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Best Time to Visit Halong Bay Vietnam: Best & Worse Months to Visit Halong Bay

If you could only visit one place in Vietnam, you couldn’t choose better than Halong Bay. The UNESCO World Heritage site, southeast of Hanoi, is an exotic natural wonderland. Towering limestone karsts soar out of its emerald waters. Over 1,600 islands with soft golden beaches, tropical rainforests, and hidden grottoes are waiting to be explored, and the waters are filled with a rich diversity of plant and marine life.

Halong Bay experiences four seasons with distinct advantages for tourists. Prepare your trip with the information to choose the best time to visit.

The Best Time for a Halong Bay Tour Are: March, April, September and October

March, April, September, and October are widely considered the best months for a tour of Halong Bay. The air is warm and fresh in spring and autumn, perfect for being out on the water. The days are mostly sunny, with clear skies and excellent visibility. Rain is very infrequent during these months.

Warm weather, calm seas, and good visibility allow you to enjoy everything Halong Bay has to offer. There are no better conditions for sightseeing and photography of the natural sights. It’s comfortable weather for water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. You can also get off the boat to explore the caves and trails of places like Cat Ba and Titov Island.

Try to Avoid These Times for a Halong Bay Cruise: June, July, and August

June through August is better to avoid when touring Halong Bay. These months are the hottest and wettest time of the year. Temperatures peak at around 40°c, and the high humidity can make it feel even hotter. Summer rain storms can be fierce and unpredictable. The Halong Management Board will prevent cruises from sailing when the weather is bad. If you do visit Halong Bay in summer, check the weather forecast in advance before booking a cruise.

Even with the heat and rain, Halong Bay can be crowded in summer. Domestic travelers take advantage of the schools’ summer holiday and pack the beaches in Halong Bay. The water can be a cool relief from the intense heat, but it’s also the most active season for jellyfish. Swimmers need to stay aware in order to avoid contact with the animals, which can lead to hives and rashes.

Visitors at Halong Bay in the hot summer

The Cost-Effective & Good Time for a Halong Bay Cruise: May

May is the start of the low travel season in Halong Bay. Temperatures rise sharply from April, staying between 29-40°c, and light showers are common. The low season is a good time to find great deals on Halong Bay cruises, tours, and accommodations. Light rain can be a little inconvenient, but it is not as disruptive as the storms that come later in the summer.

Tour conditions are less ideal than in March or April, but May can be a good balance between cost and weather. Summer vacation won’t have started yet, so crowds will be small as long as you don’t go on the May 1st Labor Day holiday. Be careful trekking on the islands in wet weather, but the rain shouldn’t interfere with most activities.

Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb Are the Cold Times for a Halong Bay Cruise Tour

Winter in Halong Bay is a good time to find peace and tranquility if you don’t mind cooler weather. Average temperatures are between 15-20°c, but evenings can sometimes be as low as 10°c. November sees some light rain, and precipitation picks up in December and January. Make sure to have a waterproof bag and umbrella or raincoat handy.

It’s often too cold to swim in winter. Beaches may be crowded around noon as people go out to take advantage of the hottest time of day. There can be thick fog in the mornings, obscuring visibility, but it usually clears as temperatures rise.

More Tips for the Best Time to Visit Halong Bay

1. Sun protection is essential when on a cruise in any season. Bring high-SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat.
2. The Halong Bay Carnival takes place in late April or early May. It’s an exciting event that includes street parades, performances, and fireworks.
3. Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is a great time to visit and experience the local festival. It usually falls in January or February.
4. Public holidays such as Liberation Day (April 30th), Labor (May 1st), and National Day (September 2nd) are busy times in Halong Bay.
5. If you don’t plan to take a cruise, Halong Bay and Ha Long City have many excellent beaches and markets worth exploring all year round.


Each season in Halong Bay brings changing conditions, and choosing the best time to go will ensure you experience all the wonders of Halong Bay. Whether you’re looking for perfect weather, smaller crowds, or good deals on cruises, there is a right time for you. See our Halong Bay tours for more information about what you can experience there, or contact us to book your Vietnam vacation today.

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