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17 Vietnam Tourism Facts You Have to Know for Planning Perfect Vietnam Trip

Vietnam has been a popular destination in Southeast Asia for travelers worldwide for several years. Steeped in rich history, colorful culture, and stunning natural beauty, Vietnam owns abundant tourism resources that can offer a series of Vietnam trip enjoyment.

If you're planning a trip to Vietnam in 2024, you're in for an exciting and enriching experience.

However, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, there are 17 things you have to know before touring your best Vietnam time.

Vietnam Has 8 UNESCO Sites: Make Sure to Put All of Them on Your Vietnam Trip

Vietnam is a country abundant with cultural and natural wonders with superb UNESCO sites that really deserve to visit. Vietnam has 8 UNESCO sites listed-

Halong Bay: Located in northeastern Vietnam, Halong Bay is a stunning seascape of thousands of limestone karsts and islets, many of which are topped with lush vegetation. It is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination.

Halong Bay

Hoi An Ancient Town: Hoi An, located in central Vietnam, is a well-preserved ancient trading port that reflects a blend of various cultural influences, including indigenous and foreign. Its architecture and cultural traditions have been remarkably preserved, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My Son Sanctuary: My Son Sanctuary, the Vietnamese Angkor Wat, is an archaeological site in Quang Nam province, near Hoi An. The site was once the religious and political center of the ancient Champa Kingdom. It is recognized for its unique Hindu temples and architectural significance.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park: Situated in Quang Binh province, central Vietnam, this national park boasts stunning karst landscapes, extensive cave systems, and a diverse ecosystem. It is home to the world's largest cave, Son Doong Cave, which was discovered relatively recently.

The Complex of Hué Monuments

The Complex of Hué Monuments: The ancient city of Hue in central Vietnam was the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty. The complex of Hué monuments includes palaces, temples, and tombs that showcase the rich history and culture of Vietnam's past royal dynasties.

Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi: Located in Hanoi, this UNESCO site comprises the central sector of the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, which served as Vietnam's political and cultural center for over a millennium.

Trang An Landscape Complex: Situated in Ninh Binh Province, this complex includes stunning limestone karst landscapes, rice paddies, and numerous grottoes and caves. It is also home to Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam.

The Citadel of the Ho Dynasty: This historical site in Thanh Hoa Province features the remnants of the Ho Dynasty's capital city, which was established in the 14th century.

The 8 UNESCO sites can fully help you get close to the Southeast country of Vietnam. So, put all of them on your Vietnam trip!

Vietnam Has Not Any Limits to Travel Right Now; even Some Countries Don’t Need a Visa

As declared by Vietnam Government, the country reopened its borders for tourism Vietnam on March 15, 2022.

Nowadays, though Covid-19 still suffers the Earth, Vietnam has no travel restrictions for tourists wherever from. That is to say, visitors to Vietnam do not need quarantine or a Negative Nucleic Aic Test Report. Just enter the country with your Vietnam visa and passport. And there are no other factors leading to the travel restrictions.

Visa exemption countries

Moreover, some countries like ASEAN countries, France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom in the Visa Exemption list do not need a Vietnam Visa.

Before your Vietnam trip, Indochina Tour recommends you buy travel insurance for unforeseen things like Trip Cancellation/Interruption, Emergency Medical Expenses, Baggage Loss/Delay, etc. You can purchase travel insurance from insurance companies, travel agencies, or online platforms. Providing your perfect Vietnam tour a guarantee!

Vietnam is in an S Shape, with very Different Climates from South to the North

In an S shape with a long coastline crossing long latitude, Vietnamese climates are different from North to South and are generally in three types- climate of North, Central, and South Vietnam.

S shape of Vietnam

North Vietnam can be divided into two seasons: the winter (November to April) and the summer (May to October). It’s dry and cool with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C in winter. But in summer, it’s hot and humid and you may suffer from typhoons from July to September. So the best time to North Vietnam is from October - April.

