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Passport/Visa Requirements

To enter Laos, visitors need to obtain a visa except citizens of Russians, Korean, Japanese, Swiss and ASEAN. You can apply tourist visa for Laos with 30-day stay via a travel agency or through a Laos Embassy or consulate.

To save your time, the visa on arrival is available at international airports in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse, as well as most international borders Thailand, Vietnam and China. Only US dollars are accepted when paying the fees and you need to prepare a passport-sized photo. If you forgot the photo, you will need to pay extra US$1 to have this requirement waived.

The validity of the visa is 30 days and starts from the day you entering into Laos. If your visa is obtained from the embassy in advance, then your visa must be used within three months from the day it is issued.

Visa Fees

The fees varied depending on your nationality and the office you choose to obtain. A visa obtained in advance from the embassy costs about US$50 while a visa on arrival costs about US$35.

Visa Extension

It is possible to extend your stay in Laos, which can be arranged at the immigration office on Hatsady Road in Vientiane before your visa expires. The office is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00-16:00 (closed 12:00 to 13:00 at lunchtime). The office is close for applications on Friday afternoon. The extension will cost $2 per day. As for the extension in Laos, you need to plan ahead to avoid overstaying. Because it will cost $10 penalty for each extra day you spend in the country.

If you plan to stay longer, you need to do a calculation to see if it is more expensive than to apply for a new visa. If so, you could just leave the country and enter again.

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