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Myanmar Trekking Tours

Myanmar Trekking Tours

While Myanmar is not well-known for trekking and hiking, there are a lot of fascinating treks available. Myanmar trekking tours boast a diversity of landscapes, natures and cultures.

Kalaw, Pindaya and Inle Lake offer many easy treks to walk through the rolling hills and colorful farmlands of southern Shan State. In the northern Shan areas, you can meet villagers working in tea plantations among the mountain terraces. The villages in east of Shan State are habitations of several hill tribes and ethnic minorities.

The remote Chin State of western Myanmar is an almost unspoiled land of amazing misty skies, towering pines and tree rhododendrons.

The trails towards Putao in the northernmost town of Kachin State lead you to the most pristine forests, rivers as well as the snow-capped mountains.

As a local tour operator, we will take you to explore the corners of the country to show you an authentic Burma. You have plenty of opportunities to experience a homestay in the villages. A private guide and driver will accompany you all the way. Tell us what you want, and we will try our best to make it happen.

Most Recommended Myanmar Trekking Tours

Our Myanmar trekking tours will assure you of a wonderful trek experience in Shan State, Chin State, Kachin State, ranging from 7 to 14 days. All itineraries can be tailored. Just tell us what you prefer, and our travel expert can help you out.

  • 7 Days Kalaw to Inle Lake Trekking Tour

    Yangon - Heho - Kalaw - Laming - Hti Taing - Inle Lake - Yangon

    This 7 days Myanmar trekking tour will take you to enjoy a wonderful village trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake.

    You will trek through the villages ...

  • 7 Days Myanmar Trekking Tour in Kyaing Tong

    Yangon - Kyaing Tong - Pin Tauk - Kyaing Tong - Hokyin - Kyaing Tong - Loimwe - Kyaing Tong - Yangon

    In this 7 days Myanmar trekking tour, you will fully explore the town of Kyaing Tong, also spelled Kengtung, in eastern Shan State. Kyaing Tong is one ...

  • 9 Days Myanmar Trekking Tour in Putao

    Yangon - Putao - Shangaung - Wasandum - Ziyadum - Wasundum - Wasundum - Putao - Yangon

    The 9 days Myanmar trekking tour in Putao will take you to northern Kachin State for the wild nature, snow-capped Himalayan mountains, and rustic hill ...

  • 10 Days Myanmar Trekking Tour in Chin Hills

    Mandalay - Bagan - Mindat - Kyardo - Aye - Do Nu - Mt. Victoria - Kanpetlet - Bagan - Yangon

    The 10 days Myanmar trekking tour in Chin State allows you to trek through the beautiful mountainous landscapes from Mindat to Kanpetlet, as well as ...

  • 14 Days Myanmar Trekking Tour in Hsipaw

    Mandalay - Hsipaw - Pang Kang - Man Loung - Hsipaw - Mandalay - Bagan - Kalaw - Inle Lake - Yangon

    This 14 days Myanmar trekking tour covers a three-day scenic trek in the town of Hsipaw that boasts tea plantation, rice terrace, waterfall and forest ...

  • 14 Days Myanmar Trekking Tour with Beach Relax

    Yangon - Bagan - Mindat - Aye - Mt. Victoria - Pin Luang - Kha Yaing - Mulong - Makyar Einu - Pi Sung - Mrauk U - Ngapali - Yangon

    In the 14 days Myanmar trekking tour, you have 6 days to trek through the remote hill tribes and wild mountainous landscapes of Chin State from Aye ...

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Common Questions about Myanmar Trekking Tours

1. What are the best places to trek in Myanmar?

The most famous trekking tour from Kalaw to Inle Lake is a good starting point for an easy trek in Myanmar. Located in the southern Shan State, this trek offers lush rolling mountains and colorful rice fields.

The trails to Lashio and Hsipaw in the north of Shan State allow you to walk through many natural waterfalls and areas of tea plantations.

In the east of Shan State, you can trek towards Kyaing Tong town to explore the hill tribes of Khun, Red Palaung, Akha and Naung Cho Wa for their unique culture and ways of life.

The remote areas of Chin State in western Myanmar is famous for the mysterious facial-tattooed women. Stroll around the villages to learn about the story behind the tattoos.

The Himalayan mountains are visible in Myanmar. For Mount Hkakabo Razi and other snow-capped mountains, you can trek to Putao, where you will cross exciting suspension bridges, gorgeous rivers, and see diverse wildlife.

2. When is the best time for Myanmar trekking tours?

The best time to go to Myanmar for a trekking tour is from November to February when the country is in dry season of the year.

During the months between November to February, the weather is cooler and drier. Cool temperatures assure a comfortable walking experience. Dry weather offers beautiful skies and secure road conditions.

From March, both of the temperature and humidity rise and it is much likely that you may be stuck in heavy showers. Rainfall may interrupt the paths as the paths to remote villages are almost dirt trails.

3. What to pack for a Myanmar trekking tour?

The followings are some essentials to pack for your trekking tour in Myanmar.

- Sunscreen: you can also try out the local sunblock, Thanaka, also pack hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
- Insect spray: a must-have when you are trekking in the forests or staying overnight in a local house.
- Walking shoes: a pair of comfortable shoes good for trekking is necessary.
- A light jacket: in the mountains, temperature changes from day to night and it can get chilly at night.
- Long shorts and long-sleeved t-shirts: try your best to cover yourself up when touring temples and pagodas.
- Water-proof backpack: keep your important stuff, such as passports, wallets and camera safe from the rain or streams.
- Wipes and tissues: clean your face and hands.
- US dollars: the brand new and crisp US dollar is the most widely used currency in Myanmar.

4. Will bottled water be readily available?

Yes, we will prepare bottled water for every tourist. You have a private car to get you around Myanmar, with cold drinking water and soft drink provided.

5. What type of meals are available during your Myanmar trekking tour?

When you are on a home-stay, you eat together with the locals. The local cuisine is a mix-style of Chinese, Indian and Burma. Typical Burmese dishes are curry-based and mostly make use of chicken, seafood and mutton.

When you trek to some of the major tourist destinations like Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake, you have plenty of food choices. As a neighbor to China, you can find delicious Cantonese and Sichuan restaurants in Yangon. There are also Japanese, Korean, Thai, Singaporean and Malaysian dishes available. As for western food, most hotels and restaurants have it to offer.

6. Is it possible or safe to trek in Myanmar alone?

It is possible to trek in Myanmar alone. However, we do not recommend you to do so because you are under the risk of getting lost, especially in the very remote villages and pristine forests of Shan State and Chin State.

Trekking in Myanmar with a guide benefits a lot. A trekking guide not only serves a role to show you where to turn or when to take a break. He is also an encyclopedia that will tell the story behind a temple, the legend of Chin State facial-tattooed women, the reason that an old tradition inherited for centuries, etc.

By the way, it is necessary to know that many hill tribes in remote areas only speak their own tribal languages. Yes, you absolutely need a guide to be the bridge if you want to learn more about their unique culture.

Book your Myanmar trekking tours with us. For any safety concerns, such as diseases, scams and culture shock, you will be fine with the accompany of our experienced guide.

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