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Get to Laos

Generally, there are three ways to enter Laos: by air, by roadway and by water.

1. By Air

Right now, there are no direct flights to Laos from outside of Asia. Most visitors from outside Asia need to fly to Bangkok, and then fly to Vientiane with just one hour and to Luang Prabang with two hours. Flights are also available from Chiang Mai and Udon Thani in Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in Vietnam, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Kunming in China as well as Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. In view of this situation, it is quite expensive to fly to Laos.

By far,there are three international airports in Laos:

Luang Prabang International Airport
Pakse International Airport
Wattay Airport (Vientiane)

2. By Roadway

a. A.Drive Yourself

It is possible to drive to Laos with your own vehicles from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. You need to prepare proper documents including Carnet de Passage and driving license. If the vehicle is registered in someone else’s name and not traveling with you, another written permission is necessary.

b. By bus

Buses are available to Laos from Thailand, Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and few other places) Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) and China (Kunming).

c. By Train

By far, trains are only available from Bangkok to Laos. The first connection across the Mekong from Thai town of Nong Khai to Tha Naleng with two daily shuttle services.

And a high-speed train from China is planned.

3. By Water

The first waterway connect Laos is from Thailand: Chiang Khong on the Thai Saide and Huay Xai on the Laos side.

The second one is from Cambodia: Stung Treng - Veun Kham border checkpoint which has been closed since the new Dong Kralor-Veun Kham check point was opened. Since there is no immigration office at the Stung Treng - Veun Kham crossing, it is illegal for foreigners cross the river to Laos from Cambodia.

And Another one is from Myanmar: Xieng Kok on the Mekong to north of Huay Xai in Laos. But at present foreigners cannot legally cross between Laos and Myanmar.

Get Around in Laos

1. By Flight

In Laos, major cities are well connected by flights. Laos Airlines is a Laos domestic airline running routes like Vientiane to Houayxai, Luang Nmatha, Luang Prabang, Oudomxai, Sam Neua and Sayabouti in the north and Pakse and Savanakhet in the south. The journey is short within Laos.

2. By Boat

With the 4,600 km of navigable waterways, boat transportation is one of the most common way to transfer in Laos. Recent years have witnessed a decreasing of the boats. But slow ferries and exciting speedboats could be your choice. And you can hire boats privately.

3. By Motorbike

Motorbikes can be hired in Laos to explore the countryside. A license is not needed but your passport will need to left as a deposit. The prices for a day are generally $8–10.

4. By Bus

Since the road system has gradually been improved, so as the bus system. Air-conditioned VIP buses are available between major towns. You can book through a travel agency or your hotel easily.

5. By Tuk Tuk or Jumbo

It is a three-wheeled vehicles in Laos serve as an ideal way to travel around town. Although it is slow, but a unique and pleasant way for you to take in the city and street scenes.

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