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How to Explore Myanmar with Kids

Many may have the boredom or safety concern about Myanmar travel as it’s a pagoda-scattered country and some areas are still in armed conflicts.

However, the truth is that Myanmar is definitely a safe country to travel with kids and it is now a hotspot destination for offbeat travelers. There are plentiful opportunities for not only beach breaks, but cultural adventures and nature expeditions.

The followings are some family-friendly activities offered for your reference to explore Myanmar with kids.

Cruise the Sky above Bagan on a Hot Air Balloon

With thousands of temples and pagodas spread across the square plain of 13 x 8 kilometers, there is no better way to take a hot air balloon ride to cruise the sky above Bagan. And more importantly, kids love such an expedition in the sky!

You can see Bagan waking up in the morning, temples in the distance shimmering golden morning light, and villagers on their early morning rounds, feeding animals or going to market.

Generally, the flight includes hotel transfer, hot drinks, snacks, insurance, and a commemorative flight certificate. And the hot air balloon in Bagan runs from the beginning of October to the middle of April. Book in advance especially during the Christmas season.

Explore Bagan Pagodas on a Horse Cart at Sunset

Also, you can take a horse cart on Bagan plain to escape from the fast modern living. Stop wherever you want to step closer to the ancient ruins. Experienced drivers usually hold a wealth of background knowledge, assuring you of an informative journey.

Some visitors prefer to ride a bike to pedal through the sandy sideways for some smaller temples and local villages.

Bagan Horse Cart Ride
At sunset, exploring Bagan plain on a horse cart should be an unforgettable memory.

Both of the two ways offer tons of fun for your family. And it will be an unforgettable memory of taking a horse cart or bicycle to travel through the pagodas when Bagan plain is quiet at sunset.

Take a River Cruise down the Irrawaddy to See Dolphins

The Irrawaddy River is home to the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins. Take a cruise down the river for one of the rarest species on the planet.

You can see the dolphins surfacing and then circling the boat and learn how dolphins and fishermen doing cooperative fishing. The dolphins chase fish and help fishermen to catch them by giving signals with their tails!

And it is glad to know that the number of dolphins has been increasing slowly due to the efforts of the Living Irrawaddy Dolphin Project.

During the cruise trip, you can head to the local village to experience the culture, tradition and ways of life. Engage with the locals and learn how to throw a cast net and make a bamboo hat, etc.

Feed and Bathe Elephants at Green Hill Valley Camp

The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is a must-visit place when you travel to Myanmar with children. It is located in Kalaw that serves as a summer resort in the old British colonial period.

The camp is a paradise for kids, where they will be happy to spend a day to get in close touch with the Asian elephants. You together have the opportunity to learn how to feed and bathe elephants.

Green Hill Valley Camp
At Green Hill Valley Camp, you can feed and bathe the retired Asian elephants.

The Kalaw Camp is one of the eco elephant camps in Myanmar that focus on rescue and care retired elephants from wood mills, circus and zoos. Except for that, the camp aims to natural habitat protection and reforestation as well. You can plant a teak tree before leaving.

Tour Inle Lake with a Long-tail Boat

Inle Lake is a wonderful water world to explore in Myanmar with kids. There are so many hidden surprises. It is amazing to take a long-tail boat on the picturesque lake. You must want to know how the fishermen paddle their boat with only just one leg.

This is an old fishing technique. They stand on one leg in the boat and use the other to row the oar. After a while, they plunge the net into the water and wait silently for the fishes.

You can also head to explore the local markets, where the long-necked women make scarves with an archaic method, boat makers fashion a longboat out of teak tree, and umbrella makers whittled bamboo handles.

Soak Up Yangon Countryside on a Circular Train Ride

After the downtown exploration of Yangon, you can spend a half-day to take the circular train ride.

Yangon Circular Train Ride
To immerse into Yangon, you'd better experience the circular train ride.

The full circuit of the train is only open on weekends otherwise it just runs a partial loop. The train is in an old-fashioned style, hard to see in other big cities. This might be a lifetime experience for your kids.

The train ride is slow and there are vendors selling water and food coming and going. You can enjoy a variety of insights into the locals’ daily life so do your best to interact with some of them to make the most of the journey.

Watch a Puppet Show at Htwe Oo Traditional Theatre

Yangon is a city with long and complete history. To completely immerse into the culture of Yangon, take your children to watch a puppet show at Htwe Oo Traditional Myanmar Theatre. The theatre has traveled the world to perform their shows and won many awards.

The puppet show usually performs Burma religious festivals and government festivals. 28 main characters, ranging from gods, animals, monsters and royals are included.

Yangon Htwe Oo Traditional Theatre
Take your kids to watch a wonderful puppet show at Yangon Htwe Oo Traditional Theatre.

The shows have English explanations, which is a wonderful opportunity to learn the cultural traditions of Myanmar. After the show, you can go to a local store selling Burmese string puppets to buy one or two souvenir puppets that are smaller in size.

Enjoy Relaxing Time on Ngapali Beach

A beach tour is always a hit with kids. Ngapali Beach is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in Myanmar. Ngapali has a 7-kilometer long of beach, with white soft sand and turquoise blue water. Along the coastline, rows of palm trees can be found.

Spend your day for a sunbath while your kids enjoy their beach activities and then explore the small fishing village for the fresh local food.

Or take a boat trip offered by the local fishermen to visit the island just off the coast. After that, go back to the beach at sunset to see the round-shaped sun gradually disappears into the endless ocean.


Burma hits the sweet spot for offbeat travelers. There are so many family-friendly opportunities. Enjoy a family tour in Myanmar with kids for its wonderful culture, stunning nature, and unspoiled beaches.

Start your tour from Yangon, where you can enjoy a circular train ride for the authentic Burmese daily life. Then take your time to explore Bagan plain for the marvelous thousand-year-old temples by hot air balloon, bicycle or horse cart. Next, spend a day on the gorgeous Inle Lake with a long-tail boat. Also, head to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp to care for the retired elephants. Finally, kill your time at Burma’s white sandy beaches.

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