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Laos Travel Guide

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If you want to search for the authentic Southeast Asia, then Laos will never disappoint you. Without so much modern demands, Laos people are still living a simple life where you can experience the irreplaceable smiling locals, saffron-robed monks receiving alms and market full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here are the updated information and tips about Laos, including tourists attractions, food, drinks, shopping, visa, hotels, climate and etc. which are collected by our travel experts. Hoping you will get a better understanding about Laos and have a wonderful vacation in Laos.

Laos Travel Guide

Updated Laos travel information & tips for Laos tours

  • Laos Attractions
    Laos Attractions

    Known as "the land of million elephants", Laos has cast off its past of isolated backwater to offer travelers a diverse culture of Buddhist Wat and myriad ethnic hill tribes.

    Here are several overviews of the most fascinating tourist attractions in major cities of Laos for you to prefer, which will help you plan your tour.

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  • Laos Food & Drinks
    Laos Food & Drinks

    As a landlocked country, Laos diet is based on plants and freshwater fish, as well as pork, chicken, duck and so on. Fiery and fragrant, as well as pungent, Laos diet owes its distinctive taste.

    Check out for the most popular food in Laos both recommended by the locals and tourists, as well as some dining tips.

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  • Laos Shopping Tips
    Laos Shopping Tips

    Touring in Laos, you can buy many valuable and inexpensive items which will be a nice memento of your tour in Laos and a gift for your friends and relatives.

    Here is a list of the popular items worth buying when touring Laos, as well as the right place to buy and shopping tips.

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  • Laos Hotels & Accommodation
    Laos Hotels

    The hotel rooms in Laos are mostly of a pretty best-valued with air-con, hot water often being standard and rooms are frequently cleaned daily. And there are sufficient rooms to stay.

    Click to have a overview of all the recommended hotels in major cities of Laos with modern facilities and friendly service.

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  • Laos Climate
    Laos Climate

    Laos has a dry and wet climate through the year: wet season from May to October and dry season runs from November to April. The days in Laos are usually warm and sunny most of the year.

    If you want to know more about the climate in Laos during the whole year, you can just click here and the information may do you a great favor.

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  • Laos Transportation
    Laos Transportation

    There are three ways to get into Laos, you can choose to take airplane to Laos, to get to Laos from neighboring countries by land and take boat through Mekong River to Laos. Thus, get to and get around Laos is getting easier and easier.

    Check out for more information about how to get to and get around Laos.

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  • Laos Visa
    Laos Visa

    The validity of the Laos visa is 30 days and starts from the day you entering into Laos. It can be extended at the immigration office on Hatsady Road in Vientiane before your visa expires, which will cost $ 2 per day of your extension.

    Here are the detailed information about Laos Visa which may help you when planning your trip.

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  • Laos Practical Info
    Laos Practical Info

    Those useful information we carefully collect for tourists are aiming for you to get ready before you come to Laos and get a better understanding about the local life in Laos, which include the currency in Laos, the telephone and internet condition, the business hours, things to o remember and etc.

    Just feel free to check out.

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