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How to Plan A Vietnam Lao and Cambodia Trip

Why visit Vietnam Laos and Cambodia?

Recent years, there are more and more tourists preferring to have Indochina tour. Since Southeast Asia is a magic land combining some of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit. Travel to the heart and soul of the Indochina in the three countries to explore the hidden beauty of Indochina region. Among all the Indochina countries, traveling Vietnam Laos and Cambodia is popular that tourists prefer to choose. All three countries have rich history, varied culture, gorgeous nature and interesting heritage. Multi-ethnicity is another major characteristic Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam share. Each nation has something that defines it throughout the world. Cambodia has Angkor Wat, Vietnam boasts Halong Bay, while Laos features vast forests and mountains.

Biking in vietnam
Biking in vietnam

You will be fascinated with the bustling capital Saigon, the mighty Mekong River and the mysterious minority tribes of Sapa in Vietnam; you will see some of the most stunning landscapes, adorned by beautiful mountains and cascading waterfalls in Laos; you will find yourself lost in the history as you have a wander in the Angkor Wat and amazed by the beauty and peace at Ta Prohm; you will be shocked at the beauty of the splendid temples, the wild orchids that grow profusely in the hills.
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How to get visas for Vietnam Laos and Cambodia tour?

Traveling to Indochina requires one to have visas for Vietnam Laos and Cambodia, and while they are all in the same rough area, there are some subtle differences to the requirements and types of visas that are available. There are also certain rules around each type of visa in each of the three countries, such as restrictions on ports of entry for certain visa types and the various payment options available. Let’s start to see how to apply visas in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia.

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visas can be applied for with relative ease. The visa application system has been greatly simplified in recent years to better promote tourism to the country. Visas for the country can be obtained in one of three ways, including their new E-visa online application to save time, as long as you fit their criteria.

 Vietnam Visa
Vietnam Visa

Pre-approved visas are available from the Embassies or Consular Offices of the Vietnam government in your country of origin or residence. Vietnam does not have the usual Visa on Arrival service that many Asian countries offer. The application process of E-visa for Vietnam is easy and fast, and once payment is made the visa will be issued as a PDF file to your registered email address within three working days.

Laos visa

Whether you plan to get to Laos by air or overland, you can get a 30 days visa-on-arrival. However, there are land border crossings may not issue visa-on-arrival to visitors. You need make sure that whether the land border you cross will issue visa. Otherwise, you’d better get your visa in advance at the embassy. As for the price, it depends on what nationality you are.

 Laos visa
Laos visa

While the nation does not have embassies or consular offices in every country, they have made it simple to get a visa if you are in one of the countries that does not have an embassy. Application for the visa requires your original passport if applying personally, or a photocopy of the data and photo pages if applying through a travel agent. Visa on Arrival is the most popular method of obtaining a visa for Laos, and is available at the international airports as well as almost all of the land border checkpoints. Laos does not have an E-visa service at this time.

Cambodia visa

For Cambodia, a visa is required for all travelers to the country, with the exception of those that have a visa exemption agreement between their governments. For everyone else, there are three options for visas to Cambodia to choose from, and each has its merits. Anyone from anywhere in the world can make an application for a visa through the embassies and consular offices around the globe.

 Cambodia visa
Cambodia visa

In these days of easy travel around the globe, the Visa on Arrival service offered by many countries is now the preferred method of application, since the new E-visa services are not yet fully operational in many countries, and are often limited in those countries which allow it. The E-visa service for Cambodia is one of the best of all three Indochinese countries, and with the limited number of embassies and consular offices.

When is the best time to have a Vietnam Laos and Cambodia trip?

Among the 3 countries, Cambodia has the simplest climate of the three countries that make up Indochina, with just two simple seasons, wet and dry. The dry season, which is also the peak period for tourism, runs from November to April, when the weather is dry and clear and the temperatures are at their lowest for the year. Laos also has a wet and dry season climate, with a dry season that runs from November to March. The weather in the northern part of Laos can be changeable due to the mountains. Vietnam has the strangest climate of all, with the weather patterns split across the three main regions of the country.