Central Vietnam has dry seasons (Mid-January to August) and wet seasons (September to January). This area has a long, hot, and dry season, especially in June and July. In the wet season, central Vietnam will suffer from heavy rain, occasional typhoon, and increased humidity. The coastal cities in central Vietnam will fall in typhoon season during October and November. So best to visit this area from February – June.

South Vietnam has a dry season (December to April) and a rainy season (May to November). South Vietnam has a hot and humid climate throughout the year. It’s dry and hot in the dry season with the hottest months in March and April. And in the rainy season, South Vietnam often experiences heavy rainfall and usually meets the maximum rainfall in June, July, and August. November to April is the relatively best time in South Vietnam with less rainfall.

Prepare at Least 10 Days for an Unforgettable Journey

To have an unforgettable Vietnam journey, you are recommended to prepare for at least 10 days. A 10-day Vietnam can lead you to have a relatively clear learning of Vietnam, experiencing the historical sites, natural landscapes, cultural activities, delicious cuisine, and vibrant activities.

Ancient town of Hoi An nightlife

Have a journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh to find the best Vietnam highlights in your limited time! You will explore the charming capital city with best things to do in Hanoi and get an attractive and luxurious Halong Bay cruise in North Vietnam. You can visit the well-preserved ancient town of Hoi An, tour the fashion and old Ho Chi Minh City and discover Mekong Delta through a Mekong River cruise.

This is just a tour covering the most popular attractions within a limited time. If you want a more colorful tour with attractions interested, extend the 10 days journey.

There are Some Beach Destinations in Vietnam, But No Need to Head to There Purposely

As a country with a long coast, Vietnam owns many beautiful beaches, especially stunning white sandy beaches. Cities like Nha Trang, Hoi An, Phu Quoc Island, and Mui Ne offer gorgeous beaches. You can breathe the sea breeze, enjoy the sunbath, view the rewarding sunrise and sunset, and experience kinds of water activities. You can go surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking to relax and immersive yourself in the beach world.

Cua Dai Beach

But, it’s not necessary to tour some Vietnam beaches purposely. Choose the beach near the Vietnam attraction that you visit. For example, Hoi An beaches like the most famous Cua Dai Beach an excellent site to highlight your journey after a natural tour in the Ancient Town of Hoi An.

If you want to enjoy prime stunning beach scenery, beaches in Thailand are more recommended.

USD Dollars are Widely Accepted almost Everywhere in Vietnam

The USD dollar is considered a relatively stable and widely recognized currency worldwide. And as the blossom Vietnam tourism, an increasing number of international tourists come to Vietnam and it’s more beneficial to develop tourism in Vietnam. In this case, USD dollars are widely accepted almost everywhere, especially in tourist areas and larger cities. So, whether you tour the attractions, buy objects in the shops, or taste your delicacies, you can use USD dollars.

But, Indochina Tour recommends preparing some VND with you. Some services like local street vendors and public transportation services, such as buses and local taxis typically only accept payment in VND. You can exchange your USD for VND in banks, currency exchange offices, international airports, ATMs, and also in hotels and resorts, jewelry shops, and gold shops.

You Need to Get Used to the Heavy Traffic in Vietnam, Traffic Jams Are the Regular Thing

Heavy traffic in Vietnam

Due to rapid urbanization in such a developing country of Vietnam, more people migrate from rural areas to cities in search of better economic opportunities. But as Vietnam has insufficient infrastructure and a lack of traffic management and alternative transportation, traffic jams are a regular thing.

So when you travel around Vietnam, you need to get used to the heavy traffic. Avoid arranging your traveling during the commute time if you can to avoid the heaviest congestion.

And take care of your safety in the traffic jam, especially staying away from motorcycles on the side of the road. The motorcycles may run very fast that you may get shocked or hurt if you get too close to the side of the road.

Motorbikes are Everywhere in Vietnam, It’s very Convenient to Take a Motorbike Trip

Vietnam motorbike adventure

Motorbike is the main transportation for Vietnamese. You can see it everywhere in Vietnam, and it can lead you to even everywhere corner of Vietnam. It’s very convenient for a Vietnam trip by motorbike. So take an adventurous trip to explore the cities or dive into remote mountainous areas to get an exciting experience.

