Best Time to Visit North Vietnam: Mar, Apr, Oct & Nov

Vietnam is a coastal country located on the eastern margin of Indochinese peninsula. It is classical tropical climate on account of being close to equator. However, because of the differences in latitude and topographical, the climate varies considerably from region to region. As Vietnam is a long and narrow country, the climate in Vietnam could be divided into 3 zones: North, South and Central.

The weather in North Vietnam is humid and subtropical. And northern Vietnam has two seasons: wet season which runs from May to September or October; dry sea which runs from October through May. So if you want to avoid the summer heat and cold winter downpours, the best time to visit North Vietnam is between March and May, and between September to November.

Due to the different regions, there are distinctive in detail. So we are going to introduce the specific best time to visit each certain place, you can refer to the best recommended time according to your schedule. As Hanoi, Halong Bay and SAPA are the most popular destinations in North Vietnam, we are going to introduce the three places to embody the best time to visit North Vietnam.

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Best Time to Visit Hanoi

March----April; October----November

Hanoi is located in northern region of Vietnam, situated in the Vietnam’s Red River delta, near the coastal area. And Hanoi features a warm humid subtropical climate that has distinct winter and summer season.


Summer lasts from May to September with the average temperature of about 32℃. So during the summer time, it will be very humid and hot with the highest rainfall in this area. You may occasionally encounter short downpours in the afternoon and delay the travel plan. Especially from June to August, it will be the hottest season in Hanoi, with the temperature of over 40℃. The heat will make you do nothing during travel except staying in the air-con area. Besides, summer is also monsoon season, it is probably to have an unexpected shower on the way to the attractions.

In winter, you will see a cloudy Hanoi always with a little rain. During the winter months, between November and February, it will be pretty cold but dry with the temperature of about 10℃. And the temperature is much colder than you can expect--------the frozen wind with high humidity could make you feel much chillier. Especially for those who plan to have a backpacking trip or a beach tour, it will be really suffering while doing outdoor activities.

Therefore, to avoid the extreme weather and the excess precipitation, from March to April, and from October to November, it will be the best time to visit Hanoi. You can enjoy the bloom in warm spring season or the blue sky in cool autumn season with the most comfortable temperature.

Though there is no definitely bad time to visit Hanoi. If you are very sensitive about the temperature and precipitation, please refer to the best time we recommend for you then you will have a pretty enjoyable travel.

Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

March-----May; September------October

Halong Bay, located in the northeastern Vietnam, stretches past Halong City, has a 120km long coastline. Halong Bay has exactly 4 distinct seasons--------spring, summer, autumn, winter. Not only the temperature but also the scenery changes depend on the different seasons.

You may have a basic understanding about Halong Bay that it is often covered in mist that is the most attractive part of Halong Bay. In the early spring (from March to May) and the autumn season will be the best time to visit Halong Bay. Because the weather is really moderate, not too hot or not too cold with an average temperature of around 25℃ and sunshine. It will be perfect to take pictures for the amazing scenery of UNESCO site and do more outdoor activities. So if you want to trek or have an adventure at Halong Bay, the dry weather and pleasant temperature will be perfect.

Also, during spring season, you can join the local festivals organized by Vietnamese people in the comfortable weather.

Halong Bay
Halong Bay

And during other seasons, for example, summer seems to be a perfect season to visit Halong Bay. There are bright sunshine and less tourists, so you can enjoy swimming and get rid of the crowded visitors. However, the summer season is also typhoon season, from June to August. The unexpected storm may suddenly come and you may stay in the hotel for a whole day. And all the schedule will have to be rearranged if it happens. So as the sudden heavy rain, it will be the limited factor during the trip.

And in winter, the cold weather and all day soft raining will make you feel really uncomfortable and even upset for your vacation. Especially when you are going to climb mountain, go swimming or do other outdoor activities, the climate will be pretty cloggy. Besides, the freezing fog will make everything blurred so it is difficult to take pictures or just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you want to visit Halong Bay at the best time, please refer to the tips above and enjoy your trip with the sunny days and cozy climate.

Best Time to Visit SAPA

March-----April; August------December

SAPA, located in the north-west Vietnam and due to the geographic location, it has a very seasonal climate. The climate in SAPA is divided into two seasons-------dry season runs from October to late March while the wet season lasting from April to September.

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As most tourists are planning trekking tour or adventure in mountain areas, the cool and dry weather with the stable temperature makes it perfect to have outdoor activities. Therefore, the best time to visit SAPA is from March to April and from August to December with the relatively stable weather of sunny days and cool nights. At this time of year, it is the most comfortable for tourists and it will also be the best trekking conditions with the temperatures ranging from 15--28℃.

In March to April, you will feel the fresh air, cool weather, dry night, and in the morning, the weather will be cloudy, you will see the cloud go front of you and this make you feel like in paradise. The weather in March-May is not rainy, so you can go everywhere in SAPA in order to enjoy this beauty. The weather becomes very pleasant, good to hike and visit the ethnic minorities. It is also the season of flowers, but you will not see the famous landscape of verdant rice fields as it is when you plant rice.

And in August to December, it will be the end of wet season and it is also a wise choice to make a SAPA tour. You will see the gorgeous SAPA because of the warm and sunny days. And when the winter comes in the end of November, it will not too cold but cool with the clear air so that it is suitable for you to be far away from dust.

If you are going to plan a SAPA tour, just avoid the summer and winter seasons and have a pleasing tour in comfortable temperature.

In summary, the best time to visit North Vietnam is between March and May and between September to November as a whole, and will also depend on your certain destinations and interests.

If visiting the monsoon city like Hanoi, please avoid the wet season and extreme cold winter, always during from March to April and from October to November. If you prefer places like Halong Bay, please visit during March to May and from September to October to avoid the typhoon season and high humidity. And if you are an adventurous trekker, just keep away from the summer and winter, have an amazing trip during March to April and from August to December.

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