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Cambodia Cycling Tour

Cambodia Cycling Tour

Cycling in Cambodia may be one of the best ways of discovering Cambodia. You can ride around the ancient attractions such as Angkor Wat, and also the countryside with beautiful scenery like Battambang and Pursat.

We prepare 5-9 days itineraries for you to choose if you are going to have a cycling tour in Cambodia. You can not only to enjoy the sightseeing trip but also start an adventure trip in the main destinations in Cambodia.

Since our lead office settles in Cambodia, our local staff will help you to process a smooth and convenient travel. Please check our itineraries for more details, if you have any special need, please contact us and customize your own travel plan.

Most Popular Cambodia Cycling Tour Packages

The following are the most popular Cambodia sycling tour itineraries chosen by our previous clients, ranging from 3 to 12 days.

Common Questions about Cambodia Cycling Tour

1. When is the best time to have cycling tour in Cambodia

If you are going to have a cycling tour in Cambodia, it is better to know the perfect time to visit Cambodia for a cycling tour.

Though you can visit Cambodia throughout all the year, the best time for you is between November to January.

During the period, it will be the coolest season of one year. The average temperature is around 25℃, you can cycle for a whole day and don’t worry about the high heat.

Besides, November to January avoids the rain season and it will be also friendly for tourists of cycling tour. Just enjoy your cycling trip with the most comfortable and convenient climate in Cambodia.

But if you want to avoid crowd in popular season or plan a budget travel for the Cambodia cycling tour, then we recommend you October to have a cycling tour in Cambodia. The weather in October will also not bad to visit.

For saving money and not visit at the peak season, October will very proper month for you to experience biking in Cambodia.

2. What to prepare while you are cycling?

First you could rent a bike with helmet, and check if the bike could work well.

Before you start the tour, please tighten your helmet for safety.

It is necessary for tourists to check all the equipment for the biking tour.

During the cycling, make sure to bring enough water and some snacks. And it depends on your length of cycling tour, you could get a better physical strength during the tour.

Just leave the food in your backpack in case of needs during the trip.

Besides, first-aid case or some medicine is also necessary in case of emergency.

Dressings such as gauze, gauze labs, iodine and Band-Aid are necessities in cycling tour.

And if you choose a sunny day to have your cycling trip, remember to pay attention to the sun protection with sun-proof clothes and sun cream.

All the items are ready to protect your health and skin, so don’t forget to bring them.

3. Is it safe to cycling in Cambodia?

Since our local staff will help you during the tour, and we prepare almost the easy biking schedule for you, it will not be dangerous for you to process the cycling tour.

Besides, the terrains in Cambodia is not so steep, and our cycling tour will not choose the places which are off the beaten track.

We will usually biking around the attractions and villages, so don’t worry about the safety of cycling.

But during biking, please bring your phone, map and notice the road condition so that you will not lose your way and be safe while riding.

If there is any emergency during your riding, our staff will help you at the first time, so don’t worry about the safety in cycling trip.

4. What kind of bikes will we use? Can I bring my own?

Of course you can bring your bike if you really want to ride it. But for your convenient cycling trip, we recommend you to rent mountain bikes at local and we will provide you the best mountain bikes with the proper price.

Besides, we will also offer the necessary equipment, or specialist tools for your bike. You will not worry about the weight of your luggage and also the price of it.

Just come and we will provide all the equipment you need in the cycling tour including the professional bikes and other protections.

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