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Weather in Saigon November: Is November a Good Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City?

Saigon, officially known as Ho Chi Minh City, is a vibrant city in southeastern Vietnam near the Mekong Delta. Its tropical climate has only wet and dry seasons, but November marks the transition between them. It's a good time to visit if you know what to expect. Learn about travel conditions in Saigon in November for your impressive Vitenam tour on your next holiday!

What's the Weather Like in Saigon in November? General Information

Saigon has a relatively stable temperature. There is not much difference between day and night. The average temperature in November is 27°c, lower than the early rainy season. Daytime highs can go up to 31°c, but the lower humidity helps keep things comfortable.

Peak rains have passed, and the first signs of the dry season are emerging. You can expect sunnier days and more sunlight each day than in previous months. Scattered showers are still common and can happen suddenly.

Is November a Good Time to Visit Saigon?

Weather conditions make it a pleasant time to visit. Temperatures are great for outdoor activities and exploring the city, but you need to be prepared for occasional interruptions from sudden showers.

The number of tourists in November is higher than the peak of the rainy season but much lower than the high-tourism period starting in December. Booking hotels and tours is easy, with lots of options available, and prices stay mostly affordable.

November is a good time to visit Saigon
November is a good time to visit Saigon

What Are the Best Places to Visit in Saigon in November?

The comfortable weather makes it a great time to get out and explore the city. There are lots of things to do in Saigon and full of historic attractions where you can immerse yourself in local history and culture.

Independence Palace is an iconic landmark connected to the history of the Vietnam War. Notre Dame Cathedral, with its twin bell towers and stained glass windows, is a beautiful example of French colonial architecture. The Cu Chi Tunnels, just outside the city, are a large network of underground tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.

In between sightseeing, you can take advantage of the nice weather to try the local street food. Classic Vietnamese food like Pho noodle soup and Banh Mi sandwiches are on sale everywhere, freshly made to be enjoyed while exploring the city. Ben Thanh Market is a great place to find local food stalls and soak up the city culture while shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts.

November is also an excellent time to explore the Mekong Delta. You can book a boat tour as a day trip and see the vibrant culture of the riverside communities.

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral
Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

What Are the Festivals in Saigon in November?

November is a quiet time for festivals, but something is always going on. In 2024, the Coffee Expo Vietnam will be held in Saigon. Vietnam loves its coffee, and the 3-day expo, from Oct 31st to Nov 2nd, is an opportunity to experience local coffee culture.

While not in Saigon, the Ok Om Bok Festival takes place in the Mekong Delta region in November. It is a Khmer religious festival showing gratitude to the Moon Goddess for the year's good harvest. The highlight is a traditional boat race, and there are also cultural performances, folk games, and a lot of food to enjoy.

It is not exactly traditional, but Vietnam has adopted the Black Friday Shopping Festival from the US. Saigon is a great shopping city. On November 24th, many brands and stores offered deep discounts to attract shoppers. You can check out the deals in places like Saigon Center, Diamond Plaza, Ben Thanh Market, and the An Don Craft Market.

Saigon Coffee Expo Festivals
The Coffee Expo Vietnam held in Saigon

What to Wear in Saigon in November?

The warm to hot weather calls for light clothes. Breathable cotton or linen T-shirts, pants, or skirts will help you stay dry. The occasional showers mean you consider bringing an umbrella or waterproof gear. Evenings can sometimes be cool, but some lightweight layers, like a thin sweater or light jacket, will keep you warm.

Sun protection is always important. Put on sunscreen before venturing outside, and wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat for protection. Comfortable and breathable shoes are essential when exploring the city streets.

Modest clothing is needed for visiting temples. Long pants, a dress, and clothing that covers your shoulders are required to show respect for local customs.

November travel to Singon
Sun protection is always important in November travel to Singon

Is Saigon Expensive or Cheap in November?

November travel prices are in the middle, neither cheap nor expensive. With tourism picking up, finding the same deals on accommodations and hotels available earlier in the rainy season is harder. Peak season prices don't start until December, so you should be able to find reasonably good prices.

If you travel Vietnam on a budget, daily costs aren't too high. By sticking to guesthouses or hostels and eating at food stalls or small local restaurants, you can have a good trip while spending 30-50 USD a day. Mid-range options like more comfortable hotels, some guided tours, and domestic flights between cities will cost 50-150 USD per day.

More Tips for Traveling Saigon in November

Keep these tips in mind for a great experience in Saigon in November:

1. Keep your plans flexible and pay attention to the weather forecast. A rainy day is a good time to explore somewhere indoors, like the War Remnants Museum.
2. Pack for varying weather conditions and the activities you want to enjoy. The weather can be cool after rain or in the evenings.
3. Crowds aren't at their peak, but book tickets to popular attractions in advance.
4. Cash in local currency is needed for small purchases around the city.
5. Trying street food is a must. Choose from food stalls that look clean and have a high turnover.


Saigon in November won't disappoint you. It has the right balance between smaller crowds, lower prices, and good weather. You'll need to be ready for rain, but expect more than enough sunny days to explore the city's highlights. Let us start planning for November Saigon tour right away. Contact us at any time for more information.

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