Best Time of Year to Visit Hue Vietnam

Famous for its temples, citadels, tombs, and architecture with beautiful natural landscapes, Hue is one of the must-visit destinations in central Vietnam. However, the weather in Hue has erratic rain and heat that may affect your trip. Thus, knowing the best time to visit Hue is essential to have the best time in this former capital of Vietnam. This article provides you with snapshots of travelling to Hue in different season. After reading this article, you will know the best time to visit Hue.

The Weather in Hue

The weather is different from North to South in Vietnam. Hue being in the Central Vietnam is hot and humid. The city has only two seasons, monsoon (rainy) season and dry season.

The dry season in Hue lasts from March to August with hot and sunny weather. The hottest months are May and August, where temperatures can reach a scorching 40°C. Additionally, there is reduced humidity and rainfall. The surrounding atmosphere becomes quite dry.

The rainy season in Hue lasts from September to December. In the rainy season, there are heavy rains, sometimes accompanied by storms. The temperature in the rainy season is quite erratic. The average temperature is around 19 to 20 degrees Celsius, but sometimes it goes down to 9 degrees Celsius.

Hue Imperial City

The Best Time to Travel to Hue is from February to April

Since the weather of Hue is hot and with high moisture, it makes tourists feel uncomfortable and sweaty in some specific months throughout a year. During February to April is the best time to visit the city of Hue. These months are the spring season in Hue, when the weather is ideal for all activities.

During this time, the average temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius. The temperature makes it considerably much more comfortable to go outside and explore the city. These are the optimum time for tourists to visit many historical sites like Imperial City, Minh Mang tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda and enjoy traditional performances like Hue’s Royal Court music.

The amount of rain in Hue is also at its least in these months, so it makes it the perfect time to travel in Hue. Through our travel agency, we can provide you with affordable and distinctive hotels, professional English guides, and high-quality itinerary services in order to make your vacation unforgettable.

Abandoned Amusement Park in Hue
Abandoned Amusement Park in Hue

Visit Hue during Hue Festival

If you haven’t chosen the ideal time, visiting Hue during Hue Festival is also a great option. Hue festival is the first major international cultural and arts festival in Vietnam. This festival is held every April, cultural shows and even reenactment of royal activities are being done. It is one of the grandest festivals within Vietnam.

Visiting Hue during the Hue festival, you will have an opportunity to see the beauty of Hue dreaming and be immersed in a lively, bustling space of the festival with different art programs in the country and abroad. You will also have the opportunity to understand more about the cultural beauty of Vietnam.

Hue Festival
Hue Festival

Travel to Hue from May to August

May to August is hottest time in the year of Hue and the severity level can be a little unbearable from time to time. For those who can stand the heat in exchange for endless blue sky, the summer months are the way to go.

Although travel during this time can be a little hot already, the temperature can reach up to 39°C on some days. It is good time to visit Bach Ma National Park. The reserve is cooler than most parts of Thua Thien Hue.

During this time, going to beach like Thuan An and Lang Co would be perfect as well. The hot air, blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine will help you have a memorable beach trip. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to discover fishers’ lives in the sea and experience many exciting activities such as catching seafood or enjoying seafood specialties in Hue.

Night Market in Hue
Night Market in Hue

The Least Recommended Time to Travel to Hue:From September to December

Like most Vietnam cities, Hue also has rainy season in the year. Tourists can possibly visit Hue in this season, but not recommended.

The rainy or monsoon season in Hue is from September to December, characterized by high rainfall and increased humidity. Unlike the other Vietnamese cities that experience periodic showers, Hue experiences longer and more intense rainfall. Therefore, the rains occur frequently and may last several hours, which may affect your trip.

At the same time, the temperature during this time reduces to approximately 19.7° C. October and November are the dampest months and it is not recommended to travel here during this time due to low visibility.

Additionally, during this time there is lesser number tourist in the city. Since this is the tourist off-season, the places are not crowded and accommodation costs also reduce during this period and if you are somebody who doesn’t like crowd much, it should be a perfect time to travel in Hue.

Hue ancient town
Hue ancient town


Hue is a beautiful destination to visit all year round since there is no wrong time to plan a vacation in this lovely city. Traveling to Hue in different times can have different experiences. Tourists can enjoy the distinctive features of each season, region, and special event. But generally speaking, the best time to go to Hue is from February to April. There is a relatively comfortable climate during this period, which is excellent to explore this ancient and mysterious city.

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