Plan a motorbike trip through the amazing road from Da Nang to Hue, for about 21 kilometers along the National Route 1A. Touring the winding Hai Van Pass with a motorbike, you can be fully satisfied to witness the long extended sea and easily visit the attractions including historical sites and lovely beaches. And you may explore the other motorbike tours Vietnam, such as Ha Giang mountain road and local village exploration and Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle tour, etc.

All Vietnamese Local Cuisine/Street Food is Delicious, Try All of Them

Vietnamese local cuisine and street food are indeed a delightful experience for anyone visiting Vietnam. Vietnamese is abundant in various delicacies but the tastiest local food is hidden in the old street. So, never miss a wondrous street food tour to fulfill your stomach with the best Vietnamese flavors.

Pho with cà phê đá (iced coffee)

Here are some must-try Vietnamese food:
Pho: Vietnamese noodle soup made with flavorful broth, rice noodles, and various cuts of meat. (Served with fresh herbs, bean sprouts, lime, and chili sauce)
Banh Mi: A delicious Vietnamese sandwich with a crusty baguette with various ingredients.
Bun Cha: A Hanoi specialty, consisting of grilled pork patties served with rice vermicelli, fresh herbs, and a dipping sauce.
Goi Cuon (Spring Rolls): Fresh spring rolls made with rice paper, filled with shrimp, pork, rice vermicelli, and herbs, often served with peanut dipping sauce.

Touring along the local food street, you can try all the delicacies one by one with immersion in local daily life.

After the Vietnam Tour, Don’t Leave without the Vietnamese Coffee and Cashews

If you are wondering what things the souvenir after your Vietnam tour, Vietnamese coffee, and cashews can be the best savor to share with your family and friends. They have become beloved culinary symbols of Vietnam.

cà phê đá

Vietnam is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, known for its robusta coffee beans. Coffee cultivation is widespread in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, particularly in provinces like Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, and Lam Dong.

Vietnamese coffee is famous for its distinct flavor and preparation methods. One of the most well-known coffee beverages is "cà phê đá" (iced coffee), where strong black coffee is served over ice with sweetened condensed milk. And "cà phê sữa nóng" (hot coffee with milk) and “cà phê trung” (Vietnamese egg coffee) are also popular.

Vietnam cashew

Vietnamese cashews are known for their quality and taste. The nuts are often roasted and salted, making them a popular local and global snack. The southern provinces, such as Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, and Ba Ria-Vung Tau, are major cashew-producing regions in the country.

Vietnamese Train can Be a Cost-effective Way to Travel

If you plan your Vietnam tour with the consideration of budget, the Vietnamese Train is a fantastic choice for cost-effective travel. The Vietnamese railway system connects major cities and regions. Compared with other Vietnam transportation like airplanes, the Vietnamese train offers an affordable and comfortable option for long-distance travel.

Vietnam train

Travel around Vietnam by train, you can witness different wonderful landscapes along the way. For instance, Indochina Tour often recommends an overnight Vietnamese train from Hanoi to the must-visit Sapa. On the approximately 8 to 9 hours train, you can observe the picturesque rural scenery, rice paddies, and mountains, and admire the stunning sunrise and sunset! And it’s a good chance to interact with locals along the way.

But you may secure your belongings and consider using locks for added security. Remember to store important items and travel documents close to you.

Though October to April is the Best Time to Vietnam, Vietnamese New Year is Not Recommended Time to Visit Vietnam

With the suitable climate and various activities, October to April is the best time to tour Vietnam.

Vietnam New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan) is Vietnam’s most important festival celebrated in late January or early February, depending on the lunar calendar. It’s a brilliant time to steep the characteristics and alive atmosphere and deeply learn Vietnamese traditional culture.

Magnificent as the widely celebrated festival, it is not recommended time to tour Vietnam.

During this period, people are on vacation and many businesses and services are closed or have reduced operating hours. You may not enjoy the best sights, satisfy with a wondrous taste, and may go on a hurried trip. You should also pay attention that public transportation like buses and trains may reduce. So inconvenient for touring around!

