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Vietnam Rainy Season: Local Guide on Vietnam Tour When Raining

The rainy season is exactly that, rainy. You might think it’s a bad time to visit Vietnam, but there’s still lots to do. The diverse climate regions in different parts of the country always have something to offer travelers. Avoid the heavy rains, and use this advice to have a great time.

August Is the Rainiest Month of the Year in North Vietnam

North Vietnam is never truly dry. Rain varies throughout the year but never stops, even in the dry season. In Hanoi and Halong Bay, July and August bring the heaviest rains. Tropical storms and torrential rain can hit the coast. In Halong Bay, August is not the best month to visit. In August, it’s important to pay attention for weather warnings, and cruises of the bay can be disrupted.

Hanoi is less severely affected, but rain is frequent. In August, showers are usually in the afternoon and evening, so arrange any outdoor activities for the morning. You can use the afternoon to explore indoor places like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of Literature. Highs can reach 33°c, and with the humidity making it feel hotter, you might want to be indoors anyway.

Northern Vietnam’s mountainous regions of Sapa and Mu Cang Chai are cooler in August, with temperatures between 16°c and 24°c. Rainfall is heavy, though, often making trekking challenging with slippery conditions.

Hanoi street on a rainy day

September to December Is Not Recommended to Visit Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is badly treated by the northeast monsoon between September and December. The central coast is hit by torrential rains, and it’s the peak of the typhoon season. Places like Da Nang and Hoi An can experience flooding. Travel plans can be easily disrupted.

The central highlands have the opposite weather. Da Lat is cool, and the dry weather starts in November. October brings misty, cool weather that creates surreal landscapes in the highland forests. 

Hoi An ancient town on a rainy day

Rainy Season in South Vietnam Is Not Too Bad to Travel

Northern and southern Vietnam have very different climates. Northern Vietnam has the most rain, but the weather is never too bad, and you can always visit South Vietnam. Rain can be heavy at times, but it is usually brief. When visiting Ho Chi Minh City or the Mekong Delta, you’ll see locals welcoming the rain, as long as there’s no flooding.

Southern Vietnam’s rainy season is from May until October. Average temperatures are between 25°c and 30°c. The southern coastal region, in places like Nha Trang, has a short rainy season from September to mid-December.

Visiting Vietnam in the Rainy Season Is Less Expensive and Less Crowded

The rainy season has a few advantages. First, it’s the cheapest time to visit Vietnam. Off-peak season brings great deals on flights and accommodations, and booking tours or arranging local guides can be less expensive.

It’s also less crowded. Beaches, hiking trails, museums, and restaurants will all be free of crowds, making for a more peaceful experience. Service is more attentive and personalized when staff have fewer guests to take care of. You might even see hidden gems that would be obscured by the crowds during busier times.

Lots of Fun Things to Do during Vietnam Rainy Season

It doesn’t rain all the time, so many of the fun things to do in Vietnam are the same all year round. During the rainy season, there are still plenty of opportunities for hiking, relaxing on the beach, and exploring city streets. Use the rainy times as an opportunity to make the most of indoor activities.

Explore galleries and museums. There are fascinating museums and galleries all over the country. In Hanoi, try the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology or Vietnamese Women’s Museum to learn more about local culture. Saigon has the historical War Remnants Museum and Museum of Vietnamese History. Every city has galleries featuring the work of local artists, like the Tram Huong Tower Art Gallery in Nha Trang and Sapa Station Art Gallery.

Appreciate a leisurely coffee. Coffee culture is big in Vietnam and best enjoyed in a quiet café at a slow pace. Local specialties like Vietnamese Iced Coffee or Egg Coffee are unique local creations.

Try the Vietnamese food. You might not be able to enjoy street food in the rain, but there are countless other local restaurants to try. From small local eateries to formal dining, you can discover the delicacies of local cuisine. Make sure to try Pho noodle soup and Banh Mi Vietnamese-style sandwiches.

Appreciate a leisurely coffee in Hoi An
Appreciate a leisurely coffee in Hoi An

More Tips for Traveling to Vietnam during Vietnam Rainy Season

Before booking your trip, check the monthly weather for the places you want to visit. The climate is very dynamic, and conditions can vary widely in different parts of the country. Keep these tips in mind for the rainy season:

1. Quick drying or waterproof clothes and footwear will help in case the weather changes suddenly.
2. Bring a waterproof pouch or bag for your personal electronic devices and important documents. A clear plastic bag for documents will keep them dry if you have to refer to them in the rain.
3. Have an umbrella or raincoat handy when you’re outdoors.
4. Avoid mountains in rainy weather. Trails can be slippery, and there is a risk of landslides.
5. Rain brings mosquitoes. Bring insect repellent with DEET, and consider sleeping under a mosquito net.
6. Be flexible with daily plans. Have backup ideas if you can’t go outdoors.
7. Buy travel insurance before traveling for coverage of medical emergencies, travel delays, and cancellations.


There’s a lot to see and do during the rainy season in Vietnam, so don’t let the weather keep you away. It’s a part of life in tropical regions. You’ll find life there well-adapted to wet weather. For more ideas about rainy season tours in Vietnam, contact us anytime, or tell us what you’re looking for and book your tour today.

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