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Massage in Vietnam: Must-Know 8 Things about Vietnamese Massage

When you need a break from exploring the history of Ho Chi Minh City or the vibrant markets of Hanoi, try a traditional Vietnamese Massage. Massage in Vietnam has a long tradition and is rooted in distressing the body and inducing relaxation. It's just what you need to recharge before continuing on your tour. Vietnamese massage is not as well-known as other massage traditions. Here are 8 things about Vietnamese massage that you need to know.

Traditional Vietnamese massage Is Inspired from Traditional Ancient Chinese Muscle Therapy

Throughout its history, Vietnam has been heavily influenced by China. Traditional Vietnamese massage, known as Tam Quat, shares techniques with ancient Chinese muscle therapy like Tuina. It has evolved into a distinctly Vietnamese tradition, blending elements of massage, acupressure, and herbal medicine. One of the distinctive features is the use of herbs bundled together to rub and tap muscles during the massage.

Traditional Vietnamese massage is available all over the country at spas, wellness centers, and traditional medicine clinics. It's used not only to relax or relieve pain but also as a holistic approach to restoring balance and keeping the body healthy.

4-handed Vietnamese Massage Give You A Maximized Experience

A four-handed Vietnamese massage is a luxurious experience that maximizes the treatment's benefits. Two massage therapists work together, synchronizing the massage movements and applying the same pressure and pace on both sides of the body. It is a deeply relaxing experience.

The combined efforts of both therapists help to stimulate circulation throughout the body. It is believed to balance the body's energy systems and fill you with a sense of vitality. The experience is immersive, providing comprehensive relief from stress and muscle discomfort.

4-handed Vietnamese Massage
4-handed Vietnamese Massage.

Vietnamese Massage Is Generally Affordable from $10-$50

How much does a massage cost in Vietnam? A basic, one-hour massage session at a local massage shop or traditional medicine clinic can cost as little as 10 USD. The basic service is an easy way to relax and recharge after a long day.

Mid-range spas and wellness centers with more upscale environments can be found for 20-30 USD. These establishments have additional amenities, and many offer specialized massage techniques if you're looking for something specific.

Luxury spas or massages at five-star Vietnam resorts will charge 50 USD and up for a one-hour massage. You'll find these places have more spa treatments to choose from and more luxurious amenities. Private treatment rooms and personalized service can be worth the extra cost.

Luxury spas or massages at five-star resorts
Luxury spas or massages at five-star resorts.

Compared with Thai Massage, Vietnamese Massage Helps to Get Rid of Pain

Thai massage is more widely known outside of Southeast Asia. Its approach is more focused on stretching and movement, working the joints and muscles in a way that helps flexibility. During a traditional Thai massage, you work with the therapist as they guide you through stretches and poses that balance the body's energies and increase mobility.

Vietnamese Massage is more similar to a deep tissue massage. The massage therapist will use their hands, fingers, elbows, and herbal compresses to release muscle tension and target areas of pain or discomfort.

Both approaches help to maintain general health, but the deep tissue work of massage in Vietnam is a better treatment for existing pain. It can be an effective treatment for pain from muscle soreness, tension headaches, and joint stiffness.

Vietnamese Massage
Vietnamese Massage helps to get rid of pain.

It's Popular to Find Vietnam Massage Options Directly on the Beach

In the coastal areas of Vietnam, where people flock to the beach, you sometimes don't even have to move from your chair to get a massage. In places like Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc, beach massage services are a popular way to enjoy the wellness experience of a massage surrounded by scenic coastal views.

Often more affordable than massage options at spas, a beach massage is enhanced by the sound of waves and fresh ocean breeze. The Vietnam beach is already a calm environment, and a massage is a relaxing addition to a beach day.

Vietnam Beach Massage
Vietnam Beach Massage.

$2-$5 Can Be a Good Tip for Massage in Vietnam

Tip is not mandatory in Vietnam and, in many cases, not expected. It has become more common in tourist-related services and is always appreciated as a nice gesture. If you're happy with the massage service you receive, leaving an extra tip for the therapist is a nice way to let them know.

In general, a 2-5 USD tip would be a good gesture. You can tip in USD using small bills or Vietnamese Dong. The equivalent in local currency is around 50,000-125,000 Dong. If you want to leave a tip at an upscale spa, anywhere between 5-10% of the total bill would be appropriate.

Review Sites Can Help You Choose the Best Vietnamese Massage

There are many spas and massages in Vietnam to choose from, particularly in tourist areas and big cities. Service is generally good overall, but checking review sites before going will help you have the best massage experience.

On sites like or Google Reviews through Google, you check ratings and read through customer feedback to see what other people are saying. Good review sites will have photos and videos uploaded by customers so you can see exactly what the facilities are like. It can also be helpful to read through the responses from businesses. Seeing how a business engages with customers to address service quality comments can show how committed they are to providing a good customer experience.

Search the preferred Vietnam massage through Tripadvisor.

Avoid Eating A Large Meal Just Before Your Vietnamese Massage

Don't go for a Vietnamese massage right after eating a large meal. Massage involves pressure and manipulation of the body's soft tissues, including the abdomen. The healing pressure of a massage can create discomfort in a full stomach.

Right after a large meal, your body will be using energy for digestion. This can divert blood flow away from muscles, limiting the benefits of the massage. It's common to feel a little drowsy or lethargic after a big meal. This will make it harder to fully engage with the massage and take away from the overall experience.


A massage in Vietnam will rejuvenate you with a sensation of vitality. The best Vietnamese massages treat pain and discomfort you didn't even realize you were feeling and send you back out into the world, ready to take on new adventures. They're available in places all over the country, so you can make getting a Vietnamese Massage part of any trip to Vietnam.

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