However, while there are some differences in the “best” time to visit each country, there is one period when you can actually visit all three together without hitting the very hot periods or the very wet part of the monsoons. Dry season in Cambodia is from November to April, while in Laos it is from November to March. However, April is not as hot as May, and in Vietnam, the dry period in the north runs through to the end of April, and while the middle of the year is the best time for the south and central regions, the dry period from January to May is also a good time to visit.

Overall the best time to take a vacation in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia, would be from January to the end of March, which is a dry and cooler period of the year for international travelers. You can avoid all of the rainy parts of the year in all three countries, as well as staying relatively cool and out of the hottest times of year.

Where to stay during Vietnam Laos and Cambodia trip?

If you are going to have a trip in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia, it is really important to settle the destinations for every country. Especially for the tourists will have their first tour in the 3 countries, where should they stay to appreciate the beautiful scenery and unique charming.


Vietnam has more places to see than one could possibly manage in just one week. Vietnam has a lot of history, from the ancient days of the first independent Vietnamese state to the days of the French colonization of Indochina and the distressing Vietnam War.

You will be met in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, and taken to your hotel. Your will be spent having dinner on one of the Mekong cruise ships and visit the My Son Holy Land in Hoi An, an ancient temple complex that almost matches the stunning Angkor Complex in Cambodia. Constructed during the era of the Khmer Empire. Then it is back to Hoi An for a tour of the Ancient Town, with its colorful markets and the Japanese Bridge.

Halong Bay Cruise
Halong Bay Cruise

You will never miss Hanoi and Halong Bay. The morning in Hanoi will be spent on a cruise around the spectacular islands of Halong Bay. As one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Southeast Asia, Halong Bay lies just a short distance to the southeast of Hanoi, the national capital, and is one of the most stunning places you can visit around the world.


You can also have an amazing trip in Laos. In Vientiane, no tour of Laos can be complete without a visit to the laid-back capital of the country. Easily walkable for touring the city, the old quarter of the city is filled with glittering temples coated with gold, river serpent statues on almost every corner, boulevards lined with fragrant tamarind trees, and the constant sight of wandering Buddhist monks in saffron robes.

 Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang

Lying at the confluence of the Nam Khan and the Mekong River, Luang Prabang is a city that combines world-class tourism with a sense of spiritual nourishment. A protected city and the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Laos, Luang Prabang contains 33 gilded temples, known as “wats”, as well as the usual faded French colonial villas and delicious Gallic cuisine restaurants.


And you will have a historical tour in Cambodia because of the famous historic spot. In Siem Reap, famous Angkor Wat occupies the central position on an island surrounded by a moat. This magnificent and overwhelming Cambodian landmark is the world's largest religious complex. The temple symbolizes Mount Meru, the center of the Hindu cosmology and mythology. The surrounding moat is there for oceans that encircle the Hindu universe.

Bayon is a shining jewel of the nearby Angkor Thom, which used to be the capital of the Khmer Empire. Unlike the Angkor Wat, this landmark used to be the Buddhist structure. Banteay Srei is another perfect example of the Khmer art. Located some 25 km/15 mi from the Angkor Wat, it is one of the finest landmarks of Cambodia. Because of the high level of the intricacy of its artwork, the Banteay Srei is also known as "the Citadel of the Women." The site features 4 enclosures made of red sandstone.

 Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

In Phnom Penh, The Royal Palace compound in is a harmonious unity of elegant structures, gardens and styles. Besides Khmer architecture, you will recognize colonial elements imported by the French. The Throne Hall is one of the most impressive landmarks of the Cambodian capital city. It features the classical Khmer architectural style. Find the Silver Pagoda next to the Royal Palace. It is a serene place with majestic gardens and a few incredible features. Note that the Silver Pagoda is a religious complex, even if you don't see the monks.


Before the trip to Vietnam Laos and Cambodia, you’d better know the process of visa application, the best time to visit the 3 countries and the popular destinations. With all the information, you can have a really remarkable tour in Vietnam Laos and Cambodia.

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