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1. Imperial Citadel

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Imperial Citadel in Hue is the most huge and well-preserved ancient architectural complex in Vietnam. It features monuments and ruins, including the Forbidden Purple City, the Imperial City, royal tombs, flag tower, pagodas, temples and museums.

The city was constructed according to the Beijing's Forbidden City, which will lead visitors to feel like it is a mini Forbidden City in Beijing. On the either side of the Flag Tower are the Nine Holy Cannons, protecting the palace and the kingdom. The four near Ngan Gate represent the four seasons while the five near the Quang Duc represent the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Opening Hours: All year round (Avoid between October and December when rains happen regularly)
Location: Central Vietnam on the banks of the Perfume River

2. Royal Tombs

The Royal Tombs in Hue are extravagant stretching out along the bank of the Perfume River. It includes the tombs of Tu Duc, Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Gia Long and etc who were all the king to Vietnam. Those mausoleums almost were designed by the emperors themselves when they were alive.

Almost of the tombs are constituted by five parts. A stele pavilion dedicated to the accomplishment and virtues of the kings. A temple to worship. An enclosed sepulcher and an honor courtyard with their sacred stone elephants, horses and military mandarins. The last is a lotus pond surrounded by frangipani and pine trees. It is really worth visiting for visitors who are interested in history of Vietnam.

3. Thien Mu Pagoda

The Thien Mu Pagoda is the most famous and iconic pagoda in Hue. The 21m-high tower was bulit in 1844 by Emperor Thieu Tri featuring golden Buddha images at the base. After that, the buildings in the pagoda have been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The right of the tower is a pavilion with a stele from 1715 setting on the back of a stone turtle. The left of the tower is another pavilion under an enormous bell with a weight of 2 tones and is said to be audible in the imperial citadel. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries totally, you need to get up early and rent a bike, riding head southwest in the riverside. And visitors can take boat to this pagoda too.

4. The Perfume River

The Perfume River in Hue is the most important element to the natural bueaty of Hue. It is praised as the soul of Hue. The two source rivers to Perfume River bothe flow through lush forests, valleys and grassland before forming it with water carries aroma of tropical trees, flowers and grasses. And each fall, blossoms from nearby orchards drop in the river making a unique fragrance. That is why it is called Perfume River.

It is the Perfume River that make Hue city has so peaceful. gentle and tranquil landscapes. Another feature of the river is that it changes colors serveral times in a day. From green in the morning to blue in the sunshine, the golden and purple in sunset. If in a moonlit night, it will be a stunning silvery river. The best time to visit the river is in Feb. to March and fall when the flowers are in full bloom.

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