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Except for Inle Lake, More Places to Go for Nature in Myanmar

When it comes to Myanmar nature, Inle Lake might be the first that pops into your mind. Inle Lake is a wonderful water world, with the local house, market, garden, school and monastery floating. Take a longtail boat to cruise on the lake when the sun sets and the fishermen silhouetted by the sundown is gorgeous!

Actually, except for Inle Lake, there are more places to visit for the beautiful natural scenery. And here comes a good news that due to the long lockdown, the natural landscapes, especially in the remote areas, of Myanmar remain unspoiled by tourism. Set foot on the land, and the nature in Myanmar will not disappoint you.

Hpa An - Mountains, Caves, Lake and Rice Fields

Hpa An is a picturesque city along the banks of Salween River, located in Kayin State of south-eastern Myanmar, with rolling hills, mysterious caves, enchanting lakes and fertile rice fields to explore.

Mount Zwegabin rises 722 metres above the ground. A hiking towards the mountain top is rewarded with a panoramic view of the city and remote mountain ranges.

Or hike up Hpan Pu Mountain to enjoy an overlooking view of Thanlyin River. Along the trail, you can expect overgrown shrubs, sharp rocks and bamboo ladders.

Saddan Cave is truly a sight to behold, only available by a small boat. The long and pointed boats are painted blue, green, orange or pink, quite impressive. And the area is surrounded by lush rice plantations that makes it more beautiful.

In the early morning, tour the Kan Thar Yar Lake in the city centre for a wonderful sunrise. Clear waters reflect the sunrise, the bridge crossing the lake and the surrounding hills, very breathtaking!

Buses on available from Yangon to Hpa An, taking about 7 hours.

Ngapali - Beaches and Islands

For the beautiful nature in Myanmar, Ngapali is a wonderful destination as well. Located in Rakhine State of western Burma, Ngapali is a beach town that offers extraordinary natural beauty along the Bay of Bengal.

Endless blue ocean, white sand beaches and rows of green palm trees make up the sleepy Ngapali. And since Ngapali faces to the west, it is a perfect place to enjoy the gorgeous sunsets. Around Ngapali, there are more pristine islands to explore. You can take a boat adventure to the offshore islands of Ngapali, for example, the Pearl Island.

Myanmar Ngapali BeachNgapali has rows of palm trees to offer along the beaches.

The quickest way to head to Ngapali for a beach tour is to take a flight from Yangon to Thandwe and then catch the shuttle bus by your hotel.

Anisakan Falls - Waterfall

Situated between Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin, Anisakan Falls, also known as Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall, is a beautiful waterfall with a natural, refreshing and turquoise blue swimming hole.

Outside Anisakan, to the southwest of Pyin Oo Lwin, the waterfall lies at the head of a deep ravine. The lowest part of the waterfall splashes dramatically into a pool of crystal clear water in which you can swim.

The lush forests around the waterfall make it shady and cool. As the home to several animal species, this area offers a more interesting experience. It is a little slice of paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Myanmar Anisakan FallsAnisakan Falls is a little slice of paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

You can take a train or bus from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin. The train journey takes about 4 hours. And traveling by bus requires around 2 hours.

Myeik Archipelago - Islands and Beaches

Myeik Archipelago locates in far southern Myanmar, consisting of 800 islands that vary in size. They are all untouched by development, offering a raw natural beauty.

Lampi Island attracts the largest number of travelers for kayaking. Frost Island has a creamy sand and crystal water to offer. Pho Lar Island remains uninhabited and there are rich coral reefs to explore. Nyaung Wee Island is home Moken people.

There are only catamarans available to bring in people for day tours, so Myeik Archipelago is definitely a paradise for adventurers. To reach Myeik Archipelago, first fly to Kawthaung from Yangon and then hire a catamaran.

Nat Ma Taung National Park - Mt. Victoria, Dense forests and Rare Birds

Located in 3 townships of Kanpatlet, Mindat and Matupi, Nat Ma Taung National Park covers the Chin Hills, home to a variety of rare flora and fauna and the mysterious facial-tattooed women.

The park offers a rugged beauty of the misty mountain ranges and dense forests of lush trees, rhododendrons, bamboos and birds.

In November, December and February, colorful rhododendrons are in bloom, looking quite beautiful. Some rare bird species such as White-browed Nuthatch are found in the forests.

Mount Victoria is part of the Chin Hills. It is the tallest peak in Chin State and the third highest in Myanmar overall and rises 3053 metres above the ground. The twin peaks of Mount Victoria provide you with a panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges, very magnificent.

Myanmar Mount VictoriaMount Victoria provide you with a panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Due to the difficulty of access to Nat Ma Taung National Park, most visitors go on a guided tour from Bagan.

Putao - Mt. Hkakabo Razi, Rivers, Forests, Birds and Butterflies

Putao is an isolated northernmost town in Kachin State of northern Myanmar, from which the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mt. Hkakabo Razi and other snow-capped mountains are available to see.

A trekking adventure to Putao takes you to walk through the most rugged and secretive mountain in Myanmar. Long and thrilling suspension bridges dot in the lush rain forests and natural rivers and streams flow the rustic villages.

Putao Valley is home to various bird species, including the Great Hornbill, Collared Myna, Collared Treepie, Brown Dipper, Chestnut-headed Tesia, Silver-eared Mesia, Red-faced Liocichla, White-bellied Yuhina, Burmese Shrike and Green-backed Tit. Also, you can find a wide range of butterflies.

Putao is only accessible by air. Flights to Putao are available in Yangon, Mandalay and Myitkyina.

Rih Lake - Mountain, Lake and Rice Paddies

Rih Lake is a natural lake that lies in northwestern Chin State of western Myanmar.

The heart-shaped lake shines a deep blue, surrounded by rice paddies and rolling hills. The hills are covered by lush forests and the color of rice paddies varies in different seasons. For the best view, you can hike up to a nearby hill that overlooked the lake.

Myanmar Rih LakeRih Lake shapes like a heart.

However, it is not easy to arrive. The only way to get to the closest town to Rih Lake - Rihkhawdar is via Tiddim. Tiddim is accessed from Hakha, the Chin Capital. From Tiddim, you need to overcome a 9-hour of bumpy mountain roads.

Therefore, it may be unnecessary to travel across half the country for just a lake. However, if you are heading to northern Chin State, you may visit the lake by the way.


Myanmar is famous for its golden pagodas and ancient temples, however, the land is full of beautiful natural wonders. As mentioned above, except for Inle Lake, there is more to expect on Myanmar nature, from tropical beaches and islands to marvelous snow mountains and from mountainous landscapes to rural scenery.

Seriously, a Myanmar tour is definitely rewarding no matter you go there to experience its rich culture or stunning nature.

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