How to Plan a Lifetime Luxury Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam?

Honeymoon vacation in Vietnam is an unforgettable experience for honeymooners. The destination boasts incredible landscapes and radiates romantic atmosphere everywhere from its high mountains to the underwater world. Vietnam is a world-class honeymoon destination, the one that will make you cherish every moment spent here. Picturesque countryside, stunning bays, sandy beaches, and charming places ideal for expressing devotion are everywhere. What's more, you won't spend a fortune while honeymooning here, not even if you arrange a luxury honeymoon trip to Vietnam. You may wish to spend your honeymoon on the go or enjoy a relaxing vacation with your better half in a luxury resort. Either way, you will find your dreams come true in Vietnam even before you dream them.


Why Choose to Have a Luxury Honeymoon in Vietnam?

Benefits that Vietnam offers to honeymooners and other travelers are many. Hence, it is no wonder that this nation of Southeast Asia becomes a significant player on the global honeymoon scene. Some key points of a Vietnam honeymoon are:

Romantic Landscapes for Couples

Incredible scenery is a hallmark of Vietnam. You will relish everything you see from the terraced rice fields of the Sapa region in the north to fishing villages of the Mekong Delta in the south. While you are in North Vietnam, arrange a boat tour to discover limestone islands crowned by rainforests. In Hoi An in Central Vietnam, explore canals on a sampan ride at sunset. Around Dalat, in South Vietnam, share precious moments with your sweetheart by admiring the waterfalls of the Valley of Love.


Ideal Weather

Regardless of the timing of your honeymoon, you will always find a region in Vietnam featuring ideal weather. If it is hot in South Vietnam, the weather is pleasant in the north. If it rains a lot in Central Vietnam, intense downpours probably haven't reached southern regions or have already ended in the northern. When it is cold in the north, it is warm in the south, and so on.


Famous Attractions

Vietnam abounds with attractions enticing romance. At Halong Bay, disembark on Ti Top Island to enjoy powdery sand on the beach and admire the panorama of the bay from the viewing platform. In Hanoi, visit Hoan Kiem Lake and have friendly locals take photos of you by the calm waters. In autumn, visit the Yen stream near Hanoi to admire blooming of water lilies. Phu Quoc National Park abounds with islands on whose beaches you will feel like you are alone in the world. Turquoise waters of the Con Dao archipelago hides coral reefs ideal for exploring with your darling and features gold-sand beaches flanked by lush vegetation.

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halong bay
halong bay

Friendly Locals

The locals are going to make your Vietnam honeymoon as memorable as possible. Their smiling faces and genuine sincerity will leave you breathless at times. With them, you may feel like you are a dear friend who came back from a very long journey.

How to Plan a Luxury Honeymoon Vacation?

For us to create a perfect honeymoon vacation for you, you need to let us know the following:

1. Confirm the Priorities for Your Luxury Honeymoon

Do you envision your Vietnam honeymoon in a luxury resort, on the beach, traveling, or combining everything mentioned?

There are many excellent beaches in Vietnam suitable for a dreamy afternoon or evening experience. When you return to a honeymoon resort, pamper yourselves with beauty and relaxation treatments. Do you fancy touring scenic landscapes and cultural landmarks, enjoying premium shopping, and first-class dining? Maybe you wish to wander off with your beloved and explore off-the-beaten paths?

All you need to do is identify priorities and let us know. As an experienced tour operator, we can arrange a honeymoon vacation for you based on your wishes, dreams, and needs.

2. What are Intended Destinations and Highlights of Your Luxury Honeymoon?

As a travel agent specializing in honeymoons in Vietnam, we can offer you a wide range of tailor-made romantic tours.

If you like to spend your honeymoon vacation on lovely beaches, let us organize you a Nha Trang beach tour. During the beach hopping, you will enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters, explore the exotic underwater world while snorkeling, unwind on tropical islands, and much more. Have fun at an amusement park, enjoy water sports, and have an exclusive dinner for two at an intimate restaurant.


In Dalat, the Valley of Love, take a boat ride on a lake and cherish the serenity of the place. Take a photo of your darling while standing within the arch of a big flower-made heart and explore the greenery around the City of Eternal Spring from horseback.

Halong Bay luxury cruise on a private boat is an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds. Unwind on white-sand beaches, hold hands while walking wooded islands, explore caves, and discover underwater grottoes.

On Phu Quoc, which is the largest island in Vietnam, chase the sunset while riding a cable car and witness the water surface reflecting warm colors from above. Jump into crystalline waters and admire colorful marine life and coral ecosystems in expectation of an idyllic sunset.

Take a walk along the charming streets and canals of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take photos by quaint mansions several centuries old and colonial buildings. Come night, embrace your loved one and relish the glow of colorful lanterns reflecting itself from the water surface.

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc

As your trusted Vietnam honeymoon vacation planner, we task ourselves to provide you only top-notch service. We relieve you from the details such as booking accommodation and securing transport services so you can fully devote yourself to your beloved one. We are also happy to offer any advice and guidance you may need to have a memorable honeymoon in Vietnam.

Itinerary Inspiration

When you determine your priorities and highlights, we take the stage to help you spend your honeymoon vacation in Vietnam with utmost pleasure. Vietnam is a long country encompassing different latitudes. Thus, weather conditions tend to vary widely from one part of the country to another.

North Vietnam makes for an ideal starting point of your honeymoon vacation. Spend a few days in Hanoi to tour Old Town Quarter, dine in a romantic setting of French-style restaurants, and sit by a lake. Allow us to organize excursions to Sapa and Yen stream and a boat tour of Halong Bay from there for you.

Depending on weather conditions and your adventurous spirit, we'll organize a journey by plane or train to Da Nang in Central Vietnam. There, you will enjoy solitude on white-sand beaches and nearby islands, and feel the passion in the air in Hoi An.

Da Nang
Da Nang

Catch an airplane from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh or Phu Quoc in South Vietnam. From Ho Chi Minh, join a poetic tour of the Mekong Delta. Also, take a journey to Dalat to admire flowery landscapes of the Valley of Love.

Distances in Vietnam can be long, while rainy conditions tend to make even short journeys long-lasting. As an expert Vietnam honeymoon advisor, we take care of every detail along your honeymoon voyage. Among others, we provide efficient and comfortable transfers by a luxury car or private boat, secure airplane tickets, and book suitable accommodation for your convenience and pleasure.

Ideal Time for Your Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam

If strolling the picturesque rice fields of Sapa is what fulfills you, our suggestion for you is to arrive in April to avoid low temperatures and heavy rainfall. The best times for honeymoon activities in Hanoi and Halong Bay are April, September, and October. To enjoy the light show in Hoi An and beach-hopping in Nha Trang without much rain and with pleasant temperatures, arrive in March or April. Enjoying a boat ride and riding a horse in Dalat is best in March and November. Constant temperatures make South Vietnam an ideal year-round honeymoon destination. Rainfall isn't much of a concern since downpours are generally short-lasting from May to October.

Vietnam Honeymoon Vacation Summary

A good start is always important, but especially when two people start living together. Vietnam has everything to let you successfully take the first, and most important, step into a bright future. You may climb mountainsides in search of idyllic landscapes or have a canopy of a tropical forest obscure everything except your chosen. Whether you indulge yourselves in the comfort of a luxury spa or roam rice fields hand in hand, you will always carry your Vietnam honeymoon in the heart.

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