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How to Visit Vietnam? Follow the 9 easy steps

Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations for foreign travelers for 2024. Filled with amazing attractions, stunning architecture, and an amazing culture, Vietnam is a destination that will lift your spirits and let you realize how great it is to travel once again. And for 2024, there has never been a better time to visit this amazing gem of Indochina.

Can I Visit Vietnam? Are There Any Travel Restrictions in 2024?

There are very few travel restrictions for travel to Vietnam in 2024. Visa requirements have returned to normal, and there is no longer any requirement to enter quarantine or be tested for COVID-19 on arrival. However, since information may change quickly, it's recommended to contact your local embassy to check the  latest medical care protocols.

What's more, we most recommmend you to get vaccinated of routine vaccines to against potential health risks including Covid-19, yellow fever, malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis.

Is It Safe to Visit Vietnam Right Now?

Vietnam has always been a relatively safe place to visit, and right now there is no change to this. Aside from the occasional opportunistic crime such as pickpocketing r the fast scams that can be found in every country, crime against tourists in Vietnam is relatively low in comparison with most Western countries. The culture and beliefs of the Vietnamese people also reduces the amount of serious crime, making it as safe as it is possible to get in Vietnam. To set your heart at rest, you can avoid some 10 things when traveling to Vietnam.

What Travel Documents Required to Visit Vietnam?

Anyone traveling to Vietnam will require certain documents. The main one here is the passport. Every visitor to the country must have a valid passport with adequate validity remaining and enough visa pages to comply with requirements.

For most of the world, a Vietnam visa is also a requirement. While there are several Asian nations that have visa-free agreements with Vietnam, everyone else is required to have a visa, which can be applied for online or direct to an embassy. If you still have some trouble with visa aspect, you can learn from our guide to obtain a Vietnam visa.

vietnam tourist visa
vietnam tourist visa

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a very cost-effective country to visit, and the cost of any trip to Vietnam really depends on your level of travel requirements. For those that are traveling on a budget, you can get around Vietnam for as little as around USD$ 50 per day.

If you are looking for a little more of an up-market trip, you can expect prices to increase to around USD$ 75-100 per day, or more. This allows you to stay in better hotels, and travel on trains or flights from one place to another. Or you could choose to live a little more luxuriously, and spend a few hundred per day on your travel.

Whichever option for travel you choose , the bulk of your costs when traveling around Vietnam will be taken up by the cost of the attractions.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

The weather in Vietnam is one of the most varied in the world, with three separate climate regions, so finding the best time to visit means finding the optimum time for all three regions together. The best time to visit the north is from September to April, while for Central Vietnam is from March to August. And for the south is from November to late April.

Taking all of these ideal times into account, the best time to take a Vietnam trip to all three in one tour is from March to April, when the weather and heat is at the optimum for all three areas in the same time period.

How to Get to Vietnam? How to Travel around Vietnam?

Getting to Vietnam is not hard, as there are flights scheduled from around the world to the country, though most flights from outside Asia will require connections or indirect bookings. For many travelers from outside Asia, connecting flights will be required, but you can easily book the whole trip in one go to save on hassle and working out the connections.

Once here, you have several options for travel around the country. Flights are often the best option, and the fastest, as they are cheap enough and easy to book. There is also the option to take the train, as Vietnam has a very good rail network that runs from south to north, and all the way to the border with China. Or you can travel by bus, which can take a little longer to get there, but costs a lot less than anything else.

What Are the Must-see Places in Vietnam?

When you talk about a trip to Vietnam, some major attractions spring to mind that are “must-see” destinations in this amazing country. Hanoi’s Old Quarter is one, and the unique karst island formations of Halong Bay are another. Hue is an amazing town to spend a few days in and take in the remnants of the Ancient Empire, and enjoy the wonders of Hoi An, former Imperial Capital.

Discover Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, and one of the most stunning modern cities in Vietnam, and take a trip on the Mekong River and through the Mekong Delta to explore how the locals live actually on the water in floating villages. And take some time out to visit the awesome beaches that abound in this eminently coastal nation. Actually, you can follow the 14 things to do in Vietnam if you don't want to miss out on the wonders of the country..

What to Pack for a Vietnam Visit?

Knowing what to pack for a tour in Vietnam can be confusing, since you will pack for three different climate regions. As the best time to visit Vietnam is from December to March, which is winter in the north, you will need some warm clothing, because it can get cold. And those long-sleeved tops and long pants will help stop mosquito bites and allow yu into temples.

In the central and southern regions, thinner clothing is essential, but get clothes that can be worn in layers, as it can get a little chilly at night. And the looser clothes will help to stop you from feeling so sweaty and uncomfortable. And make sure to bring a sun hat and sun block, as the rays of the sun can be dangerous at any time of the year.

Package for a Vietnam trip

Accommodation and Dining Tips of Vietnam

Accommodation in Vietnam is usually quite decent, even for the cheaper rooms and bunks in the basic hostels for backpackers. Air conditioning is found almost everywhere, and is an essential for any foreign traveler. And clean beds and sheets are found in majority of the better hotels.

As for dining in Vietnam, there are plenty of restaurants that serve a variety of local and international cuisines, and you can get just about anything from fish and chips to McDonalds and a pizza. But it is a good idea to try local Vietnamese cuisine as well, as the dishes from Vietnam are delicious, tasty, and sometimes a little spicy.


Traveling to Vietnam in 2024 is not going to be as hard as you might think, and you can find plenty of things to do while you are here. It is not expensive to travel around, and it is relatively easy to get in now, which makes Vietnam one of the most sought-after destinations in Indochina for the coming year.

If you want to eplore a glorious Vietnam with top attractions and without worry. Contact us and our professtional consultant will fully arrange your perfect trip!

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