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Myanmar Tour Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Travel Burma? (Detailed Version)

Since recently, Myanmar (ex-Burma) became a noteworthy travel destination that emerged from a long period of turmoil. As a result, related travel expenses remain a mystery for the vast majority of visitors. Whether traveling Myanmar is affordable or expensive, we elaborate further.

Planning Your Budget for a Myanmar Tour

Searching for average prices for a trip to Myanmar on the web tends to be misleading. You may be under the impression that the tour is on the expensive side, at least for Southeast Asian standards.

Online sources indicate that the daily budget for Thailand, for example, is between $20 and $40 (USD). As for ex-Burma, the references place daily costs between $30 and $50 per person, on average.

In truth, a lower budget than that could cover you for a Myanmar tour. To make it so, you may need to modify your lifestyle while there. So, let's see how you should plan your budget for a trip to Myanmar.

Food Cost in Myanmar

Dining in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar shouldn't break the bank, unless, of course, you intend to. Frugal travelers could do with a $10 budget for food per day with ease. If you wish to indulge yourself while traveling, though, you can still make it with up to $20 per day for eating and drinking.

Myanmar food
Myanmar food

Note that alcoholic beverages inflate this cost the most. So, if you avoid drinking intoxicating drinks and are budget conscious, you can get away even with several USD per day for food.

Some approximate costs for meals and drinks in Myanmar are:


Type of Accommodation

Prices in Kyat

Prices in USD






2-star hotel




5-star hotel








3-star hotel




5-star hotel








3-star hotel




5-star hotel



Inle Lake




Inle Lake

3-star hotel



Inle Lake

5-star hotel



Accommodation Expenses

Accommodation options vary to a large extent in Myanmar, just like everywhere else in Southeast Asia. Therefore, you can spend a fortune or barely more than for an average meal per room, depending on your habits.

Myanmar accommodation
Myanmar accommodation

Naturally, the accommodation costs can, and will, vary from one place to another. For example, for the price of a hostel in one place, you can stay at a mid-range hotel in another. You also need to note that the hotel and other deals fluctuate depending on the season, as everywhere else. If you travel in Myanmar anywhere between November and April, rooms and dorms will be more expensive than the rest of the year.

Also, note that some accommodation providers close during the low season (May-October) due to the monsoon (rainy) season. Consequently, you should check in advance the availability if you go to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar during the off-season.

For some approximate rates in top destinations, please refer to the table below.

Product or Service

Price in Kyat

Price in USD




Milk 1L



Cheese 500g



Local Beer 0.5L (in the supermarket)



Rice 0.5kg



Chicken Fillets 0.5kg






Coca Cola 2L



Water (small bottle)






Meal (Inexpensive Eatery)



Meal (Business District Venue)



Transport Costs

In simple words, transport options in the Republic of Myanmar are diverse in form and convenience. Accordingly, they range from very affordable to moderately pricey. For long-distance journeys between destinations, you can choose between bus, train, and flight services.

Generally speaking, you should find traveling by bus the most affordable means of transport in ex-Burma. Trains tend to be a bit costlier while flying (surprise, surprise), is the most expensive transport option.

Regarding buses, you may have a choice between local and VIP vehicles. The price difference is usually a few bucks. Unless you have a low amount of money with you, you should always choose VIP buses for long-distance journeys.

For a bus ride between Yangon and Mandalay, for instance, you should spend around $12. Local buses should save you some money. From Yangon to Bagan, the price of a bus ride is similar. As for a bus journey from Bagan to Mandalay, it costs around $7.

Myanmar bus
Myanmar bus

Traveling from Yangon to Mandalay by train could set you back anywhere between $12 to $30. Between Yangon and Bagan, the railway journey costs between $15 and $25. Up to $13 for a train journey between Mandalay and Bagan should cover you.

As for flying, plan around $100 and over to get between top tourist destinations in Myanmar in one direction. Unless you don't hurry or travel on the budget, traveling by airplane should prove the most worthwhile transport option here.

Attractions Budget

Having Asian food, enjoying the local hospitality, and traveling the countryside of Myanmar are good reasons to visit this friendly Southeast Asian country. If doing these activities is lunch, the top attractions of the nation are dessert.

Noteworthy tourist attractions dot the countryside of Myanmar. However, you can find the majority of those within several hours by car away from Yangon and Mandalay. Of course, other top tourist points of interest, such as Mrauk U and Ngapali Beach, are worth the time and effort.

To visit most attractions of Mandalay, you need to purchase a $10 combined ticket valid for one week. While you are around, don't miss Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, featuring teak resembling gold and elaborate carvings. Mandalay Palace and Mandalay Hill are other top attractions nearby.

Temples in Bagan
Temples in Bagan

Bagan Archaeological Zone comprises hundreds of temples in a forested environment. To visit the zone, you need to possess the ticket that costs 25,000 Kyat (roughly $17 in February 2020). The ticket is valid for five days, which is enough for touring the top tourist destination of Myanmar.

For visiting Inle Lake, you will need to pay 15,000 Kyat (around $10). The entry fee to Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is 10,000 Kyat (approx. $7). The price of visiting the Mrauk U temples is 5,000 Kyat ($3,5).

Shopping Expenses

Shopping in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a cherry atop a cake. Before you consider buying a Buddhist statue, know that the export of these items may be illegal. As for unique items, you may consider adding the following products to your Myanmar souvenir collection:

Sand painting
Sand painting

•Sand paintings are fine handicrafts popular among travelers. Besides murals, they may depict scenes of the everyday lives of the locals. The price of these fantastic artworks is typically around $15.
•Gemstone paintings are other spectacular works of art ideal for decorative purposes and gifts. Made of rubies and jades, for the most part, these masterpieces cost a couple of USD.
•Burmese tapestries are much more than the name implies. These fine art items reflect the local culture and comprise various materials, such as gems, glass, silver threads, and cloth. Artists typically choose Buddhist scriptures' tales for depiction.
•Also, think about taking lacquerware home from ex-Burma. The price of these outstanding practical and decorative items is $10 and above.

What Currency Can You Use in Myanmar?

The short answer to this question would be the Burmese Kyat and the American Dollar. Albeit this may sound weird, you would be better off paying in USD whenever and wherever possible. That's because the locals round up to the higher amount.

At the time of writing this article, the official exchange rate was around 1,450 Kyat for $1. If you pay in the local currency, the vendor would likely round $1 up to 1,500 Kyat. When paying in USD, you should hand over banknotes without tears, creases, or other "deviations." Otherwise, the locals would reject them, most probably.

Besides USD, you should exchange Singapore Dollar (S$) and Euros (EUR) in Myanmar with ease. Note that you get more favorable rates when exchanging larger bills than smaller ones. Banks and airport exchange offices are the best places for money exchange.

The economy of Myanmar is primarily cash-driven. Therefore, you should have cash when touring the republic of the union. As for ATMs, these are available in areas visited by travelers. Elsewhere, you will have a hard time finding those.

MasterCard and Visa cards are an acceptable payment method for a growing number of businesses. Be aware, however, that certain providers may charge you an added fee to cover the transaction expenses.


So, it stands that Myanmar can be an expensive destination, but only if you choose it to be. However, you can have a great experience, without anything essential missing, for a daily budget of $30 or so.

If you prefer an efficient way of transport between distanced places, airplanes will inflate the total expenditure. But, if you spend with care, even then you can keep the average daily costs at around $50.

With that in mind, can you really call Myanmar expensive for travelers?

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