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How to Make The Most of Your Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia Trip

For everyone who plan to travel to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, they all want to know how to make the most of the time during these countries. Don’t worry about it, here we offer you the ultimate tips for your to enjoy your trip in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Tips to make the most of Vietnam

The splendour of Vietnam maybe limitless. But in order for you to enjoy the most of the country within your limited travel time, we have managed to find these tips below to allow you to have a great and memorable trip in Vietnam.

1. What you need to know before the trip

a. Vietnam is still a communist country
b. Vietnamese locals love riding motor-bike. There won’t be so many cars in your homeland.
c. Every foreigner visitor needs a valid passport and the Vietnam visa to enter the country.
d. The majority of Vietnamese follow Buddhism or Confession.

2. Boat across the Halong Bay

Halong Bay, one of the must-sees in Vietnam, will impress you with nothing but undiluted awe. When you are floating across the emerald waters of Halong Bay, you will know why it is said that a trip to Vietnam is incomplete without a trip to Halong Bay. The most classic way to see the stunning site is via a large ferry with an all-inclusive package.

Vietnam Halong Bay

3. Bike around Vietnam

Don’t be afraid of the Vietnamese traffic just according to the stories online. In fact, a small moped around the less-crowded areas of Vietnam can make you get close to this lovely country. Whether you are in the cities of Vietnam, or on a island, you can rent a bike or a scooter to explore the real Vietnam and make the most of Vietnam.

4. Trek through Sapa

Without a doubt, Sapa will be your favorite memories of Vietnam. Although you may have a nine-hour, rickety night-train from Hanoi, but it is worth of it once you get to Sapa. If you want to make the most of your tour to Sapa, then a trek can be the best way to see the exquisite landscapes. The lush green mountains and the picturesque rice paddies are amazing and attractive. After the trek, you can take a dip in one of these local rivers. And if you are lucky, your home-stay hosts will prepare a a traditional Vietnamese cuisine for you.

Tips to make the most of Cambodia

Cambodia is surely on many travelers’ bucket list of trips. It is not famous for its Angkor Wat, one of the most must-visit attractions in the world, but also famous for its friendly Cambodian people. If you want to make the most of your trip in Cambodia, then you should be well-prepared and learn all you can before you leaving you getting to it.

1. Get around with Tuk Tuks

In Cambodia, tuk tuks are the main means of transportation for local people or travelers. If you have booked your hotel in advance, then it is very likely that it will send a tuk tuk to pick you up. And during your trip in Cambodia, you can also take tuk tuks to get whatever you want.

Cambodia Tuk Tuk

2. Plan to visit temples really early

Tourists get to Cambodia are mainly for the temples inside Angor Wat. Try to plan your tour to temples as early as much. Because it will be hard for you to last long with such hot and humid conditions in the afternoon. Sunrise tour in the morning during 4:30 - 5:30 is great, before the heat gets too much.

3. Enjoy the nightlife

Night life can never be missed. When night falls, lights, people and night markets appear, that’s when Cambodia getting crowded and noisy. If you don’t interested in the night market, taking a tuk tuk to get around the town in night is an absolute must.

4. Avoid crossing the Cambodia border via the ground

Getting to and Leaving Cambodia also needs to be careful. If you plan to take plane, everything will be OK. But if you choose to travel by bus, then you need to be careful, because the ground border is full of corrupt officials. Don’t be disappointed about Cambodia just because it. Corrupt systems are not a reflection of a country or its people.

Tips to make the most of Laos

Laos is a landlocked and sparsely populated country. It is one of the poorest nations yet one of the most beautiful one in Southeast Asia. Unlike its neighbor countries, Laos keeps its local culture untouched by foreign influence, allowing tourists to get a glimpse of traditional Southeast Asian life.

1. Dos and don’s

a. Do pack long pants and a long sleeved shirt to cover your legs and shoulders while visiting temples.
b. Do greet people you meet with a smile and say “Sabai Dee”.
c. Do take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home.
d. Don’t touch monks or their robes, which is a taboo.
e. Don’t kiss or cuddle in public, which is inappropriate.
f. Don’t greet people by kissing them on the cheek.

2. Hire a bike to explore the city

Hiring a bike or motorbike and ride on the roads of a foreign country is actually the best way to explore the sights and back streets of Laos deeply. You can hire a range of bikes in the major cities of Laos, like pedal powered push bikes, scooters or off-road trials bikes.

3. Get a coffee in the local cafe

Laos coffee are famous to foreigners. Thanks to the French colonization, the first few coffee plants were introduced to Laos. With its perfect altitude and the fertile and mineral rich soil, southern laos produces some high quality coffee beans. You can check out the best coffee shops in the cities of Laos and get yourself immersed into the Laos’s coffee shop culture.

Laos Coffee Shop

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