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The Ultimate Guide on Flights to Myanmar

Flying is the best possible way of traveling to Myanmar, former Burma. The same holds for getting around once you arrive there.

The nation features dozens of airports scattered countrywide. Therefore, passengers can get to nearly every corner of Myanmar by flight in a timely fashion (at least compared to ground transport options).

International Direct Flights to Myanmar

Myanmar has three international airports - Yangon (former Rangon), Mandalay, and Naypyidaw. Of the three, Yangon handles the bulk of international flights. Thus, you are most likely to catch a flight to this particular airport when flying to this Southeast Asian country.

Aside from a few cities on the Arabian Peninsula, flying directly to one of the Burmese international airports is possible only from Asia. So, if you travel from any other continent, you will need to change flights to get to Myanmar.

In the following table, refer to the destinations Burmese international airports maintain a direct connection to and other relevant details:

Yangon Airport

Outbound Destination

Price in USD from

Average Flight Time (in Hours)

Frequency (Days in Week)

Doha (Qatar)




Dubai (the UAE)




Kolkata (India)




Chiang Mai (Thailand)




Bangkok (Thailand)




Krabi (Thailand)




Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)








Phnom Penh (Cambodia)




Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)




Hanoi (Vietnam)




Hong Kong




Taipei (Taiwan)




Seoul (South Korea)




Shanghai (China)




Tokyo (Japan)




Mandalay Airport

Outbound Destination

Price in USD from

Average Flight Time (in Hours)

Frequency (Days in Week)

Chiang Mai (Thailand)




Bangkok (Thailand)





Outbound Destination

Price in USD from

Average Flight Time (in Hours)

Frequency (Days in Week)

Bangkok (Thailand)




Transfers to Myanmar and Domestic Flights

If your outbound destination isn't among those we have mentioned, you will need to catch a connection to get to Myanmar. Since all of the airports in the tables are big airline hubs, you will need to conceive a strategy that will take you to your final destination with ease and convenience.

Time Management

Booking connecting flights is about careful planning. Many people new to this type of transport tend to make silly mistakes leading to some sort of problem. Leaving little time for an airport transfer is one of them.

When catching a connecting flight to Myanmar, or anywhere else, make sure to leave enough time for transfers. Whenever possible, it is wise to calculate a few extra hours to spend at the airport between flights.

Transfer at airport
Transfer at airport

It is always possible that your initial flight will be late. Moreover, there is also a possibility that the customs and other procedures will last longer than anticipated. The likelihood of such inconveniences is always higher at significant airports.

Cost Effectiveness

Typically lower flight fares compared to direct flights are one of the main advantages of connecting flights. So, if you plan an economical budget for a tour of Myanmar, you should consider this option, even if you have a possibility of a direct flight. Even if you don't have financial restrictions, booking connecting flights can be worthwhile.

Depending on the outbound destination, you may save up to a few hundred dollars for a journey that will last several hours longer. Paying a short visit to the transit point near the airport (Singapore, for example) may make you glad you made this move.

Arriving in Myanmar

The majority of travelers landing at an international airport in Myanmar (Burma) plan to stay put for a time. Yangon and Mandalay make for excellent destinations for the first Myanmar experience.

Sooner or later, though, you will feel a desire to move on to Bagan, Inle Lake, or Ngapali Beach, for example. Although you can get to these points of interest by ground transport from mentioned destinations, covering as much distance by airplane is highly recommended.

Arrive in Bagan
Arrive in Bagan

And that shouldn't be a problem since airports handling domestic flights dot the map of Myanmar. Road conditions are, for the most part, poor in this Southeast Asian nation. So, flying is likely to save you a lot of time, if nothing else.

You can get from Mandalay to Bagan or Inle Lake, as well as from Yangon to Ngapali, in, say, several hours. However, Nyuang-u Airport is a stone's throw away from Old Bagan, which you can say for Inle Lake and Heho Airport, too. Thandwe is the nearest airport to Ngapali Beach.

Thus, check out the flight schedule to avoid potential delays, which are as good as granted with the ground transport.

Also, Myanmar airports are quite small compared to big international airports. Therefore, arriving at the airport two hours before the departure is a precaution enough to catch the flight.

Tips for flying to Myanmar

As a foreign traveler, you may find various deviations from international destinations when planning a flight in Myanmar. These tend to be about money, scheduled departures, flight times, and more.

Furthermore, you may need to apply for a tourist, business, or visa on arrival to be allowed to enter the country. Therefore, we have compiled the list of useful tips for you if you intend to fly to Myanmar:

Visa and passport requirements

To enter the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, you have to possess a passport whose validity is at least six months beyond your visit. The citizens of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia need a visa to enter Myanmar. To obtain one, the nationals of these states can apply online.

As for the visa on arrival, this document is available for transit and business passengers from certain countries. For further details, get in touch with the embassy of Myanmar.

Myanmar visa
Myanmar visa

If you are in transit and don't plan to stay in the country, you need a transit visa. Note, however, that this particular visa may be withdrawn on occasion. In this case, you would need a visa in your passport to board the flight.

The cost of the visa depends on the type. However, it should cost between a dozen and several dozens of US Dollars.

Money matters

To conduct payment in the republic, you need to have Burmese Kyat, the official currency. Since the exchange is highly unlikely outside Myanmar, you will need to change money once you arrive. In this regard, large bills are more likely to provide you favorable rates than small ones.

Speaking of cash, you should have money at all times at hand since the local economy is cash-oriented. Cards may be of use only at upscale hotels and other establishments. As for the ATMs, you will find them in places frequented by tourists, and seldom elsewhere.


When boarding an airplane for a domestic flight in ex-Burma, you can bring up to 20kg/44lbs of cargo.


•Departures of local flights tend to deviate from the schedule in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Not only that the airplanes can depart late, but they also tend to take off early. Therefore, be prudent and check the exact departure time 24 hours in advance.
•Aside from other destinations, most airlines fly to Mandalay, Yangon, Nyuang-u, Heho, and Dawei. If you use some of these airports for transit only, you may have to travel over a day to reach your final destination.
•Thus, consider spending some time in these destinations when planning a Myanmar tour since flights don't take long.
•Myanmar Airways airline offers the lowest flight fares, in general. Other principal local airlines are Air Bagan, Yangon Airways, and Air Mandalay, which offer upgraded service.


With over 40 airports located nationwide, getting around by airplane is most convenient in the Southeast Asian republic of Myanmar. Once you enter the country via one of the mandatory international airports, you get high flexibility.

If you fly to former Burma in April, make sure to book well in advance. The Water Festival (Thingyan) usually takes place in the middle of this month, and tickets grow insufficient long before the celebration occurs.

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