Thailand Bali Tour Itineraries

Have a Bali Tour starting from Thailand is very convenient for you, since you will take direct flight to Bali from main cities of Thailand. If you are planning a Indochina tour, then visit Bali from Thailand is a smart choice.

If tourists are going to plan a trip in from Thailand to Bali, we prepare 5-10 days classic packages for you. You can discover the highlights of Thailand: have a city and natural tour in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai; transfer to Bali and enjoy the holiday at the beach.Whatever your tastes and expectations, Bali and Thailand have it all.

If you choose us, don’t worry about any detail during the tour. Since we have local office in Thailand, our local staff will welcome you with the warm reception and thoughtful arrangement, ensure your smooth travel. From historival attractions to splendid scenery. a trip to Thailand and Bali will be the lifetime. Catering to all your needs, our travel experts can help you customize your experience to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Thailand Bali Tour Itineraries

5-12 days vacations combining the best of Bali from Thailand.

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Regional maps

New to Bali from Thailand? Use our guide maps to plan your trip! The following maps point out the positions of Bali and Thailand.

Bali tour FAQs

When is the best time to enjoy holiday in Bali?

If you are going to enjoy a nice holiday in Bali, it is better to know the perfect time to visit. There are dry season and wet season in Bali, the same as other Indochina countries. Though you can visit Bali any time you want throughout the year, it is the best time to visit between April to October (dry season) because of the sunny days and low humidity.

Especially if you are going to sightsee beautiful scenery and attractions at Bali, April to October will be a perfect period to visit. For those who are planning surfing in Bali, you can also have your holiday in dry season. Of course you can adjust your travel time according your requirements.

But if you are not going to do the water activities in rush season or to plan budget tour in Bali, you can also visit Bali in November to March (rain season). It will be a money-save trip and you will have fun in Bali to avoid the crowd of tourists.

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