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Can I Travel to Vietnam Right Now in 2024?

Are you still concerned about the current Covid-19 situation in Vietnam in 2024? Are Vietnam and neighboring countries reopening to foreign tourists? What preparations should be made before going? And how to book a trip to Vietnam in 2024? This article may help you answer all of these questions related to travel to Vietnam in 2024.

Is It Safe to Travel to Vietnam in 2024?

It's safe to travel to Vietnam in 2024. As a popular tourist destination, Vietnam pretty much cares about its safety conditions to uphold a positive image for the world. Nevertheless, there are two crucial safety aspects to be mindful of during your visit.

(1) Watch out for small crimes
While Vietnam prioritizes safety, petty crimes and pickpocketing are not uncommon, particularly in crowded streets and areas. In this case, to mitigate risks, avoid displaying valuable items like jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash on busy streets. Keep your valuables in the safe box at your hotel.

(2) Be careful with traffic
Vietnam experiences significant traffic congestion, especially in major urban centers like Saigon and Hanoi, where motorbikes dominate the streets with no strict driving regulations. Therefore, when you cross the streets, look both sides and pay attention to your surroundings due to the unpredictable traffic flow.

(3) Travel tips for personal health and safety precautions in Vietnam
Except the two key factors, there are other things you should take care of when traveling to the country. You should ensure you are up to date with all routine vaccinations and that you have had the relevant vaccinations for this region of Asia for foreign visitors, such as diphtheria and tetanus.

You should also consider taking the Hepatitis vaccine, the rabies vaccine, and getting vaccinated against typhoid, as these diseases are all common in Vietnam. It is a country rife with Malaria and Dengue, so malaria tablets should be brought with you, as well as a mosquito repellant.

No matter what happens, our travel agency and local authority will give strong support for your health and safety. Contact us if in need.

What Do I Need for a Vietnam Travel in 2024?

(1) You need a passport
Anyone who enters Vietnam must have a passport that’s valid for at least six months from the date of entry. If you don’t have a passport or your current passport has expired, you need to apply for a valid passport or renew your passport to the local government.

(2) You need a visa
Travelers from the following countries can enter Vietnam visa-free, and stay for the indicated number of days:
Brunei, Myanmar - 14 days.
Japan, South Korea (ROK) - 15 days.
The Philippines - 21 days.
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand - 30 days.
Belarus, Denmark, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom - 15 days.

Vietnam Visa
Vietnam Visa

If you want to stay beyond this number of days, you may apply for a visa extension upon your arrival in Vietnam.

While countries listed above are exempt for certain periods, almost everyone else is required to have a visa before they travel. A visa for Vietnam can be obtained as an E-visa, which is available online at and, after which you can download the visa sent to your email.

The E-visa normally takes 3 working days to process, costs $25, and is valid for 30 days in one entry. Upon arrival in Vietnam, you should submit your passport and printed e-Visa at the immigration counter.

If you want to stay for longer than 30 days, you need to get a visa on arrival. You can apply for the visa as a pre-approved visa, making the initial application at and paying for the visa, after which you will receive a letter of approval to show to the immigration officials who will then issue your visa when you arrive.

(3) You need a travel insurance
It is advisable to purchase a travel insurance before a Vietnam trip to ensure adequate coverage for unexpectable events. Typically encompassing medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen belongings, travel insurance acts as a safety net. While not mandatory for travel, investing a small amount in insurance can yield significant benefits and peace of mind.

How to Book a Vietnam Travel in 2024?

A perfect Vietnam tour depends on the preparation you did before your departure. So you need to consult with the local travel agency to make sure the itinerary is suitable for you and take all the uncertainty out of your planning.

(1) Book a tour with local travel agency
Booking a trip through a local travel agency can give you a lot of conveniences. First, you will not travel blindly. Local agencies can help you choose more meaningful attractions and avoid places that are not of great value.

