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Top Things to Buy in Myanmar

Myanmar, as one of the popular tourism countries in Southeast Asia, is pretty attractive for many foreign tourists these years. Besides the unpolluted natural scenery and the exotic charm, Myanmar is also an ideal destination that owns rich traditional and culturally cultivated things. Myanmar is not only attracting visitors by the beautiful temples but also attract tourists with a variety of exquisite and beautiful souvenirs. It’s a pleasant thing to shop in Myanmar: from the colorful Longyi, sand paintings or ornate jewelry, there are many things you can buy as gifts when traveling Myanmar.

Coming to duty-free shops, department stores, supermarkets and markets, you could have wide selections of locally made goods, luxury buys for both local people and foreigners and local people with the fixed price. In this essay, we are going to introduce you the top things to buy in Myanmar. You can read all the content and make essential preparation for your Myanmar tour in advance. If you are wondering what to buy during Myanmar tour, please follow us! Check for more about Myanmar shopping tips.

Myanmar Sand Paintings

Myanmar is considered as an art mastering place of sand paintings. It is commonly found in Bagan. The paintings usually are images of ancient temple, monks trailing one another, scenes of daily Burmese life and their respectable leader Aung San Suu Kyi. As an absolutely peculiar art form in Myanmar’s culture, sand paintings are one of frequently sought-after articles by visitors. It is said that sand paintings are originated from a terrible earthquake happened in 1975. On witnessing the chaos along with collapsing temples and pagodas, with the enormous regret, locals put a huge effort to maintain leftover unaffordable and invaluable murals’ value by mimicking mural paintings at that time.

Myanmar sand painting
Myanmar sand painting

Though sand paintings, the tourists can image and discover the replica of the yester era, the cultural life and people of Myanmar or even Buddha. Burmese culture lovers would really die for a couple of sand paintings with untold stories of lifestyles, people or Buddhism in the Golden Land. Gazing these sand paintings with veneration, you may even be able to learn astrology of the Burmese, in which your figurine animal is in correspondence with day of the week you were born, for example, the people born in Monday have the intelligent and intuitive traits relating to the tiger, their animal sign. You can find this art everywhere in Myanmar, especially surrounding antique pagodas and temples in Bagan, tourists are able to pick up one of these decent gifts for an extremely low price.


Longyi is a traditional Burmese skirt worn by both men and women and is considered as one of the most comfortable dress item. Well as Myanmar’s traditional clothing, tourists can notice such a special fabric worn by both gender in every place such as on the street, at public areas, at home even at work. Just less than one minute putting on a sheeting of Longyi, tourists are free to contemplating holy shrines till sunset. A Longyi is a long wrap around skirt that is worn as common clothing in Myanmar, it is called “Pasu” when worn my men and “Htamein” when worn by the women folk. The best thing about them is their diversity as you can find them made in not-so-costly cloth and in pure silk garment also. Like garment, the price also varies and depends on the intricacy of the design and the choice of material.

Myanmar Longyis
Myanmar Longyis

You might take it for delight and amusement as its overwhelming impression and sound unfamiliarity. It is commonplace that numerous visitors wish to try on such a fabulously amazing fabric at least once on their tourism to Myanmar. You may be shamefaced at the very first time but promptly interested in this wear as getting accustomed with it. If you will travel Myanmar with your lover, trying on the Longyi and taking pictures for your memory. It is easy to look for Longyi as a tremendously rewarding souvenir for family or friends in a wide range of shopping malls or little stores. Interestingly, Longyi can be customized in the customer’s preference. Therefore, besides various available Longyi designs, you are encouraged to own your own unique Longyi.

Pathein Umbrella

There is umbrella industry in Pathein------the capital of the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar’s delta region. This cottage industry was established in Pathein over a hundred years ago. Actually the first umbrella was made of paper, but through the experience, the makers became innovative and began to produce umbrellas with canopies of cotton, silk and satin with attractive floral designs. These newly fashioned umbrellas gained popularity with the ladies and sales expanded to the whole country. But it is no longer needed for backpacking travelers to Myanmar to know the weather in Myanmar to find the best time to travel if carrying those paper made and bamboo framed parasols in numerous color and size. It also attracted visiting foreigners who will buy Pathein umbrellas as souvenir.

Pathein Umbrella
Pathein Umbrella

Once the umbrella is folded then a small bamboo ring wrapped in colored wool thread and attached with the same thread to an indentation on the grip. And it can be slipped on to the folded umbrella to keep it tightly closed. The bright and colorful Pathein umbrella seems to give added grace and allure to Myanmar feminine beauty. Pathein umbrellas in all sizes and colors are readily available in any shopping arcade or market throughout Myanmar. And since it does not take up much space when neatly folded. It would be ideal for foreigners to buy this lovely item as a gift for someone special.

Silk Scarves

Now silk scarves are tourists’ favorite and should be an absolute must buy in your what to buy in Myanmar list. Lotus silk is a rare fiber that is extracted from the stems of lotus flower and weaved into a commercial thread that is used to produce beautiful scarves and shawls. One thing to know about them is that lotus silk is principally used to make robes for temple monks and pieces for commercial use. Lotus silk is extremely lavish and expensive as around 1200 flowers are used to make 1 piece of scarf and the process takes 2 weeks for completion. If you visit Myanmar, make sure you visit Nyaung Shwe village and places near Inle Lake to buy silk scarves for your family members or friends as you will not find them anywhere else.

Silk Scarves
Silk Scarves

Tamarind Flakes

Visitors come to Myanmar not only because of its beautiful places but also tasty cuisine. When it comes to Myanmar’s food, travelers cannot miss tamarind flake, a unique sweet and sour taste that comes from tamarind. However, tamarind flakes are the unusual local sweet that you are not likely to find anywhere else in Myanmar, other than Bagan. Myanmar is also known for its cuisine and when visiting Bagan, trying out some of the tamarind flakes is an absolute must. Tamarind flakes are the unusual local sweet that you are not likely to find anywhere else in Myanmar than Bagan and chance of finding them in any other part of the world are even fewer. Tamarind sweets are offered after meals, it has a unique sweet and sour taste that comes from tamarind. The next time you visit Bagan, make sure that you buy these little drops of heaven as souvenirs from Myanmar.

Tamarind Flakes
Tamarind Flakes


Lacquerware is a famous shopping article of Myanmar and you will find the best quality lacquerware in Bagan, a good thing about them is that you can buy them in various shapes including cups and vases. Like sand paintings, creating lacquerware is an arduous task and the finished good is decorated with the scenes from the lives of Buddha. As a traditional piece, lacquerware vessel is hand carved, created with terracotta color and green-pigmented design, however the contemporary pieces are in deep black designed in gold leaf. But you need to be careful while selecting them as there are high chances that end up buying a fake piece, the best way to avoid the situation is to ask a local Myanmarine to buy it for you. You can also get more information from Myanmar Shopping Guide.


Lacquerware presents offer the travelers a large selection of well-made bowls, trays, vases, plates and boxes in both traditional and modern designs which describes the scenes and the lives in Buddha. Genuine lacquerware is engraved with natural colors of sand, stone and flowers. Lacquerware chips and cracks are easy to pack in visitors’ hand luggage. One of the most beautiful items here are the simple black lacquer bowls lined with gold leaf. Bagan is an ideal place to buy beautiful and high quality lacquerware with a wide range of choices and affordable price.

Tips for Myanmar Shopping

-It is necessary to bargain in Myanmar. Before buying something, it is better to ask price and bargain.

-Please don’t buy real Buddha statues, because it is not allowed to take out of the country.

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