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Vietnam Itineraries 10 Days: Planning Your Trip to Vietnam from North to South

Vietnam is a captivating Southeast Asia country that entices a great many tourists from all around the world.

Ever hearing Vietnam, people got to know its abundant heritage including Halong Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam’s deep history, notably the Vietnam War, also adds to its allure.

And with stunning natural landscapes, the country offers opportunities for adventurous pursuits like trekking, motorbiking, beach immersion, etc.

In this post, there are several Vietnam itineraries 10 Days supposing your Vietnam tour, no matter for a novice or an experienced Vietnam traveler.

Suggested 10 Days Vietnam Tour including All Vietnam Highlights for Every Traveler: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

For the first beginner to explore Vietnam, set a 10 day itinerary Vietnam from North to South is the first choice to find all the best Vietnam Highlights.

Here’s a sample classic 10 day Vietnam itinerary:
Day 1 – 2: Explore the charming capital city of Hanoi
Day 3: Halong Bay, one of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders
Day 4 – 5: Hoi An, a charming town with a well-preserved Old Town
Day 6 – 7: Ho Chi Minh City
Day 8 – 9: The Mekong River
Day 10: Departure
(Highlights of this tour, suitable groups)

Train Street

In this itinerary, you’ll visit the featured Train Street with the exploration of Hanoi Old Quarter, and take a Halong Bay Cruise to adventure the various caves. Visit the ancient town of Hoi An and you can have a special experience of making Vietnamese traditional lanterns or taking a cooking class to make traditional Hoi An delicacies. Travel to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon, you can tour the metropolitan to indulge in the fashion atmosphere and trace back to learn about Vietnam War.

A gorgeous Vietnam tour should never leave a Mekong River Cruise. Through the Mekong River, you can witness the characteristic floating market, floating village, and floating school. Leave your last photo of Vietnam under the sunrise. Finally, end your trip and flight home.

Next, the itinerary in different areas- North, Central, and South Vietnam, can give you diverse satisfaction.

10 Days North Vietnam Itinerary: Halong Bay Cruise & Sapa Trekking

(Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh)

North Vietnam Tour generally focuses on the brilliant bay cruise and beautiful rice paddies.

Water Puppet Show

In the North Vietnam 10 day itinerary, you’ll start from Hanoi to take a cycle tour around the city to visit popular Hanoi attractions like the Temple of Literature and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. And you can enjoy an incredible Water Puppet Show in the Hanoi Opera House.

About a 3-hour drive to the UNESCO World Heritage- Halong Bay, holding a Halong Bay Cruise to admire the local fishermen fishing and emerald water. Cruise in the deep of Halong Bay, and explore types of caves to pace into a science world.

Halong Bay Cruise

Back in Hanoi, you’ll take an overnight train to Sapa and spend your days in Sapa to experience the hill-tribe ethnic culture with a local homestay. Go on a Sapa trekking to view the wide terraces and attain farming activities. Also, you’ll get a glance at rice paddies in Ninh Binh along the Ngo Dong River on a Vietnam boat tour

The North Vietnam itinerary 10 Days is more like a natural viewing tour with stunning water and land scenery.

Central Vietnam 10 Days Itinerary: Ancient Vietnam & Cave Adventure

(Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Hai Van Pass, Phong Nha)

Hoi An Ancient Town and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park are the vital and main parts of the Central Vietnam itinerary.

In the Central Vietnam itinerary 10 days, you can arrive in Vietnam at Danang International Airport. Choose to start your Vietnam journey with a motorbike tour along the Hai Van Pass (a scenic and amazing road from Da Nang to Hue). You’ll enjoy the adventurous winding road and fresh mountain air. Rest to explore the trail of the Vietnam War in Hai Van Quan and play the joy in Lang Co Beach.

Hai Van Quan

Then it’s the ancient time for the imperial capital of Hue. You can visit Hue attractions including the Citadel and tombs to find the past royal life and culture of the Nguyen Dynasty and tour the temples and pagodas to know the religious culture. Never forget to try Vietnamese traditional cloth-Ao Dai, and you may decide to have Hue royal cuisine.

Cao Lau

Travel to Hoi An ancient town, you plan to tour around to rouse the once bustling dock and have a city tour on a basket boat. Attend the unbeatable cooking class to make Cao Lau (the local Hoi An Noodle), or opt to make traditional Vietnamese lanterns.

Waterfall in the national park

Go on your trip to Phong Nha. You’ll visit the world’s largest cave- Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park there. Along the underground Trooc River in the Vietnam cave tour, you can probe deeply into the national park to observe the miraculous karst information, the high and long cave, and the limpid sparkling water.

