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19/04/20191,497 views

Siem Reap Tour Guide for Cambodia Travel Beginners 2019

Cambodia is a growing tourist destination of Southeast Asia, especially popular among backpackers and budget travelers. Cambodia, boasting an incredible heritage of the Khmer Empire, friendly residents and vast wilderness, caters to devotees of art, culture and nature. Siem Reap,

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28/02/20192,807 views

Shopping during Cambodia Tour: what and Where to buy in Cambodia

Shopping during Cambodia Tour: what and Where to buy in Cambodia Introduction Located in the area once known as French Indochina, and the beating heart of the ancient Khmer Empire, Cambodia is a country that has had a varied and

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26/09/20172,318 views

Best Time to Go to Cambodia & the Climate Features of Four Seasons in Cambodia

Cambodia which is also known as Kampuchea is a very beautiful country which is located in the South East Asia, at the southern part of the Indonesian Peninsula. Cambodia after its independence is officially known as the ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’.

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When visit Indochina countries, don't forget to see their night markets!

25/11/20153,300 views

Best Night Markets for Indochina Tours

As a part of the local culture in southeast Asia, the night market is a biennial event that brings together delicious local food and snacks, colorful handcrafts and non-stop entertainment. So when you take a trip to southeast Asia countries,

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