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Surrounded by three sides by hills and mountains, Cambodia has vast plains in the middle, where the Mekong River flows through and the Tonle Sap Lake stretches. In the tropical land, plenty of wonderful attractions are waiting for your exploration, for example, the ancient temple complex of Angkor hidden in Siem Reap's jungle, the wild forests in northeast mountainous areas, the cultural landmarks sitting in the capital city of Phnom Penh, and the picturesque beaches and islands along the southwest coast.

Set foot on this land to witness the splendid heritage, beautiful natural landscapes, and exotic city atmosphere. There are some tailor-made 4 to 6 days packages of Cambodia tours from India offered for your reference. All the highlights of Cambodia are included, covering the destinations of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Tonle Sap Lake.

As a professional tour operator headquartered in Siem Reap, we guarantee you the best travel experience at the best local price. Book your Cambodia tours from India through us, and you can expect the services of itinerary planning, lodging and dining arrangement, local tour guide and private transport.

Cambodia Tours from India

4-6 days vacations combining the best of Cambodia.

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New to Cambodia from India? Use our guide maps to plan your trip! The following maps point out the positions of Cambodia from India.

Cambodia Tour from India FAQs

How to get to Cambodia from India?

The truth is that flying is the best way to get to Cambodia from India. You can take a direct flight from India to Cambodia's main cities, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The flight from Kolkata to Siem Reap is the most time-saving option, taking about 8 hours. From Kolkata, the flight to Phnom Penh takes around 8 and a half hours. If you choose the Madras to Siem Reap flight, it takes you about 9 hours. If you want to travel by train, here's your plan. There is no railway network to get to Cambodia from India, but you can first fly to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and then transfer to Cambodia by rail. About 10 and a half hours are required. A road trip from India to Cambodia is also possible. However, it is time-consuming and quite expensive. You need to pass through a lot of countries, so piles of documents are required to enter and depart these countries.

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