Best Time to Visit Cambodia and Laos

A multi-country trip is very common in Southeast Asia tourism, and tourists usually put Laos and Cambodia together to visit. Both Cambodia and Laos have a tropical monsoon climate, which is divided into a clear dry season and a wet monsoon season. From a climate point of view, the best time to travel to Cambodia and Laos is during the dry season from November to March, December to January is the most ideal time to go, but it still depends on what you want to experience.

The dry season and wet season in Cambodia and Laos

The dry season of Cambodia is from November to April, when the rains have all but gone and the climate is sunny, dry and with lower humidity. The temperature will gradually increase throughout the whole season, but are cooler in January and February. After February, there is an increase in hot, peaking in April.

While the dry season in Laos starts from November and end in March, ending a little earlier than in Cambodia. Temperatures in most of the country are cooler and more pleasant than Cambodia during this time.

The wet season is also known as the rainy or monsoon season, as rain falls throughout the country and reaches its peak in August and September, the weather is hot and humid. Temperatures reach their peak from April to July, with the hottest temperatures hitting around 38 degrees. While the wet monsoon season in Laos falls from May to October, a period also dubbed the “green season” when the rains bring the landscape to life after a long drought in previous months.

December and January are the ideal time to visit Cambodia and Laos

As for the best time to visit Cambodia and Laos, we suggest you to go in December and January. These two months are the most popular months to visit Cambodia and Laos with humidity and mild temperatures. Visiting among this period, travelers can enjoy pleasant weather while visiting colorful temples, walking around the Old Town, or cycling through the countryside.

Angkor Wat Cycling
Angkor Wat cycling

The best season always coincides with the peak tourist season, and this is no less true in Cambodia and Laos. Travel around during this time you have to book accommodation in advance especially in Christmas or New Year period.

Clear skies and sunshine make outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and cycling the best options for activities throughout the dry season. From November to January, when the water level of the Mekong River is at its highest, you can explore the water way by a cruise. Other water activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking tours in Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Luang Namtha, are also recommended.

You can visit Cambodia and Laos during the wet season

The wet season of Cambodia and Laos are from May to October and the most disadvantage of wet season is of course the rain. However, there are many advantages to travel in this season. First of all, there are less tourist and crowds. Since there are few less people you can have more authentic, enjoyable vacation without the crowds and be able to connect more with local people. Secondly, Laos and Cambodia are at their most beautiful during rainy season. The landscape is picturesque-green and full of color.

Thirdly, it is more affordable during the wet season due to many hotels lower their rates in order to attract more tourists. With less tourists visiting, it is easier to book reservations at restaurants, cafés, spas, cruises or adventure tours in Laos and Cambodia and you can have more choices for accommodation.

With fewer visitors to both countries, most part of these two countries is freer to travel and less crowd in attractions which means you can relax more.

water fall in Luang Prabang during wet season
water fall in Luang Prabang during wet season

Plan your travel to Cambodia and Laos during festivals and grand celebrations

The Luang Festival celebrated in Vientiane laos
The Luang Festival celebrated in Vientiane laos

Witnessing cultural celebrations and events in a foreign country is a fascinating experience, and being part of it is an unforgettable one. As representatives of Khmer culture, Laos and Cambodia have a long history and culture that attract many tourists. Plan your trip during those grand events and festivals, and immerse yourself in fabulous activities.

As one of the most important festivals in Cambodia, the Khmer New Year is the one that you must not miss during the trip in Cambodia. It usually starts from April 13th or 14th, people celebrate the Lunar New Year and the end of the harvesting season. The celebrations are unique opportunity to experience the traditions of Cambodian and Buddhist culture.

Another local festival of Cambodia is Water Festival and it is usually falls on November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. There are all kinds of carnival celebrations all over the country, the largest of which are near Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh. In order to celebrate this festival there are traditional boat races that are both thrilling and fun to watch.

If you are in Laos, most Laotian traditional festivals relate to the Buddhist faith or agriculture. There are festivals such as the Rice Festival of Boun Khun Khao is related to agriculture and Boun That Luang is related to Buddhist ceremony.


The tourist attractions in Laos and Cambodia are very rich, valuable and meaningful. The best time to visit is from November to March in terms of climate, December to January is the most ideal time to go. Generally speaking, it is great to travel Cambodia and Laos all year round and it is all based on what you need to do. You can go in wet monsoon season to explore the Mekong if you don’t mind the rain. If you want to experience the local culture and Buddhist history, maybe follow the celebration time would be better.

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