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Selected Hotels for Vietnam Honeymoon Vacation

Vietnam is one of the newest holiday destinations in Asia, and after years of internal conflict, has reunited to become one of the top tourist destinations in Southeast Asia in recent years. This ancient nation, once part of the Khmer Empire and later a French colony that was part of French Indochina, Vietnam is a mix of the modern world of computers and elaborate buildings and the still-followed ancient ways of the traditional Vietnamese people.

Why Honeymoon in Vietnam

Often considered to be a weird and crazy country by many westerners, Vietnam is rich in culture and history, while being modern and tourist-oriented at the same time. There are many reasons to honeymoon in Vietnam, not least of which is the climate and weather. Vietnam has hundreds of stunning beaches and is a year-round tourist destination. The spectacular cities of Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh are some of the most delightful places to visit, with a mix of the ancient and modern combining to provide an unusual and distinct feel to the country.


There are also some amazing adventures to be had in Vietnam, such as renting a motorcycle and riding from north to south or traveling by boat around the hundreds of islands that dot the waters of Halong Bay. It is also one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in Asia, with budget options for just about every kind of accommodation and restaurant you can imagine. Unlike a trip to Paris, even the poshest restaurants and hotels can be within the average person’s budget.

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Climate of Vietnam

A country of varying climates, Vietnam has three distinct climate regions, North, Central, and South. In the north of the country, the climate is four-seasoned, with a defined summer and winter as well as the standard spring and autumn shoulder seasons. Summer is still the monsoon season, and can get very wet, while in winter, the far north and the mountain areas can see snow.

In the center of the country, the climate is more sub-tropical, while in the south, a tropical climate is prevalent. These two areas of the country are more prone to the monsoon season rains than the north, and while it can rain heavily, the typical monsoon pattern of rain in the afternoon and evenings is normal. The best time to visit Vietnam for most people is from February to April and August to October in the north and from March to June and September to October in the south and central areas.

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The top hotels and resorts for honeymooners

Vietnam’s honeymoon hotspots can be found the length and breadth of the country, and there are many reasons that can be found for visiting each area or city. There are also various accommodations that are more suited to the different types of honeymoon couples, including honeymooners with kids.

Ana Mandara Hotel and resort, Dalat

Ideal for those honeymooners that want to get away from it all in solitude, the Ana Mandara lies in its own wooded grounds, with each chalet being a personal villa for the couple. Set on the pine-wooded hillside above Dalat in the central highlands of Southern Vietnam, it is more than 120 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City and just 30 kilometers from the stunning beaches of Cam Ranh. Most of Dalat as a resort town is geared towards honeymoon couples, and majority of the stories of the area are like a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

Ana Mandara hotel
Ana Mandara hotel

The villas are stone-built and all have wooden floors, antique furniture, and canopied beds, for that added romantic appeal. Looking out of the patio windows, it gives the feeling of a secret forest cabin, and is ideal to escape from the outside world with your newly betrothed. Each villa also has its own heated pool, claw-footed bathtub, and sumptuous rain shower, a peculiarity of Vietnamese hotels and resorts.

Six Senses Resort Hotel, Con Dao

This modern version of an ancient Vietnamese hostel is a delightful place to stay, and it is just a 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City to get to Con Dao Island. The hotel has a courtesy Mercedes van to pick you up from the small airstrip, which takes you direct to the hotel resort to check in. The Six Senses is one of the more up-market hotels on Con Dao and was used as a holiday getaway for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2011.

The hotel lies on what is considered by many to be the finest beach in all of Vietnam. With flat firm sand that stretches for 2-3 kilometers, this beach is private to the hotel, and an ideal place to get away from the crowds. The villas are all made of wood and come with their own personal butler and infinity pool. The hotel is not particularly geared towards honeymoon couples, but does have cater for every occasion, so you can rest assured that they can see to your every need.

Six Senses Resort Hotel
Six Senses Resort Hotel

The island itself is beautiful, with the best snorkeling spot in Vietnam, clear, turquoise waters, a national park for hiking, and even an old prison (for those that are interested in actually getting out of bed!). The hotel also offers a pre-check in checklist of anything you might need that you forgot to bring, and all of it is on the house.

The Princess D’Annam Resort and Hotel, Phan Thiet

Located around 100 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City near Phan Thiet in the Ke Ga Cape area, the Princess D’Annam has everything you need for a delightful honeymoon. A beachfront resort with its own private beach, the hotel has individual villas for all its residents and guests and is private and remote. It is also the premiere hotel in Vietnam or honeymooners with kids.

The Princess D Annam Resort
The Princess D Annam Resort

The hotel has its own “kids club”, where they will take your kids on an exciting adventure of their own while you can relax in the villa’s own pool, jacuzzi, or on the beach, or just stay in bed. For the “familymoon”, they also offer a selection of decent family events and entertainment, including cooking classes, football, fishing, videoke, surfing, and lots more. It is also one the lower end of the “honeymoon” hotel spectrum in Vietnam, making it more affordable for honeymooners with kids in tow.

Evason Ana Mandara, Nha Trang

While it may be of the same parent company, the Evason is nothing like the Ana Mandara in Dalat. An ideal spot for a beach honeymoon or wedding anniversary, it is designed for beach lovers that never want to leave the sand. Located I the busiest beach resort city in Vietnam, the Evason is the only resort that is located actually on the beach instead of having a road in between.

While it is close to the city, it is an ideal hideaway and the noise levels within the resort are surprisingly low for being close to the city. The resort has sculpted gardens that lead down to the dedicated beachfront and several sleek and sparkling pools around the site. They even have their own wooden pier, so that you can have that sunset dinner over the ocean, just like in the movies.

Evason Ana Mandara
Evason Ana Mandara

If you want to explore the city, then the hotel has plenty of dedicated taxis that will take you on a tour of the best places in Nha Trang. It is interesting to note that the resort is run by Six Senses (hotel resort on Con Dao) and is rated as one of the premiere, yet affordable, beach resorts in Vietnam. They also have a honeymoon package that gives you dedicated honeymoon treatment for three nights.

An Lam Hotel, Saigon River

Located on the banks of the Saigon River, around 20 minutes upriver by boat from the city itself, the An Lam lies in the heart of the dense jungle that fringes the river for hundreds of miles. A perfect retreat for those that are looking for that sub-tropical jungle getaway, it has all the charm of the natural landscape with the modern amenities of a big city hotel.

One of the few hotels in Vietnam that really understands how to treat their customers, the An Lam obviously understands what their guests want, which is shown in the small details in every room. Each room has its own balcony overlooking the river, and you can sit on the balcony sipping champagne while the river flows gently past beneath you. And if that is not enough, the four resident butlers are always on hand to serve your every desire in perfect English.

From the rooms and décor, to the villa design of the resort and the carefully manicured lawns, the entire hotel is reminiscent of the old French colonial era in Vietnam, right down to the antique European furniture and canopied four-poster bed that comes as standard in every room.

An Lam Hotel
An Lam Hotel

Most of the dining in the hotel’s Luc Binh restaurant is done al fresco on the lawn outside, with a stunning river view. However, if you want that little bit of privacy for an intimate dinner, there are private balcony dining rooms upstairs that can cater to your whims. The menu of the restaurant was designed and styled by celebrity chef, David Thai, and includes a wide selection of both western and Vietnamese cuisine.

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