Travel Alone in Krabi: Relax on the Splendid Beach

Posted on 18/06/2019 7:32:05

Thailand has long been one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia for international travelers. An awe-inspiring country that has everything from intricate Buddhist temples and astounding natural sights and landscapes to the stunning beaches of the south and the hundreds of tiny islets and islands that lie off the southern coasts, travel in Thailand ranges from the luxurious to the basic, with amazing five star hotels and mountains of backpacker hostels. The topography of Thailand changes from north to south, with the mountains in the northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to the plains of the central region and the southern provinces with their rolling hills and pristine white beaches.

Southern Thailand is especially popular for beach-oriented tourists and Krabi Province, on the western coast of the long isthmus that links mainland Southeast Asia to Malaysia, is renowned for its spectacular beaches, and turquoise-blue waters. Lying on the edge of the Andaman Sea, this lowland region of Thailand is a major tourist destination for international tourists to Thailand, and much of the inland region of the province is given over to national parks. The province also includes more than 80 small islands that are popular with sailors, divers, snorkelers, and day-trippers from the nearby Phuket. These stunning beaches are a major attraction for both international and domestic tourists in the peak season. And when it comes to solo travel, there are few places better than Krabi to spend your time.

How to Get to Krabi?

Getting to Krabi from outside Thailand can be done by flying in to several airports across the southern area of the country, though Phuket International Airport and Krabi International Airport are the obvious choices for getting to the province. Krabi International Airport has inbound flights from several locations around the world, including China, Russia, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, and Qatar. However, there are no inbound flights from the United States or the UK, or many of the major European countries, so a connecting flight would be required.

Phuket, however, has a greater offering of inbound flights from international locations in the western world, which include Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. However, there are still no direct flights from the US, so connecting flights would once again be required. For direct flights from the rest of the world to Thailand, you will need to arrive in Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok and take a domestic connecting flight to Krabi.

If you are landing in Thailand in Bangkok, then the fastest way would be to take a flight direct to Krabi International Airport. The flight normally takes around 1 hour 10 minutes, and there are around 17-19 flights per day. Operated by several local Thai airlines, the flight can cost from as low as 21 dollars per person. Krabi does not have a railway link, so if you are planning on traveling from Bangkok by train, you need to alight at Surat Thani and take a bus. Buses from Bangkok do run daily to Krabi Town,

Best time to travel to Krabi

While southern Thailand benefits from a tropical climate throughout the year, there are few times when you are not really able to visit Krabi. Krabi does have a distinct wet and dry season climate, with the dry season running from December to the end of May. And with the driest months from February to April, this is normally the best time for beach holidays.

However, the wet season in Krabi, on the coast of the Andaman Sea, is different to that of the rest of Thailand. While the period from June to November is the rainy monsoon season, typical monsoon rains come in flash downpours that last for a short period in the afternoons. This allows for plenty of activities in the rest of the day, although the seas and the winds can be rougher and stronger in the monsoon season.

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Top things to do in Krabi

With a large group of beautiful islands located just off the coast of Krabi, there are plenty of things to see and do here, and the province has been described as a “one-stop destinations for beaches, fun activities, and sightseeing”.

Island hopping is one of the fun pastimes in Krabi, and the towering limestone cliffs of the many karst formations are a wonder to see. Tours leave Krabi Port for island hopping around the bays and islands, and many include the famous Maya Bay, where the film The Beach was shot, as well as the island that was used as the setting for the James Bond Movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. You will also get to visit the amazing Koh Phi Phi Island, as well as the awesome Monkey Island and have plenty of time to snorkel on the reefs and beaches.

The beaches in Krabi are renowned for their white sands and cool, calm waters, and if beaches are your thing, then there is nowhere better on the Andaman Coast of Thailand. And many of the beaches include small spa resorts where you can get a relaxing beachside massage from well-trained Thai masseurs, who are renowned as being some of the best in the world.

There is much more to Krabi than just beaches and islands, and for those that want to explore a little more, there are a huge number of caves and rock formations in the massive limestone cliffs behind the beaches. Many of the caves have been reinforced to prevent rock falls, and are fitted with ropes and ladders to make climbing easier inside. The area around the beach is relatively flat, and easy to explore on foot, or you can rent a local bicycle and tour around the town and the area on two wheels, the same way most of the locals travel.

Krabi Town is also a great place to take a look around, and a lazy afternoon spent walking off those delicious Thai lunches is a great way to explore the area. Many of the streets of the town are lined with shops and street vendors, selling everything you could possibly imagine for tourist souvenirs and local handicrafts. And all of the shops sell at a real bargain price. Some of the most popular street markets in the town include the Krabi Street Foor Market-Khong Kha Road on the old Chao Fah pier, The Krabi Town Walking Street, which opens as a market from 6:00-9:30 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, or the famous Ao Nang Market, which opens 24 hours every day of the week.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous to try while in Krabi, then the mountainous cliffs at the side of the beach make a great place to go rock climbing. Rock climbing tours from the town run for all comers, from beginner to expert, and run for half and whole days, depending on your level of experience. Expert local climbers take the tours to Krabi Cliffs, as well as to the cliffs around Railay beach and Ton Say Bay, where you can find some of the best rock climbing challenges in Thailand.

Scuba diving in Thailand is one of the most popular activities you will find, and while Koh Tao is the most popular place to get certified in scuba diving, Krabi is its main rival when it comes to amazing places to dive. There are a wealth of dive shops in the town that offer a wide variety of diving courses you can take, as well as free tips on the best places to go diving in the area. It is easy to spend your entire vacation in Krabi diving, and the best diving spots are at the King Cruiser wreckage, the Phi Phi Marine National Park, and the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary.

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Tips when traveling alone to Krabi

Solo travelers are normally the largest group of tourists to Krabi, and this delightful province is almost perfectly set up for solo tourists. Generally, the area is pretty safe for solo female travelers, with the exception of the late-night bars. If you do go to the bars alone, then drink bottled beers and do not leave your drinks unattended. And a little more conservative clothing when out will help to avoid the unwanted attention of the locals that often assume westerners can be promiscuous.

Food in the area of Krabi is typically Thai in style and origin, although you can find many places that offer western foods and other Asian cuisines, including Chinese and Vietnamese. Malaysian food is also prevalent in the province, being on the Andaman Sea not far from the country.

There are few things in Thailand that are taboo, and while local customs are held in high regard by the local people, most western tourists are excused from knowing the local customs. However, it is a good idea to educate yourself before you travel, so you do not majorly offend people. One of the main things to remember is not to deface the Thai currency, as this is actually a criminal offense. It is also not done to disrespect the Thai Royal Family, and this can actually get you arrested if you are heard verbally disrespecting them.

Thailand is known as the land of smiles and it is a wonderful and friendly place, so be friendly and smile at the local people when you walk by. It is customary to stand when the national anthem is being played, and you should remember to be respectful around Buddhist statues and temples, as the country is devoutly Buddhist. Take off your shoes before entering temples, and speak quietly and act calmly while visiting. Women are also forbidden to touch Buddhist monks, or to give any gift to the monks, so if you want to pass one something, give it to a man to hand to the monk first.

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