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How to Apply for Thailand Visa Successfully?

Thailand visa
Thailand visa

Thailand is the second most visited country in Asia, only behind China. Dozens of millions of travelers come to this corner of Southeast Asia every year eager to acquaint themselves with local culture, seaside, and history. If you plan to visit this tourist-friendly nation, you may need to obtain a Thailand Visa.

In general, applying and obtaining a travel document for visiting Thailand isn't complicated nor difficult. However, you need to keep certain things in mind for a successful application.

Travelers from some countries can apply for a Thai visa on arrival. Residents of certain nations need to apply via the embassy, while others don’t need a visa at all.

To learn how to apply for a Thailand Visa successfully, please continue reading.

What do you need to prepare for a visa application?

To apply for a Thailand Visa without hassle, you need to make certain preparations. These typically include the passport, application form, return tickets, and photos.

The first thing you need to secure is the passport valid at least six months beyond the date of entry. Moreover, make sure to have a photocopy of its front page. Upon application and approval, you will have a Thailand tourist visa stamped in your passport.

To apply for a tourist authorization, you will have to fill in an application form. Download the form from the Thai embassy website to hasten the process. Furthermore, you need to provide a recent 4 x 6 photo of you.

You will also have to present a return ticket and funds sufficient for the duration of your stay. The required amount is 20,000 Baht (around 660 USD) for a person and 40,000 Baht for a family.

Finally, the cost of the authorization is 30 USD at present. Note that you have to pay in the local currency when you apply for the visa on arrival.

Types of Thailand Visa and how to apply

Depending on relations your country maintains with the Kingdom of Thailand, you may be eligible for different application procedures for a Thai Visa. In the following section, you can find the details about these.

Embassy application

Residents of some nations can apply for a Thailand tourist visa only via the embassy. In general, issuing the travel document doesn't take long. However, the procedure can last between a day and several days, depending on a few circumstances.

Thailand Embassy
Thailand Embassy

Travelers can apply in person at the consular section of the embassy or the consulate. In general, you can apply during morning hours.

, you should be able to submit the application through the postal service if applying in person at the Thailand embassy proves inconvenient to you.

In most cases, the authorities issue the visa in two working days when travelers apply in person. However, the visa authorization can last twice as long, even longer on occasion, if you apply via post.

On the other hand, you may receive a Thailand tourist visa in a day when applying at the Thai embassy in the UK or Laos. But if you try to secure a travel permit at the embassy in Cambodia, you are likely to wait four working days.

Visa on arrival

The Kingdom of Thailand has visa-on-arrival arrangements with various countries. The main benefit for travelers is that they can obtain the document once they land at the airport or arrive at the border crossing.

Thailand visa on arrival
Thailand visa on arrival

Some countries whose residents benefit from this convenient procedure are China, India, Saudi Arabia, the Maldives, Papua New Guinea, Ukraine, and Romania.

To be eligible for a Thai official tourist permit on arrival, you need to provide everything above-mentioned. Please keep in mind that open tickets don't qualify as return tickets. The current application fee is 1,000 Baht, which nearly equals 30 USD.

You can obtain a visa on arrival at any major airport in Thailand (Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, etc.) and the majority of border crossings. The procedure typically takes anywhere between several minutes to an hour, depending on the passenger traffic.

Usually, the validity period of the visa-on-arrival is 30 days. However, you may be eligible for a longer or shorter stay depending on diplomatic relations and how you enter Thailand.

If you, for example, enter the country via the land border instead of via the airport, the authorities may approve you a 15-day stay. On the other hand, you may get the document valid for 60 days if your country has a bilateral agreement with the Kingdom of Thailand.

Note that the authorities don't check whether travelers have a return or onward ticket and sufficient funds always. Nevertheless, they may deny you entry if you fail to present those when asked.


Most countries whose citizens are eligible for a visa-on-arrival have an Evisa (E-VOA) arrangement with the Kingdom of Thailand. The main advantage of this application method is a straightforward procedure in a few steps.

First, you need to fill in the application procedure. You need to specify the nationality, the arrival airport, where you stay, and various other information. Upon the completion of the Thailand Visa application process, you pay the required fee (2,000 Baht) online.

Thailand passport
Thailand passport

Once you complete these steps, all you need to do is print E-VOA upon approval.

Apply via a tour agency

The safest option for a traveler to obtain a visa for visiting Thailand is via a professional and experienced tour operator. Not only you avoid hassle related to the authorization procedure that way, but you stay safe from sudden changes in the application process that may affect your trip.

Moreover, you get all up-to-date information regarding your stay in the kingdom and don't need to spend your free time planning. Therefore, get in touch with us for the convenient and efficient service.

Special tips for the Thailand visa application

Before you apply for a Thailand tourist travel permit, you should take note of the following things:


If you overstay your Thai visa, you may face various consequences depending on how long you exceeded your stay. Most commonly, travelers have to pay a fee of 500 Baht per day up to the 20,000 Baht amount.

In extreme cases, the authorities deport foreigners who exceeded their stay in Thailand at their expense, even put them in prison. Finally, serious offenders get a ban from returning to the kingdom.

Thailand visa
Thailand visa

The duration of the ban depends on the duration of overstay and whether a traveler was arrested or surrendered at his own accord.

Note that if circumstances, such as flight cancellation, force you to overstay your Thailand Visa for a day, you won't have to pay the fine. But if you need to extend your trip for any reason, apply for the visa extension. You can apply at the immigration office, and the application fee is 1,900 Baht.

Customs regulations

Thai customs allow you to import specific amounts of goods for personal use. Clothing, hygiene products, a limited quantity of wine or other alcoholic beverages (1L), and a carton of cigarettes (200) are included. Note that the estimated worth of clothing has to be under 20,000 Baht.

On the other hand, you aren't allowed to import pornographic content, weapons, and drugs. When leaving the Kingdom of Thailand with antique reproductions, you need to secure the export license.

Visa exemption

Residents of several dozens of countries don't need to apply for a tourist Thai Visa for stays less than 30 days. Some major countries whose citizens benefit from the exemption are the USA, the UK, the UAE, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Japan.

Travelers from most Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, etc.) don't need a travel permit. However, they still need to present a return or onward ticket and proof of sufficient funds.


If you plan to visit Thailand and Cambodia during your trip, you can apply for the ACMECS visa. With this permit, you can stay up to 30 days in Cambodia and 60 days in Thailand. Some countries whose residents can apply for this particular document are the USA, the UK, Australia, China, Canada, India, Germany, France, Spain, South Korea, the UAE, and Turkey. For further details and a list of other countries, you can contact the Thai embassy.


As a holder of the Thailand tourist authorization, you are free to spend your holiday in the Kingdom of Thailand at leisure. Note that you aren't permitted to conduct any type of business while visiting this Southeast Asian country. You can usually get a Thai visa for tourism purposes quickly. But, that is just a beginning. For acquiring the travel permit efficiently and making the most of your stay, contact a reputable tour operator. Besides obtaining a Thai tourist travel document on your behalf, we can plan a mind-blowing trip for you based on your habits, needs, and interests.

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