The Central Vietnam itinerary 10 days will fully feast your eyes on the natural breathtaking scenery and give you an immersive discovery-based history experience.

10 Days Southern Vietnam Itinerary: Beach Relax & Mekong Delta

(Saigon, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc)

Once you come to South Vietnam, never miss the excellent relaxing tour of stunning beaches and the Mekong Delta.

In the South Vietnam itinerary 10 Days, you can arrive in Saigon or Nha Trang. But maybe it’s more convenient to plan your South Vietnam tour from north to south if you arrive at Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang. Travel to Monkey Island (Hon Lao Island) to interact with monkeys with beautiful white-sand beaches on your list.

Da Lat Flower Festival

Visit the French-style city of Da Lat and stay for one night in the unique garden hotel. Meet the Da Lat Flower Festival if you tour there around December.

Move to Saigon to start your live metropolitan tour! Visit Saigon attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral and the internet celebrity 42 Nguyen Hue Street and tag it on your Ins. City walks to explore the backing time of the Vietnam War.

Rice basket

Enjoy your best Mekong River Cruise with the exploration of the Mekong Delta. You can take a guide to My Tho to witness the “rice basket of Vietnam” and spend your breezy good time around the villages with a cycling tour. Have a nice boat tour for the floating life of the locals. Don’t leave a South Vietnam trip with the abundant taste of tropical fruit and coconut sweets.

Finally, transfer to Phu Quoc Island to have an unexceptionable beach enjoyment, fresh seafood fulfillment, and a luxury cruise with numerous water sports.

The South Vietnam 10 day travel itinerary truly matches the beach-lover and gives a splendid insight into life and attractions in the Mekong Delta.

Around $200 Per Day is the Cost of a 10-Day Vietnam Tour

Is it expensive to visit Vietnam?

Actually, not very, budget-friendly!

You should know that one reason why Vietnam is a popular tourist country is its highly-afforded cost.

Generally, the cost of most Vietnam food and attraction tickets just counts a little. Local street food and restaurants offer a wide variety of delicious and affordable options. Additionally, entrance fees for popular attractions and landmarks in Vietnam are usually quite affordable compared to other countries.

Mekong River Cruise

Most of the cost may spend on wonderful luxury cruises like Halong Bay Cruise and Mekong River Cruise and 4-star or 5-star accommodation.

However, you should notice that the overall cost of a Vietnam tour can vary depending on individual preferences, travel style, and specific activities you engage in. $200 per day per person is just the cost for the common occasion.

Practical Tips for Planning Perfect 10 Days Vietnam Tours

1.1   Apply for a Vietnam visa in advance and choose the types of Visa according to what you need; Check if your passport is valid.

1.2   Bring suitable clothes and packages, considering the Vietnam weather conditions in different areas.

1.3   Choose your best time to visit Vietnam- vary from where and what you’ll see, like visiting Vietnam beach in the summertime, and best for trekking during fall, etc.

1.4   Delicacies are often hidden in the corner, so the Vietnamese food exploration could never leave out a Vietnam street food tour.

1.5   Dress modestly if you plan to visit the temples and pagodas- clothing covering the shoulder, upper arms, and knees.

1.6   Safety should be noticed in Vietnam due to heavy traffic. To ensure your well-being, avoid standing too close to the road, especially keeping a safe distance from motorbikes.

Extra 3 Days to Extend Your Vietnam Tour to Cambodia

If you also want to travel to Cambodia from Vietnam, Indochina Tour provides you with an extra 3 days to extend your Vietnam tour to Cambodia.

Flight to Siem Reap, you’ll have a half-day Siem Reap tour and enjoy your splendid dinner with Apsara’s traditional dancing show. The next day is the day to explore the ancient capital city of Angkor Thom and the world's largest religious monument- Angkor Wat. Exploring the temples, passages, levels, and chambers that once housed many treasures of the flourishing Khmer Dynasty.

Angkor Wat

After the Cambodia history probe, on the last day, enjoy a half-day excursion to the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia- Tonle Sap Lake, you can take a boat tour to admire the mangrove forests and discover the unique life of the Kompong Phluk Floating Village.

After the tour, it comes the end of your whole tour and you’ll get a flight home from Siem Reap.


After the in-depth knowledge of Vietnam itineraries 10 days, have you decided which 10 day itinerary Vietnam? Vietnam highlight tour? North Vietnam Tour? Central Vietnam Tour? Or South Vietnam Tour? Or Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary for 13 days?

But if you want a Vietnam tour to cover all places and attractions you are interested in, contact us to tailor your best Vietnam Itinerary 10 Days.

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