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Laos Textile

Laos Textile

Laos Antiques

Laos Antiques

Laos Coffee

Laos Coffee

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Combining cotton and silk to make a piece of textile is a traditional method for Laos weavers. This kind of textile have a cotton base with silk details woven into it. Those days, most of the new textiles are specifically made for tourist market which are cut and sewn into items such as pillowcases and cappa.


In order to raise a family, most of the hill-tribe people will sell outstanding handicrafts made by their amazing gifts to the local and foreign markets. So, the handicrafts are something really worth buying in Laos such as baskets, handmade incense, wood and stone sculptures, natural papers and so on.


Silver items are the most common accessories in Laos people, such as silver belt, silver earrings, bracelets and other things. So, it is common in Laos to see silver selling in markets. Of course, there are other silver items for you to purchase.

Laos Coffee

Is it much better to taste coffee in a place that can grow coffee. As the best place to grow coffee in Southeast Asia, Laos can offer you a cup of coffee with excellent quality and fantastic flavor.


In the bigger cities like Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Sacannakhet, antique stores are easily to be found. Clothes, Asian pottery, musical instruments, jewellery, carvings and coins are sold in antique stores. However, tourists need to note that there is an official ban on the export of Buddha images from Laos.


1. Best places for you shop: In Luang Prabang is the daily night market along the street of the Royal Palace Museum in the center of town. While In Vientiane is the morning market.

2. Always remember to bargin when buying things in local markets to make sure you get the best prices.

3. Most Shops will be closed on Sunday and you are not suggested to make your shopping plans om Sunday.

4. Fake antiques are common in Laos. Be extremely careful when purchase items like gemstones and high value carpets.

5. Be noticed that there is an official ban on the export of Buddha images from Laos.

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