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09/01/20202,298 views

How to Choose Transportation during Cambodia Myanmar and Laos Tour?

A trip to Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos is one of the most amazing journeys in Southeast Asia, and these three up and coming tourist destinations have become hugely popular with western visitors in recent years. With burgeoning tourism industries in

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20/11/20191,681 views

How to Have a Discovery Tour in Phnom Penh?

Cambodia is a tourist destination catering to any type of traveler. Many visitors flock to this corner of Southeast Asia to witness the outstanding legacy of the Khmers. Others come to familiarize themselves with the local life, bath in the

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19/08/20192,498 views

Backpacking Tour Guide in Cambodia

Mention Cambodia, and most people (who even know where it is!) think of Angkor Wat, the ancient Temple of the Khmer Rouge in the northern area around Siem Reap. But Cambodia is so much more than one temple, or even

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25/06/20192,098 views

Cambodian Cuisine’s Secrets: What Do You Know about Cambodian Food?

Cambodian or Khmer cuisine is the traditional food of the Khmer people of Cambodia in Southeast Asia’s Indochina. A typical Asian cuisine that consists mostly of rice, an average meal in a Cambodian household normally consists of more than one

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19/04/20191,497 views

Siem Reap Tour Guide for Cambodia Travel Beginners 2019

Cambodia is a growing tourist destination of Southeast Asia, especially popular among backpackers and budget travelers. Cambodia, boasting an incredible heritage of the Khmer Empire, friendly residents and vast wilderness, caters to devotees of art, culture and nature. Siem Reap,

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04/09/20172,244 views

Most Complete Guide for an Angork Wat Tour

In the northern region of Cambodia, buried amidst the jungle in Siem Reap Province, lies one of the world’s most famous temple complexes. On a site that covers over 400 square kilometers, it is the largest temple complex in the

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14/08/20171,526 views

Top Things to Do and Experience for any Cambodia Tour

Since the world saw Angelina Jolie swinging through the ruined temples of Cambodia as Lara Croft, the country has been crawling with tourists eager to get a better look at the places made famous by the film. In recent years,

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03/07/20172,006 views

Where Can you Have Sea-side Trip in Cambodia?

Situated on the south eastern side of Asia, Cambodia is a very beautiful country. It is situated on the Indochina Peninsula, bordered by Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the northwest and Laos to

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06/01/20172,056 views

The Ultimate Guide about How to Plan a Cambodia Tour in 2017

Cambodia lies in Southeast Asia and fringes Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It has a drift on the south and a large portion of the land is secured with a wilderness like vegetation. Though Cambodia is a small country, it has

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27/12/20162,003 views

Sokha Beach Resort – the best hotel in Shihanoukville for Cambodia Tour

Sokha Beach Resort is about a 5-minutes drive from the town of Sihanoukville and a 2.5-hour drive from Phnom Penh International Airport. Its exact location is in Sihanoukville at Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 4, Mittapheap District, Sihanoukville. Let’s find out

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