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Shopping in Myanmar is easier and more pleasant than in the past for the items available to tourists are more genuinely and bargain is wildly accepted. Unique and beautiful items are everywhere on the street which are mostly related to the country.

Myanmar Sand Paintings

Myanmar Sand Paintings

Paper Umbrellas

Paper Umbrellas



What to buy

1. Myanmar Sand Paintings

It is commonly found in Bagan. The paintings usually are images of ancient temple, monks trailing one another, scenes of daily Burmese life and their respectable leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

2.Paper Umbrellas

The paper workshop are easily found in Inle Lake. A organized boat ride on Inle Lake is not complete without a tour to paper workshop. The umbrellas are hand painted and pressed with flowers.

3. Jewelry

In major cities in Myanmar, there are trunk loads of jewelry for sale, especially jade bangles and necklaces. Fake items are available, so be careful when you want to buy.

4. Longyi

Longyi is the traditional costume in Myanmar, which is something like wraparound skirt worn by men and women. When you buy your longyi ask the vendor to show you how to properly tie the garment.

5. Handicraft

The exquisite traditional handcraft skills are something the Myanmar people are proud of. Things like folk dolls, coconut masks, leather bags, wood carvings are worthy to buy.

Shopping Tips

1.Bargaining is necessary in Myanmar. Before buying something, you should ask prices, bargain prices and compare prices.

2.Do not buy real Buddha statues. It is not allowed to take out of the country.

3.Buy rubies, gold or other high cost items only from legitimate and certified vendors in established shops and ask a receipt.

4.If you are not prepared to stay at a 5 star luxury resort in Myanmar, then your credit cards are useless in Myanmar. Myanmar has a cash-based economy and the cash in question comes down to the local kyat (pronounced ‘chat’) and the US dollar.

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