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Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand Right Now?

With soft sandy beaches, amazing islands off the coast, brilliant history and culture, mouthwatering food, etc., Thailand was born to be a tourism destination. However, for those who haven’t been here, you may wonder - is it safe to travel to Thailand?

In general, Thailand is safe to visit. And the truth is that Thailand is rated the least dangerous country in Southeast Asia. There are tons of travelers over the world coming and going every year.

Today’s article is going to unravel the frequently asked questions by visitors especially first-timers. You’ll be fine in Thailand as long as you are aware of the following basic safety issues.

Is It Safe to Travel to Thailand Right Now?

Since tourism contributes a huge deal to the economy of Thailand and the government has your back, you will be totally safe to travel in Thailand right now!

There is a history of social unrest and violent conflicts in parts of Thailand. However, you will be super secure in major tourist areas. Obey the local customs, stay alert, and keep an eye on your belongings. You will have nothing to worry about.

For example, never insult the Thai king and royal family, even on the Internet, or you may go to jail. And don’t get involved in any protests if you are encountering one, or you may get injured, arrested, deported, or worse.

Friendly gaze between a Thai girl and a foreign tourist

How Safe Is Thailand for Female Tourists?

Is Thailand safe for single female travelers? Well, Thailand is probably the best destination in Southeast Asia for solo female travelers. As the most visited country in Southeast Asia, you can see numerous other solo travelers and backpackers here.

However, better safe than sorry. We encourage you to be well-prepared. Travel smart and know how to keep yourself safe. For instance, meet other travelers, which may make your Thailand tour even more memorable.

Don’t get home with strangers. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Thai people are quite friendly and willing to lend you a hand. If you are a first-timer to Thailand, visit the most popular places and choose the routes that have been tested for many years.

How Safe Is Thailand for Family with Kids?

Down the years, Thailand’s tourism industry has boomed and the infrastructure has improved much. Now, Thailand is definitely friendly to a Family tour. There are a plenty of amazing destinations to visit with your kids.

Firstly, you can spend a day serving as a volunteer in Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park to care for the retired or disabled elephants. For children, this is a very good chance to let them know how elephant live in the forests. You can prepare for food for elephants and learn how to feed them. Instead of a ride, you can walk with them to the river in forests and bathe them.

Beaches are always paradise for children. On the beach, kids can play many games, such as play sand football, swim, build sand castle, etc. In fact, Thailand has so many relaxing beach resorts to offer, all equipped with child-friendly amenities. For example, the White Sands Beach and Serenity Resort in Koh Chang are good choices, with only a 4-hour bus ride from Bangkok.

Have a happy and relaxing family beach tour in Thailand

Which Places Should Tourists Avoid in Thailand?

Social unrest and violent conflict have been concentrated in the southern provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, and Songkhla. These provinces, which make up the southern tip of Thailand, have unfortunately been plagued by a long-standing history of ethnic and racial tensions.

The situation in these areas has been complex, driven by various factors, including cultural, historical, and socioeconomic disparities. For your safety and well-being, we advise that you stay in areas considered safe and peaceful, such as the majority of tourist destinations in Thailand. By staying informed and cautious, you can enjoy your visit to Thailand while minimizing potential risks. - Read more on where to go in Thailand for first-timer to avoid these unsafe places!

What Should I Be Careful of in Thailand?

For lots of travelers in Thailand, especially for those first-timers, here are things to keep in mind to avoid certain safety danger. You should read carefully of the following tips for you to better spend your holiday in your next trip to this beautiful country!

Be careful with scams
Thailand is a hot spot travel destination. However, more tourism brings more bad habits. And scams are the most reported crimes in Thailand.

Public transportation scams are a common issue that might occur in any tourist attraction. While taking a taxi or tuk-tuk to get around, map out your route in advance to avoid drives racking up charges by taking you a long way around or not using a meter.

Watch out for petty theft
Petty theft is a concern for all travelers. You are recommended to keep your important belongings such as passport, electronics and more in a secure place, and only carry what you need day by day. You can also make a copy for your important credentials. And a secure money belt is perfect to keep your money and phone safe.

Don’t drink tap water
You’d better not drink water straight from the tap. Instead, drink bottled water or purify your drinking water with a water filter. Ice is generally made from purified water, so you don’t need to worry about ordering a drink with ice in a restaurant.

Street food is OK and it is actually an important part of Thai culture. You can watch it being made in front of you. And it’s important to choose a stall with long lines and use hand sanitizer before you eat

Learn to do a firm refusal to Thailand's sex workers
Thailand's sex industry is known for its visibility. You may encounter some sex workers walking forward you. In such situations, it's advisable to respond with a polite but firm refusal.

So, it's very important to exercise caution and awareness when frequenting certain venues, such as bars and some restaurants, and karaoke establishments may serve as fronts for sex work. Stay vigilant and make informed choices during your stay in Thailand!


Is it safe to travel to Thailand? The answer is an absolute YES. There are large numbers of visitors traveling to Thailand every year and they all returned home safely in the end.

You will be completely fine as long as you know the safety issues mentioned above. Base yourself in the major scenic spots and avoid the areas of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, and Songkhla. Keep an eye on your belongings, watch out for petty theft, and be careful with scams.

Following us can help you have the safest trip to Thailand! Contact us if you are interested in it for more detailed information about customizing your holiday here.

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