Second, a one-to-one professional travel consultant will keep in touch with you during the trip, to make a satisfactory and exclusive travel plan for you.

Moreover, local travel agencies can help to arrange the most affordable accommodation and most convenient transportation for you. By the way, book a trip in advance, and you can get a decent discount on the tour price.

So how to ensure that you choose the best local tour operator possible? While many may be able to offer budget this and super that, you should consider looking for the travel agency that can offer all that you are looking for at the best optimal price. So consider what you want and then match your travel operator to those requirements. Us IndochinaTour can be a good choice for you to suit all the needs.

(2) Choose the best time to travel to Vietnam
Vietnam has three major regions that have very different climates, so knowing when to go is important. If you are traveling primarily in the north, March to May and October to December are the best times to travel. And for those planning a trip to central Vietnam, February to August and December to January are ideal.

In the south, you can find the best time to travel is from December to May, in the height of the dry season, though December is best for seeing the lush green vegetation left from the tropical rains.

And if you are thinking of traveling across the entire country, you should opt to travel from October to March, which is the best time to visit Vietnam. During this period, the weather is cool and dry in most of the country which is ideal for outdoor activities. Also, be sure to avoid the rainy and typhoon season when you plan your trip.

One of the best ways to make sure that your trip to Vietnam is unforgettable is to plan it around the time of the festivals celebrated in the country. These fascinating festivals in Vietnam are a fantastic way to experience the country's culture.

While the majority of the biggest Vietnam festivals in 2024 take place at the beginning of the year, it happens to be the perfect time to travel the country.

vietnam best time
Octover to March are the best time to travel Vietnam.

(3) Choose the days of travelling
Usually, most travelers choose to stay for no longer than 20 days in Vietnam. We offer a wide selection of Vietnam tours from 3 days to 18 days, including 5 Days Hanoi and Halong Bay Cruise, 7 days south Vietnam essential relaxing tour, 14 days Vietnam discovery tour from north to south, etc. You can check out day-by-day itineraries and trip highlights before you decide on the duration.

(4) Create an itinerary based on your budget and interests
In your planning, if you are on a set budget, it is advisable to decide on your itinerary before you travel, instead of going where the wind takes you when you arrive. Planning your trip based on your given budget and the things you want to see the most is the best way to create the ideal tour and make sure that you get the best of the things that interest you the most.

Can I Travel to Vietnam and Its Neighboring Countries Together in 2024?

Yes. As the countries of Indochina are closely bordered, the interconnected land borders facilitate seamless travel between Cambodia and Vietnam, Laos and Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos, and Thailand and Myanmar. This geographical layout make it convenient to create a circle route, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of Southeast Asia.

Why choose a multi-country trip?
Indochina consists of 5 countries Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. They're conveniently connected to each other by only 1-3 hour flights. Therefore more than 95% of travelers will choose to visit 2 or 3 countries in one trip.

Traveling across Indochina also allows you to combine different countries, cultures and experiences with ease, and make the most of your vacation.

In fact, our tour will lead you to visit the heart and soul of Indochina on one of our tailored two, three or four countries to explore the hidden beauty of this region. We provide travel routes across Indochina such as 10 Days Vietnam and Laos Highlights Tour Package12 Days Cambodia and Vietnam Highlights Tour Package, etc.

All of our Indochina tours are fully tailored by our travel experts, ensuring all the smallest details are taken care of. We take all the uncertainty out of your planning, helping you navigate any travel restrictions.


Overall, Vietnam is reopened to all foreign travelers now and so does its neighboring countries. You should not worry about the Covid-19 situation since the public health measures in Vietnam are quite solid and functional.

When booking a trip to Vietnam in 2024, it is better to contact a trusted local travel agency since it will bring you a lot of convenience and benefits. If you choose a suitable itinerary, the best travel time and a trusted agency, it is sure that you can have an unforgettable experience in Vietnam.

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