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Fishing in Vietnam: All Things You Need to Know

Fishing is a good way to disconnect from technology, surround yourself with nature, and relax away from the bustle of modern life. Vietnam is packed with unique locations for spending time on the water and casting your line.

From traditional lake and river fishing to nighttime fishing for squid, the country has a lot to offer. Everything you need to know about fishing in Vietnam is right here.

Is Vietnam Known for Fishing? Is It Worth for it?

Vietnam has over 3,000 kilometers of coastline. The interior is dotted with abundant lakes and crisscrossed with rivers like the Mekong River. Not only is Vietnam known for it, but fishing is also one of the oldest traditional skills and an important part of the country’s cultural heritage. In coastal and river areas, fishing-related festivals and ceremonies take place throughout the year.

The deep fishing culture in Vietnam makes it an excellent place for a Vietnam tour. Vietnam boasts a rich maritime biodiversity. You can fish for everything from giant river carp to large offshore game fish. Fishing tours can be done with the best modern amenities, or you can experience the artisanal fishing traditions still practiced today. Some of the best fishing locations are also top destinations for their natural beauty. 

3 Types of Fishing in Vietnam: Offshore Fishing, River Fishing, Lake Fishing

There are a lot of different fishing experiences to be found in Vietnam. One of the most popular is offshore fishing tours. This gives you the chance to travel out for deep sea fishing in the waters of the South China Sea and try your hand at catching large game fish like marlin, tuna, and barracuda. Fishing charters around places like Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc provide all the equipment you need for an exciting adventure.

River fishing is a chance to explore iconic locations like the Mekong Delta or Red River Delta and see traditional fishing communities. Pangasius catfish are the prized fish in rivers in Vietnam, but you can also fish for giant carp or other smaller species. River fishing tours are a cultural and recreational experience.

Lake fishing is a chance to relax in tranquil surroundings while fishing for species like tilapia, carp, and freshwater prawns. Beautiful lakes are spread throughout Hanoi where you can take a break from the city in peaceful surroundings. Other lakes, like Heaven’s Lake in Ninh Binh, have stunning views and abundant fish waiting below the surface.

Vietnam Eekong River fishing
Vietnam Mekong River fishing

Where Can You Fish in Vietnam? 6 Best Fishing Places in Vietnam

You can do fishing in Vietnam from north to south. The top spots are also some of the most popular destinations for their scenic beauty.

1. Halong Bay cruises will take you out on the emerald waters to find prime locations to fish for species like snapper, grouper, and squid. Most cruises gave a local fisherman on board to help and share stories of local fishing experiences.
2. From Nha Trang, you can take a boat out to fish in the deep sea or around islands like Hon Mun and Hon Tam. The waters around Nha Trang have a vibrant underwater ecosystem with species like barracuda, trevally, grouper, sailfish, and marlin.
3. The Mekong Delta is home to many rivers, ponds, and reservoirs where you can catch a wide range of native fish. You can try various techniques, such as nets, bamboo traps, or traditional rods. The Mekong Delta is home to species like black carp, catfish, and freshwater prawns.
4. Saigon is surrounded by a dense array of rivers and lakes that are convenient to reach from the city. The best way to fish there is to sit on the bank and relax, waiting to get a bite. Catfish, gourami, tilapia, and snakehead fish live in big numbers in the waters around Saigon.
5. Da Nang is another popular choice for offshore fishing. Charter boats leave from the beaches and fishing villages to take you out to search for snapper, grouper, and pomfret while you enjoy views of the picturesque coastline.
6. Hoi An is surrounded by villages where you can take part in traditional fishing culture, such as basket boat fishing. Guided fishing tours along the tranquil Thu Bon River are also popular for fishing for catfish, tilapia, and snakehead fish. 

How to Join a Vietnam Fishing Tour? Most Exciting Squid Fishing Tour Recommended

Charter boats and fishing tours are widely available in popular fishing locations. Fishing is also commonly offered on standard boat tours of places like Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta. Search for well-recommended tour operators and check their itineraries to see if they have what you’re looking for. Most fishing tours will provide all the equipment you need and local expert tour guides to help you understand local conditions.

Night squid fishing is one of the most exciting fishing experiences Vietnam has to offer. The scenic waters around Halong Bay are one of the best locations. You’ll go out on a traditional wooden boat equipped with bright lights that attract the squid, then use specialized squid lures to catch them. Often, the freshly caught squid are cooked right on board, allowing you to enjoy the bounty of your catch.

Vietnam Halong Bay night squid fishing
Vietnam Halong Bay night squid fishing

More Tips for Fishing in Vietnam

To get the most out of your fishing tour, remember these tips:

1. Find out about fishing seasons
Each species has its fishing season based on its spawning and migration patterns. Decide what you want to catch and make sure to go during the best time.
2. Don’t forget the essentials
Fishing gear will usually be provided, but you should prepare things like sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and a rain jacket.
3. Follow local regulations
Guidelines exist in some areas for catch limits, protected species, and fishing methods.
4. Talk to local fishermen
This will let you learn about the local fishing culture and give you practical advice on how to have the best fishing experience.
5. Try the local cuisine
Vietnam’s fishing culture is based on feeding the people there. Don’t forget to try the local seafood dishes made from freshly caught fish.


The wide range of species to fish for and the beautiful tropical scenery make fishing in Vietnam a great experience for anglers. You can try out modern fishing techniques in a tropical environment with exciting new species to catch or experience traditional fishing techniques.

All the top places for fishing are also top locations for experiencing Vietnam’s culture, history, and nature, so planning is easy. Contact us to find out more about fishing tours in Vietnam.

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