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12/12/201720 views

How to Get to Myanmar from Cambodia – Indochina Tours

Incorporating two countries into one trip is becoming ever more popular with tourists to Asia, especially the countries of Indochina, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. For tourists intending to visit Cambodia and Myanmar in the same trip, it

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11/12/201725 views

When is the Best Time to Visit Laos? – Indochina Tours

With its dense, dark jungle, glistening rice fields, and the abundance of tea that covers the mountains in a green blanket, Laos is a country where the landscape changes color like a chameleon. One of the most ethnically diverse countries

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08/12/201738 views

Top Things to Do and Where to Go in Laos – Indochina Tours

Despite having a modern eco-tourism industry, Laos is still often known as the forgotten land of Southeast Asia, and is normally covered by tourists as part of a wider trip to the surrounding countries as an extension. Landlocked between China,

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07/12/201735 views

How to Get to Laos from Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar

With the major improvement of air links and roads around Laos and the region, whether traveling by air or coming in overland, it has never been easier to get into the country for a trip, and if you are coming

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29/11/201768 views

Top Local Snacks You Should Never Miss for a Vietnam Tour

All over Asia, in almost every major city, you can find those inimitable delights that have become known the world over as “street foods”. From Siomai in China, to Gioza in Japan, and Balut in the Philippines, Asia is well

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