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How to Travel from Singapore to Myanmar?

The republics of Singapore and Myanmar are Southeast Asian destinations popular among travelers. But, aside from the geographical region, they have few things in common. While the former is a developed city-state, the latter is a vast, undeveloped country.

Many holidaymakers travel from Singapore to Myanmar to appreciate their differences and tour first-class tourist attractions. To learn how to get from the Lion City to former Burma, please continue reading.

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How to get from Singapore to Myanmar?

There are various alternatives for you to travel from Singapore to Myanmar. Depending on your time, finances, and other options, you can get to ex-Burma by air and bus. Also, you can combine these transport options with trains to achieve the goal.

Direct International Flights from Lion City to Myanmar

There are three international airports in Burma. These are Yangon - the largest city, Mandalay - the former royal capital, and Naypyidaw - the current capital. You can fly from Singapore to Yangon throughout the year. To land at Mandalay Airport, you need to travel between November and January.

There are several flights available daily from the city-state to the largest city in ex-Burma. On average, the duration of the flight is almost three hours, with fares starting at $100 (USD). But during the peak season (December-February), these could skyrocket over $200 for a one-way journey.

The pleasure of getting directly from Singapore to Mandalay by air starts from around $320. The duration of the direct flight on this route is around 3:40 hours. Given the time of your trip, check airline deals from Yangon to the former royal capital to save a couple of bucks. To get to the Burmese capital city, you need to catch a connecting flight once you arrive in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The other option to fly to Naypyidaw is via Bangkok, Thailand.

Domestic Flights

With dozens of local airports dotting the vast Burmese countryside, you can get anywhere when you enter the republic of the union. And this transfer option within Myanmar is the most worthwhile since ground transport is slow and, possibly, inconvenient.

International flight
International flight

Regarding that, your journey by air shouldn't take long if you fly directly. But, if you plan to take connecting flights, you may need up to a full day to reach your intended destination. For popular routes, airline deals typically start at $100 for a one-way ticket. So, once you land near Mandalay, Yangon, or Naypyidaw, alternatives for traveling to Bagan, Inle Lake, and Ngapali Beach are readily available. Corresponding airports are Nyuang-U (Bagan), Thandwe (Ngapali), and Heho (Inle Lake).

In most cases, flight times between Myanmar destinations are from an hour to 1:30 hours, seldom longer.

Note that the local airports are smaller than major international airline hubs throughout the world. Therefore, you usually don't need to arrive at the airport hours before the departure. In most cases, up to two hours, if not less, should be quite enough.

Traveling from Singapore to Myanmar by ground transport

Aside from flying, which is the fastest and most convenient option of traveling from Singapore to Myanmar, you can opt for buses and trains. Consider ground transport alternatives to save money, enjoy the Southeast Asian countryside, and visit remarkable destinations along the way.

The bus route will take you from Garden City to Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia. On your way through Thailand, Koh Samui will be virtually within your sight as you get past Surat Thani.

Once you arrive in the Thai capital city, you can board a bus heading toward the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border crossing. When you cross the border, you will need to take another bus to get to Yangon.

Ground transport in Myanmar
Ground transport in Myanmar

This entire bus journey from Singapore to Myanmar should cost you up to $100. If you don't wish to take breaks, the duration of this endeavor should be around 48 hours.

Combining buses and trains is another option you may consider for traveling between Lion City and the city of Yangon. Travel times on this route without destination breaks are a few days. Depending on the selected option, the one-way trip may cost you up to $130 or so. That is unless you prefer to travel to Bangkok from Singapore by Eastern & Orient Express train, which wouldn't cost you under $3,600. Typical bus fares from the Thai capital to Yangon (with the border connection included), don't go beyond $30.

How to apply for the Myanmar visa

The vast majority of foreign travelers has to have the Myanmar visa to enter the Republic of the Union. Visitors from most countries can apply for the travel document on the eVisa website. Still, residents of several nations are eligible for the visa on arrival at the checkpoints open for international visitors.

The nationals of New Zealand, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg benefit from this service. Furthermore, the citizens of Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland can get this travel document when entering Myanmar until October 1, 2022.

Myanmar visa
Myanmar visa

As for the eVisa application, you need to fill in an online form and wait for a couple of days for approval. If time is a pressing concern to you, you have express or super-quick application options.

The standard Myanmar Visa fee is $50, while the price for the express visa is slightly higher. The fee is non-refundable in case of rejection.

Typically, the Myanmar travel document is valid for 28 days, with the extension option available for up to 14 days. The additional cost is $3 per day.

When applying for the visa for visiting ex-Burma, note that timing is essential. The Burmese authorities can grant you the document with the one to three months time window for a visit following the approval. Therefore, apply when the time for your trip to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar approaches.


Traveling to Myanmar from Lion City can be efficient or prolonged and adventurous, depending on your choice. Before you set off on this Southeast Asian trip, you should be aware of a couple of things.

Ground transport in Myanmar is slow and inconvenient at best, so avoid covering long distances by bus, train, and car, if possible. Be especially cautious if traveling by road or railway during the monsoon season (May-October).

Moreover, former Burma is notorious for its health care, so delay your trip if you are having health issues while in Singapore. Big cities, such as Yangon, offer the best health-care assistance in the country.

Finally, verify whether armed conflicts take place in the states of Shan, Rakhine, Kayin, Chin, and Kachin if you are heading there. The rest of the country, even most destinations in these states, is safe at all times for traveling in Myanmar.

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