year, is Songkran Festival. As one of the top ten carnival festivals in the

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07/04/20172,385 views

Ultimate guide about Thailand Airport

Covering an area of 513,115 square kilometers, Thailand is located in the middle of Indo-China Peninsula. With a Buddhism history of more than two thousand years, Thailand has more than 30,000 mysterious ancient temples and splendid palaces. Because of verdant

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15/02/20172,482 views

How to Plan a Thailand Tour – ultimate Thailand tour guide

- The attractions of Thailand are bunch – destroyed urban communities, old religious communities, Buddhist friars, brilliant slope tribes, skimming markets, rave parties, thick rainforests, fascinating untamed life, tropical islands, brilliant shorelines and unblemished coral reefs. At that point there’s

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05/09/20161,584 views

All-sided Thailand Travel Tips & Tour Advice

In recent years, Thailand has become one of the top attractions for tourists. But how to make Thailand tour more pleasant and comfortable is still a hard nut to crack. Here we offer the latest Thailand travel guide including the

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Thailand Tuk Tuk

30/01/20151,969 views

The Tips to Getting Around in Thailand without Scam

In one of the previous post, I have mentioned that what means of transportation Thai people take to get around in Thailand – by scooter, songthaew and meter taxi. And this post is about the tips to get around in

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