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Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport

Train to Thailand

Train to Thailand

Thai Bus

Thai Bus

Thai Long Tail Boat

Thai Long Tail Boat

Thai Songthaew

Thai Songthaew

Get to Thailand

Generally, there are three ways to enter Thailand: by air, by roadway and by water.

1. By Air

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok boasts international flights connections with a vast number of destinations worldwide, which makes most international flights arrive at and depart out of Bangkok. There are regional international airports including Hat Yai, Ko Samui and Phuket in the south and Chiang Mai in the north. Phuket has a few flights direct to certain European destinations. It is cheap to fly to Bangkok for the loose restriction on air fares and close competition between airlines and travel agencies.

2. By Roadway

a. Bus

Visitors can enter Thailand by bus from Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia at the moment – your bus will stop at a Thai immigration post at your point of entry so that each foreign passenger can receive an entry stamp in their passport.

b. By Train

The train lines into and out of Thailand is via Laos and Malaysia ‘s borders. It might take longer and more expensive than a journey by bus. But more comfortable and safer.

3. By Water

It is the regulation that all foreign-registered boats must check with the relevant Thai departments after entering Thai waters. Phuket is the most popular check-in point when entering Thai by boat, because the customs, immigration and harbormaster services are all in one building.

Get Around in Thailand

1. By Air

Getting around the country by air is getting more and more popular and affordable not only for the time-saving advantage, but also for the cheaper charges. Extensive domestic flight routes are available in Thailand airports which connect most major cities.

2. By Train

As for the long journey from north to Chiang Mai or south to Surat Thani, train is the most convenient way to travel. And the rail net work in Thailand covers four main lines: the northern, southern, northeastern and eastern lines.

3. By Bus

The whole bus system in Thailand is well organized, cheap and efficient. As the most convenient way of getting around the country, there are four categories buses in Thailand and the costs depend on the destination and type of bus.

4. By Long-tail Boat

As the main transportation on rivers, the long-tail boat in commonly seen in Bangkok and neighboring provinces. It is the motorcycle taxis on water with fast speed taking you to cross the river and get to an island.

5. By Songthaew

Songthaew is a kind of open-ended vans equipped with bench seats in the back. It is the most important ways to travel within towns in Thailand. The charges start at 10 Baht for a local transfer and about 20 Baht for a longer trip.

6. By Motorbikes

Motorcycle rental service is available in major towns and many tourist centers. It is easy to rent a motorcycle and is an ideal way to travel in the countryside for independent tourists. Your passport will left for the motorcycle rental.

The formal motorcycle drivers are wearing a vest of some color description. The traffic jam is not a problem for them and are fast, cheap and convenient. But it is not the proper ways to travel if you carry heavy baggage.

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