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How to Plan a Beach Tour in Myanmar?

Do you happen to be a fan of exotic beaches? If so, Myanmar is an ideal destination for you to experience those without burning big holes in your pockets. There, you will find a fine selection of secluded and organized beaches. So, start planning a Myanmar beach tour soon.

The country has opened itself to travelers only recently. Consequently, it still offers you a chance to enjoy beaches resembling those in the most beautiful postcards absent crowds. Besides lounging in the shade of palm trees and wading through white sand, you can enjoy water sports and, occasionally, attend festivals on Myanmar beaches.

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What are the most popular beaches in Myanmar?

Wherever you go, you will hardly lack attractive Myanmar beaches along the coastlines of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. But, for a premium experience, make sure to visit some of the following beaches:


If only "creme de la creme" can satisfy you, then look no other beach of Myanmar than Ngapali. Located just south of Thandwe, this heavenly beach is up to half an hour by car away from the town.

Being a few miles/several kilometers long, this stretch of white sand edging turquoise waters of the Bay of Bengal is fascinating from land, sea, and air. Due to its beauty, providers of balloon tours include Ngapali in the itinerary.

Besides cooling yourself in the shade of the palms, you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and diving around. Biking is also among the options. In the fishing village of Jate Taw and its vicinity, you can experience the traditional way of living and have outstanding local specialties.


Various hotels and eateries access Ngapali, offering premium accommodation and dining options. If you prefer more affordable lodging, check out lodges or huts.

Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung is another must-visit beach in this part of Southeast Asia. Located about a five-hour bus ride from Yangon, it competes against Ngapali for the title of the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. Once you take off the bus near the homonymous village, you are nearly there.

Ngwe Saung, albeit popular, is a place that doesn't necessarily break the bank. Besides upmarket accommodation providers, options for backpackers and other travelers do exist here. The beach is around 15km/9mi long, offering plentiful options for solitude. You can wade through transparent waters, lounge beneath palm trees, or visit nearby Lover's Island during low tide.

Ngwe Saung
Ngwe Saung

Exceptional snorkeling and boating are some bonus activities you should enjoy. For a quick exploration of sandy Ngwe Saung, rent a motorbike.

Gwa and Kanthaya

If you are a solitude seeker and adventurer at that, don't miss Gwa and Kanthaya. To get there, hire a car from Ngapali Beach and drive around four hours southward.

Once you get near the Gwa town, you will be in the middle of undeveloped paradise, abounding with wildlife and fishing villages. If you wish to spend some time in the area, check out accommodation options on the main road.

Gwa and Kanthaya
Gwa and Kanthaya

Sandy beach is ideal for relaxing with barely anyone in sight. For incredible snorkeling, ask the local fishermen to take you to nearby islands.

Beaches of Gwa and Kanthaya are exceptional for utmost relaxation, and other beach activities and water sports aren't available nearby.

Chaung Tha

Is following the locals your strategy for finding the best beaches? If so, in Myanmar, it will get you to Chaung Tha, near Ngwe Saung. What this golden-sand beach lacks in beauty, it makes up with delicious seafood.

From this palm-fringed beach, you can set off to nearby islands for snorkeling excursions. Entertainment opportunities at the beach include horse and elephant rides, cycling, tubing, and quad biking.

Chaung Tha
Chaung Tha

For staying on Chaung Tha Beach, you have a selection of budget to mid-range accommodation options.

This popular seaside playground for the Myanmar locals by the Bay of Bengal is about five hours away from Yangon by bus.

Pa Nyit

Accessing the Andaman Sea, southwest of Dawei, Pa Nyit is among the most secluded beaches of Myanmar. To get from the city to the beach, drive over half an hour to Launglon and rent a bike there. For the best chance of finding Pa Nyit, which is near the village of the same name, ask the locals for the direction.

Pa Nyit
Pa Nyit

Besides an occasional swimmer and a few fishing boats, you are very likely to be completely alone there. Abundant vegetation, consisting of conifer trees, offers plentiful shade.

Turquoise waters make a sharp contrast against the white sand, making Pa Nyit an especially photogenic beach.

Since accommodation and dining facilities aren't available, make sure to bring plentiful supplies.

What activities can you enjoy on Myanmar beaches?

Beaches of this Southeast Asian nation feature the exceptional purity of the waters, lush greenery, and soft sands. Thus, wading through the shallow water for photo opportunities is among premium activities there.

If you travel with children, they will find making sandcastles especially attractive. Fans of snorkeling will feel like in paradise at the beaches of Myanmar. You can snorkel around popular beaches, but for a premium experience, visit secluded ones.


Water sports are readily available on beaches visited by many holidaymakers. Among other water sports, you can kayak, tube, boat, and dive.

Given that you like to socialize with animals, a few Myanmar beaches offer you opportunities to ride good-natured elephants and horses.

How to choose the best time to visit beaches in Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar for a beach hopping is from November to April. Typically pleasant air temperatures and low precipitation mark the period from November to February. In most cases, the average daily temperatures are firmly between 20°C/68°F and 30°C/86°F during this time of year.

The pre-monsoon season, characterized by high air temperatures, arrives in March. It lasts until May when the monsoon kicks off. If you find yourself on some beach in Myanmar between May and October, you will hardly need to get into the sea to wet yourself.

Best time to visit Myanmar beach
Best time to visit Myanmar beach

Can you imagine a perfect day by the seaside without sunny weather? If not, plan a Myanmar beach tour in January, February, or April. Around Yangon, these months feature around ten sunny hours per day. November, December, and February usually have nine hours of sunlight daily on average.

As for the temperature of the sea in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, it is always suitable for swimming. The sea temperature is in the upper 20s degrees Celsius/lower 80s degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Tips for a Myanmar beach tour

To have a hassle-free holiday in Myanmar, try to stick to the following rules:

-When enjoying beach activities among the locals, you should cover yourself as much as possible. Don’t let the locals surprise you by swimming in jeans. Having a conservative attire for swimming and sunbathing, even diving is especially recommended to ladies.

-If you stay at a hotel that caters to foreign travelers, you can be more relaxed about this unconventional dress code.

-The majority of accommodation facilities closes during the wet season (May-October). So, if you don't mind high precipitation during your beach holiday, check the availability in advance during this period.

-Besides the availability of hotels, transport options also become scarce along the coastline during the monsoon season. Therefore, better plan spending a vacation in one place during wet months.

-Rookie surfers will have a great time improving their skills by riding small waves here. Once you become a skilled surfer, come at the beginning of the rainy (monsoon) season to enjoy larger waves.

-Regarding safety, travelers are safe when visiting Myanmar and its beaches. Just take basic precautions, as you would do anywhere else.


Given that Myanmar is a new destination on the travel map of the world, it remains, for the time being, a low-priority destination to most holidaymakers. Therefore, now is the right time for a beach tour of Myanmar.

The otherworldly beauty of this nation's coastline won't remain undiscovered forever. So, get your bearings there as soon as possible for a beach holiday that you will always remember.

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