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Do You Need a Visa to Travel Myanmar and How to Get it?

Are you planning a trip to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, ex-Burma? Then, the first thing you need is a visa. Most foreign visitors need one to visit this Southeast Asian country, and there are various ways of getting a Myanmar visa.

Procedures may differ among travelers from different countries. So, let's determine the application process you are eligible for.

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Myanmar Visa Types and Application Procedures

Depending on current regulations and your country of origin, you may be eligible for one of the following Myanmar visa application procedures:

Embassy application

Application procedures for Myanmar tourist visas may differ from one embassy or consulate to another. However, these are minor ones for the most part. For example, one embassy may ask you to provide two photos while the other requires only one.

Myanmar Embassy
Myanmar Embassy

Therefore, make sure to contact the embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, former Burma, for details. Also, check whether you are eligible for eVisa (online) or visa on arrival. This former service should be available for the residents of countries without a Myanmar consulate or embassy.

Visa on arrival

At the time of writing (end of February 2020), the Myanmar visa on arrival service isn't available for tourist trips. The only countries exempted starting from January 2020 are Austria, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and New Zealand.

Note that the visa on arrival application for the citizens of China is no longer in effect since September 2019. Travelers from Australia, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain are currently eligible for a tourist visa on arrival. The probation period for the nationals of these countries is in effect until October 1 of 2020.

Myanmar visa on arrival
Myanmar visa on arrival

If you travel for business or are in transit through the country, you may still be eligible for a Myanmar visa on arrival. Travelers from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, and France are among others benefiting from this particular application service.


Most foreign visitors can apply online for a Myanmar tourist travel document. To apply, visit the official eVisa website of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Leisure and business travelers are both eligible for this type of application.

Fees for tourists are US$50 for standard and US$56 for express visas. The price for business travelers is US$70. Once you fill in the application form and make the payment, the authorities will process your request. Response times are generally short, up to a few days.

Tour operator (agency)

The most convenient way to apply for a visa of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar by far is via a specialized travel agency. A tour operator long in business, with high standards in providing services to holidaymakers and business visitors, seems a likely choice, wouldn’t you say?

By applying for a visa of Myanmar through us, you get a travel document, and much more. A friendly business relationship, top insights, useful tips, and timely service are among the things you benefit from by hiring us.

So, let the skilled staff apply for a Burmese visa on your behalf. Besides, we can take care of anything you may need during your Myanmar trip.

Things You Need to Prepare for a Myanmar Visa Application

Obtaining a visa for a visit to ex-Burma typically includes a few stages. To complete those, you need to prepare and do the following:

Passport checking

The validity of your passport has to be six months beyond the time you visit Myanmar, former Burma. Besides, you need to have one blank page in the passport for a visa stamp. Furthermore, you will need two or one recent photos of you. Also, you may need to present a photocopy of the page in the passport indicating your personal info and photo.

During the visa application procedure, you will indicate the entry point you wish to take to enter the republic. Upon arrival at the entry point to Myanmar, you present your travel documents.

Myanmar passport checking
Myanmar passport checking

Note that you can use an alternative checkpoint, but the checking procedure will be longer in this case, most probably.

Application form

When applying online, which is the most common type of application for a Burmese visa, you need to fill in the application form. In short, the procedure entails answering the questions and sending payment for the travel document processing via bank transfer, or credit or debit card.

In case that the Burmese officials don't approve your travel document request, you won't receive the processing fee refund.

Some fields you will need to fill during the online application are your e-mail and the date you expect to enter the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Also, you will specify the desired entry point (airport or land border crossing).

Depending on the type of application, you should receive the travel document from one to several days. In general, standard processing takes five days, while the duration of the express procedure is three days. Super-quick processing lasts one day.

Steps following the visa approval for traveling Myanmar

Upon completing the request for Myanmar travel document, you need to wait for an email. If your request is approved, you need to copy the visa and take it with your passport on the trip. When entering the country, present the documents to the authorized personnel.

Special Tips for Myanmar Visa Application

To prepare for the travel document application and your trip to former Burma well, please read through the following points:

Visa validity

The validity period of a tourist visa is 28 days from the day you enter this Southeast Asian nation. As for the business visa, the authorities issue the document for 70 days at most.

In some cases, you may get permission to stay longer in ex-Burma. The price of the extended stay is $3 per day, plus a one-time $3 administration fee. The deadline for overstaying is 14 days.

Have in mind that, although legitimate, the instance of overstay isn't something most Burmese are familiar with. Therefore, you might experience issues when making bookings during the extended period.

Myanmar visa validity
Myanmar visa validity

Note that visas on arrival aren't subject to an extension.

Entry and exit checkpoints

You can enter and leave the republic of the union via designated entry points. The international airports of Mandalay, Yangon, and Naypyitaw are key airline hubs you can use for this purpose.

Aside from airports, you can use border crossings from neighboring countries. Some major ones are:

•Thailand: Mae Sot/Myawaddy, Mae Sai/Tachileik, Ranong/Kawthaung, Phunaron/Htee Kee, and Three Pagodas and Singkhorn (the last one is for Thai and Burmese travelers only)

•India: Zokhawtar/Rikhawdar and Moreh/Tamu

•China: Ruili/Muse

•Laos: Kyainglap/Xieng Kok

Before heading to these, make sure that they aren't in the zone of potential armed conflicts.

Customs regulations

When traveling to Myanmar, former Burma, you can import 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes, a pint bottle of perfume, and a quart of an alcoholic beverage. As of banned exports that may interest tourists, you shouldn't export antiques and jewelry. When arriving, declare a video camera and electronic devices to the customs.

Application timing

Timely applying for a Myanmar visa is essential. You should apply neither too much in advance nor toward the beginning of the intended tour.

The reason for the former is the time frame in which you can enter the country. This entry window could be anywhere between one and three months. Late departure, since the officials might take as long as two weeks to process your request, is the reason for the latter.


As you can see, getting a Myanmar travel document could be a pretty straightforward process. Still, a tour of ex-Burma entails much more, including seasonal weather fluctuations, possible ethnic conflicts in remote areas, and more.

Therefore, reach out to proven travel professionals that have everything in hand to arrange a tour of Myanmar for you. With our advice and insights, we have helped countless travelers have the time of their life while touring the republic of the union and many other destinations. Just state your wishes, habits, and needs, and we will take care of the rest.

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