And due to the lack of people at work, the prices will be pretty high during the Vietnamese New Year. Giving such a high cost with a relatively flawed experience is not worth it.

Vietnamese Hotels with 3-Star and below Are Not So Good, Choose 4 or 5-star Hotels

Among Vietnam hotels, Vietnamese 3-star and below hotels are just equipped with essential amenities such as clean and comfortable rooms, private bathrooms, air conditioning or fans, and basic furniture. You won’t find extensive amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, or spas in these budget hotels. And there may not be language barriers because the staff might have limited English proficiency.

5-star hotel environment

But if you select 4 and 5-star hotels, you can be served with luxury amenities, excellent facilities, and high-quality service with excluded things mentioned above in 3-star and below hotels. These hotels are usually located in the heart of major cities and they are often close to tourist attractions, business districts, and cultural landmarks.

English is Increasing Favored as A Second Language in Vietnam

As the main language of the United Nations and the language widely used in many countries, English is also become more vital and is increasingly favored as a second language for the tourism country of Vietnam.

In Vietnam, most people can speak several easy English. And English-speaking staff at tourist destinations and transportation hubs often provide directions and assistance to foreign visitors. Never mind asking for help from the staff. They will be glad to support you!

And also, as the once a French colony, many people can still speak a little French. So you can also use French to Communicate with them in some cases.

Furthermore, use the translator tools to ensure your communication. Maybe you can choose translation apps including Google Translate and iTranslate, printed or digital phrasebooks, or language cards.

A Vietnam Visa on Arrival Needs An Approval Letter, Prepare in Advance

Vietnam Visa can be divided into three types- E-visa, Vietnam Visa on Arrival, and Visa by Embassy or Consulate Application. Generally, Vietnam e-visa is the most recommended one for a traveler with a simple and convenient way to apply for. But a Vietnam visa on arrival can give fewer mistakes for easy entry.

Vietnam visa

However, if you choose a Vietnam Visa on Arrival, there is the need for an approval letter before you head to Vietnam. You should apply online through a visa agency or travel agency. Then, you can receive the approval letter via email. When you arrive in Vietnam, deal with your visa at the visa-on-arrival counter.

Choose A Local Vietnam Travel Agency can Save Money and Keep Safe

As a traveler gain a few about Vietnam, your Vietnam journey may be confusing and complicated. You can pay a lot but without obtaining the best things. And safety though Vietnam is to tour, travel alone may be a little dangerous, especially for a person who cannot speak Vietnamese.

So it’s important to choose a professional local Vietnam Travel Agency that can save you money and keep you safe. As a professional tour company, Indochina Tour has expert in Southeast Asia Tour for years. Believe us enjoy your cost-friendly and comfortable trip to Vietnam!

As we will provide you with prices for your tour according to the activities and places you visit. The tailor trip can help you avoid unnecessary costs to save money.

Your trip will be arranged with a local English guide and an accomplished driver. You can enjoy a fully immersive Vietnam tour in the company of two local people. So no worry about your safety.

Prices of Basic Products in Vietnam are Lower than in Thailand

Both Vietnam and Thailand are popular countries in Southeast Vietnam. But which country is cheaper to visit, Thailand or Vietnam?

Often, Vietnam is more budget-friendly. The prices of basic products in Vietnam are lower than in Thailand.

With lower labor costs, abundant natural resources, and relatively less expensive land, Vietnam has a lower cost of production for basic products. While Thailand owns more tourism infrastructure that needs more money to maintain.

Moreover, though the currency exchange rate of Vietnam is higher than which of Thailand, has a lower cost of living and production compared to Thailand. As a result, the prices of basic products, including food, accommodation, and transportation, are often lower.



After reading the 17 Vietnam tourism facts, do you clear on how to plan your perfect Vietnam trip?

If you want a detailed trip arrangement, contact us to tailor your best Vietnam tour. And also you should take care of some relative tips among the 17 facts.

Wish you a lovely and lifetime memorable journey time in Vietnam!

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