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What is a Myanmar Luxury Tour Like?

Tourism in Myanmar is still in its infancy, and while the country has huge potential for tourism, much of this fledgling industry is yet to be developed. In 2018, the country saw a total of around 1.2 million tourists passing through its borders, lower even than nearby Laos. Yet with several UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the country and a huge number of other attractions, it is easy to see why tourists do choose this up and coming destination. And while there may only be a fledgling industry for tourism in Myanmar, the luxury tourism industry is developing fast, as the country is fast becoming an elite destination in Southeast Asia.

myanmar luxury tour
myanmar luxury tour

Private schedule for Myanmar luxury tour

Luxury tours in Myanmar are a fascinating way to discover this relatively new destination in Southeast Asia. Exploring elegant Myanmar on a 5-star tour is a completely different experience to the normal self-tours that travelers to the country normally take. A luxury tour of Myanmar is aimed at providing a travel experience that gives you all of the best experiences of Myanmar, including Bagan Archaeological site and many other attractions, with the luxury that you would expect from a more well-developed destination.

Myanmar may be one of the least-visited destinations in Southeast Asia, but there are a wealth of luxury options across the country already, with four and five starred hotels in all of the major cities and destinations. For most luxury tours of Myanmar, the itinerary and schedule is a little different from the normal tour, and is often designed around the traveler’s requirements, to ensure that they get to see the things they want to see, and all in a manner that defies the norm in this developing country.

myanmar luxury tour
myanmar luxury tour

Customizing the tour is the norm for luxury travel in Myanmar, and the tours are normally centered on the major events and attractions, including the beauty of Shwedagon Pagoda and the Sule Pagoda, the monastery-filled Mandalay Hill, and luxurious cruises along the mighty Mekong River. Bagan is another popular site on the luxury tour list in Myanmar, and for those that want a little added experience, the private balloon rides above the temple complex at dawn and dusk are the highlight of this stunning attraction. For any luxury tour, there is always the option of adjusting the schedule and itinerary to suit new choices and ideas, as most of these luxury tours are very flexible. After all, that is what you pay more for.

Considerate service for a Myanmar luxury tour

While most travelers to Myanmar travel around on their own, using public transport, staying in local hostels and hotels, and eating where the locals do to make the most of the “authentic” Burmese experience, on a luxury tour, there is no need to rough it in Myanmar. For any luxury tour itinerary, the quality of the services provided is paramount, and all of our luxury tours to Myanmar give the best possible services at all times.

For all of our luxury tours, we provide luxury transportation to your next destination, personalized services, and professional guides with a vast knowledge of the country they live in. For anyone wanting a little luxury on their tour, there is no need to worry, as we can provide all the luxury you want on your Burmese itinerary. Your luxury transport, normally in the form of one of the luxury cars, is yours for the entire duration of the tour, as well as the personal driver who will take you anywhere you want to go.

myanmar luxury tour
myanmar luxury tour

As a major tour operator in Myanmar, we also guarantee to meet all the requirements of your trip, based on the itinerary you agree with us, as well as making changes as required. And we have a competent support team here in our offices that can be contacted 24 hours, seven days a week to help provide support for any issues you may have or for emergencies.

Luxury experience for a Myanmar luxury tour

We firmly believe that a luxury tour of Myanmar should be just that, luxurious. And we maintain a high standard of luxury in all of the aspects of the tour to enhance the whole Burmese experience. As the title suggests, it is a luxury tour, and all accommodation in all locations is at the luxury level of at least four or five stars. Granted, this may not be the same as a five-star hotel in London or New York, but here, this really is the lap of luxury, and it is not that far off western standards. Hotels used for luxury tours in Myanmar include the Shangri-La Service Apartment, The Strand, the Belmond Governor’s Residence, and the Pan Pacific in Yangon; the Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort in Bagan; and the Hilton Mandalay and Amazing Ngapali Resort in Mandalay City.

Myanmar has a wide range of luxury restaurants that you can eat at when you are not eating in the hotels. Despite being a relatively young destination in terms of Southeast Asian tourism, Myanmar has seen a faster development in the luxury sector than most places, and the number of decent high-end restaurants is constantly growing around the country. The restaurants in Myanmar usually offer a wide range of cuisines, from local Burmese haute cuisine to Chinese, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, western, and European cuisines. As a former British colony in Asia, Myanmar also has a very popular tea culture, which is different from the teahouse cultures of most of Indochina and Southeast Asia. Tea leaves have even become a major part of the cuisine, and have been included to make their national signature dish of the Tea Leaf Salad. The normal milky tea that has become popular in Asia is available in tea shops, but the main offerings are the huge variety of different leaves, which can be drunk the way you like them. You can even get a good cup of Earl Grey, complete with lemon and no milk in sight.

myanmar luxury hotel
myanmar luxury hotel

When it comes to restaurants, the main high-end restaurants across the country include the Padonmar Restaurant, Shan Yoe Yar restaurant, and the Le Planteur restaurant in Yangon; the Mingalabar Restaurant, the Spice Garden, and the Bistro At 82nd in Mandalay; and the Sanon restaurant, the Bagan Zay restaurant, and the Kyaw Kitchen in Bagan.

There are even high-end restaurants at Inle Lake, with the Golden Kite Restaurant offering quality Italian cuisine, with local dishes as well; and the distinctly Asian Green Chilli Restaurant, which lives up to its name with its wide range of well-presented spicy food and seafood dishes. In Ngapali Beach, the Pleasant View Islet restaurant is an exclusive dining experience in a picturesque location on a rock in the middle of a local fishing village. No matter where you go, you can find the best of Burmese and international cuisine served in some of the top restaurants in Asia.

Smooth process for a Myanmar luxury tour

When using our services for your luxury tour, you can be assured that you will not have to lift a finger to handle any of the procedures and arrangements of the tour. Our competent staff can handle everything for you, including making the applications for the visa on your behalf, which also includes arranging to meet you at the immigration desk of the airport of your choice when you land to help facilitate your Visa on Arrival if that is your preference. We will also arrange for all the tickets that you need for the attractions and sights of the tour, boat trips and cruises, etc. in advance of your arrival, so that there is no waiting of queuing when we arrive at each destination. Hotel reservations can also be done on your behalf, making sure that you can get the hotels of your choice in each locations in Myanmar, thanks to our unique connections within the tourism industry here in the former British Imperial colony.


If you are considering taking a luxury tour in Myanmar, then you can be assured that it is possible to commence your tour without having made any of the arrangements yourself. All you need to do is tell us what you want, where you want to go, and what your other requirements for the tour are, and we will make all the arrangements, book the tickets and hotels, and even book your flights for you. Just get in touch with one of our friendly and professional travel advisors for more details.

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