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Luxury Train Vietnam: One of the Must-Do Experiences for any of Vietnam Tour

Are you engaged in your Vietnam tour and haven't tried Luxury Train, Vietnam's must-experience thing? Then you are missing out on a more significant chunk of Amazing Experiences. It is about more than just going from point A to point B. It is about feeling classy and romantic, especially when your loved one is with you.

Just imagine – You are with a delicious cocktail, holding your partner's hand, and looking out of a vintage window at a golden hour. Doesn't it feel like Living a Dream or Sitting in a Time Machine experiencing a trip through time?

We'll guide you through everything: the train, its route, and how to get tickets for you and your group!

Is It Worth for a Luxury Train Vietnam? Overview of Vietnam Luxury Train

The luxury Vietnam train is a fantastic transportation option. Yes, you can compare it with some 5-star Hotels because of its interior Design. You have an eco-friendly environment there to enjoy yourself up to your limits.

Vietnam Luxury Train is not just famous for its comfy seats. Moreover, the whole package contains:

● Plush beds.
● A clean bathroom (most people's concern).
● There is tons of space for your luggage.

Also, if food lovers are reading this post, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! You can enjoy Vietnamese massage services, dine at a nice restaurant, or watch the scenery change from land to sea. These high-class offerings make luxury trains more expensive than regular or plane transfers.

The luxury train of Vietnam
The luxury train of Vietnam

Luxurious Perks on Vietnamese Trains

● Spacious and Comfy Cabins
● Modern Amenities (reading lights with USB chargers, individual A/C)
● Fine Dining
● Professional Service
● Panoramic Views

Top 1 Recommended Vietnam Luxury Train Route: From Hanoi to Sapa
Trains on the Hanoi: Lao Cai line offer different types and qualities that appeal to travelers exploring North Vietnam. With this service, you'll experience each train car's comfort, tradition, and luxury. The Luxury overnight train Vietnam from Hanoi to Sapa allows customers to sleep on the train, saving time.

Price: Starts from US $30 per person.
Amenities: Each room provides maximum peace, with large soundproof and heatproof tempered glass windows for convenient outdoor viewing. Typically, each cabin has two single beds for complete privacy.
Train journey duration: 8 hours

Top 2 Recommended Vietnam Luxury Train Route: From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh
Several modern trains provide excellent service and quality throughout Vietnam. They are constructed using modular technology and durable, anti-vibration steel materials.

The cabin is spacious and fully equipped with luxurious interior Design made of fireproof and dustproof composite materials. Additionally, the crew is professionally trained, ensuring standard and attentive service quality.

Price: The fare for a trip from North to South varies based on seat class and train type, ranging from US $46 to $131.
Amenities: Some trains feature advanced technology and materials, with sleeping cabins equipped with modern furniture. Each cabin has a reading light with a built-in USB phone charger. The air conditioning system is available at each seat for passenger comfort.
Train journey duration: 1.5 days

Top 3 Recommended Luxury Train Vietnam Route: From From Ho Chi Minh To Quang Binh
Trains from Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Binh take 1 to 2 days. Travelers explore the sights, landscapes, and culture of provinces along the Central. Vietnam Railway Corporation built these new quality trains with excellent facilities, ensuring comfort and relaxation.

Price: US $34 per person
Train journey duration: 1.5 to 2 days

Lunch in Ho Chi Minh To Quang Binh luxury train
Lunch in Ho Chi Minh To Quang Binh luxury train

Top 4 Recommended Vietnam Luxury Train Route: From Hanoi to Da Nang
In Oct 2023, Vietnam launched two luxury trains, SE19 and SE20, because of the growing demand from many tourists like you. Keep in mind these trains are not just your normal rides. They are designed to give you a comfy and elegant Experience.

Price: US $40 per person
Amenities: Newly refurbished with high-quality upgrades like fresh paint and improved interiors (blankets, sheets, pillows, curtains). Washrooms have water heaters and clean fixtures.
Train journey duration: 15 hours 48 minutes to 16 hours

Top 5 Recommended Vietnam Luxury Train Route: From Da Nang To Quy Nhon
On number 5, I suggest you book a ticket for a luxury Vietnam Train from Da Nang to Quy Nhon. Here, you will experience central Vietnam's finest railway adventure. However, this luxurious train carrying 12 guests can connect historic Hoi An to the Serene Coastlines of Quy Nhon. It spreads over 318 Kilometers towards the south. And here you will enjoy a long 6-hour Journey filled with charming scenes of train travel.

The Vintage is inspired by Vietnam's beauty and vintage train luxury. Its six roomy booths have two cozy seats and large windows, providing passengers with stunning views of Central Vietnam's lush plains, wooded mountains, and sparkling shores. The train also boasts a stylish sit-up bar, gourmet dining, a private restroom, and a space for head and shoulder treatments.

Price: The Vietage's one-way fare starts from US $400 per person in 2023 (increasing to US $420 in 2024). This includes a luxurious rail journey, three-course gourmet dining, snacks, wines, cocktails, soft drinks, and head & shoulder treatments.
Train journey duration: 6 hours

Enjoy a beer in Da Nang To Quy Nhon luxury train
Enjoy a beer in Da Nang To Quy Nhon luxury train

How to Plan a Vietnam Luxury Train Tour?

Let me make it more accessible for you, first of all:

Pick your route: The most important point is choosing which route to go, and I would suggest you try Hanoi to Sapa, or you can enjoy looking at the mountains of Da Nan-Hoi.
Choose your train: You can find tens of companies online, like Vintage, for luxury options.
Book tickets: Ticket Prices vary depending on the routes and luxury level, and you can book tickets in advance as well.
Pack light: Cabins have limited space, so focus on essentials.
Relax and enjoy! Sit back, sip cocktails, and soak in the stunning views.


Believe me, there is nothing more exciting than a Luxury Train in Vietnam. When you explore it with your loved ones, they also enjoy the journey. Because it gives another world experience, with all the Golden Dreams coming true inside this train journey, you won't be disappointed for a single second. Also, a unique way to experience Vietnam's Beautiful Locations.

While traveling in this luxury sleeper train Vietnam's moving 5-Star Experience, you will learn about their culture and enjoy the beauty of this country in a perfect way. Contact us to tailor your trip in Vietnam including a luxury train journey!

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